Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Jewels & Cameo

I was looking through one of my old Where Women Create , as I said previously and looking at Amy Hanna pages at her wonderful altered necklaces I though I have enough vintage jewels and cameo stashed I could make a necklace
So I dug through drawers in 2 chest of drawers  and plastic bends and boxes and had enough rhinestones and chains out to start a production line making altered art necklaces It's always hard for me to choose what and which one to use. Like a friend said you have to many choices to choose from

I started with this large cameo it's sterling silver with 14kt roses     a coral color cameo                  

I wasn't sure what I was going to do but liked the look with the rhinestone ball necklace I bought several years ago,I think this is the first rhinestone good piece I bought back in the 1980's 

 This is the book by Amy Hanna I went to the library and got it , I laid out my jewels on the cover

A bowl of goodies 

I have the hardest time using these little o rings that sort of springs around

This is almost my finished necklace I just couldn't wait to show it off, I love it . I am going to use a small pearl chain on it also ,like a double necklace 

 I am going to gather up all my jewels and cameo I have all around the house and in the studio and put them in a huge glass bowl to show you all , Not now but sometime LOL

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  1. My goodness- What beautiful pieces of jewelry. I have always loved cameos. xo Diana

  2. Good Morning Janice, My word, you have some beautiful pieces of jewellery.... oh, I have just noticed that Diana has said the same, but we are both saying it because it is true.
    The necklace you have made is beautiful and so unique.... using your lovely pieces of jewellery to make a necklace provides you with a unique piece which fits your personality.
    Have a fun time with your other pieces of jewellery.
    Best Wishes

  3. That is going to be gorgeous! how fun.

    Thank you so much for putting my cousins in your thoughts, Judy is going to Rusk Rehab soon. She did not want to return to Colorado without Bob..who still faces more surgeries. That are Univ Hospital. Again, thanks for offering help. The Methodist church is assisting too and their family is there so now I am not driving over.

  4. Cameos are some of my favorite pieces of jewelry - they're so timeless. What a great idea to re-design and combine older pieces to create new treasures. -- Jan

  5. It looks great and bravo to you for succeeding with those little rings, they give me fits!

  6. That is so gorgeous, I just wrote down that book, I am going to order it from the library! Thank you


  7. I love your newest creation! I am just getting into making jewelry and it is becoming a fun hobby. I appreciate you sharing your project at the Open House party.

  8. I am absolutely mad about vintage they really knew how to be fancy back then didn't they? One of these days when my accessory isn't a will be something spectacular like this!

  9. I have never seen such a beautiful cameo and coral at that! How delightful your pieces of jewelry are to play with and reconfigure. This altered necklace is stunning and you should be very proud of how it is coming together. I need to get that book to see what she does. Happy Creative Hearts Dear...

  10. Your cameo is beautiful. I love cameos. The necklace you made using it is wonderful. It looks like you have found a great new altered jewelry making hobby.

  11. Oh My Janice, this is awesome. The cameo alone was gorgeous but it is over the top with the necklace. Love it, Love it. Kudos, great job.
    Hugs, Ginger