Monday, August 27, 2012

Odds & Ends

I have been in the studio rearranging and it looks so much better however the storage room is full and you can't hardly walk in it . I am going to be having a yards sale soon and really let go of some things . So you local gals watch and listen for my yard sale announcement . I put it on craigs list

First I want to show this little tea cup that has a music box in it's bottom . When you lift the cup off the saucer the music plays if you have it wound up anyway. I just love the little violets . This will go to a friend who has a violet room in her house


I have been practicing on taking close up pictures with my camera. It doesn't have very many adjustments  on it  

I went to an estate sale once and bought a box of lace and it had this wonderful tablecloth in it,  that scratch is on my table . I put the lace  it on my kitchen table today
I have been working on   my button and lace collar and have it about 1/2 done I will post a completed picture when done
This is another close up of some of my rose dishes I am collecting



One more thing to show I am working on I bought this mannequin at a resale shop and her bottom is broke she stands crooked but I think I can fit her I have a dress I want to put on her , also she is a full figured gal like me . LOL

  Now this  picture is not as crisp as I would like however I still like showing some of my rhinestone buttons

I changed Sally Stitch's dress , I took her tu tu off and put this size 2 lace dress on her also added a red hat to her outfit. I am going to get all the girls (mannequins ) together and get a picture of them I have 4 now

 aslo these last pictures needed more flash I think I took them with my iphone . This is a hodgepodge of pictures but felt I needed to add new pictures

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  1. Oh your rose dishes are sooooo beautiful! I have never seen a musical tea cup?

  2. Love that "full figured" gal! Oh, how I would love to have room for a manny. Where there is a will, there is a way so maybe someday. How fun to dress them up!

  3. Love those rose dishes. They are so delicately beautiful. Great collection. Hugs,

  4. How cute, a musical tea cup! Love the rose dishes. And i think it would be fun to have a dress form or manikin!

  5. oh, this is so fun! thank you for sharing so we all could see what a treasure this is! xoxo, tracie

  6. Love the dressform, pretty plates, the buttons, heck I guess I love everything you bought!!!You had one successful day of shopping didn't you:)
    ~Debra xxx
    Capers of the vintage vixens

  7. You found the right places to browse this this time. Great finds.

  8. love it, looks like so much fun! Love the blog.

    Newest follower here!

    Jan @door251

  9. So glad you came by for a visit... and you'll be glad to know the Board isn't mine, wouldn't own one either and agree with your sentiments... it's just a Photoshopped Image for a Halloween Banner Vibe. The Board in some of the other Vignettes belongs to one of my Friends & I must say it does creep some people out just entering the Showroom it's in. I've heard stories such as what happened to your Friends as well & feel the Boards are creepy and can be a Portal to something better left alone. Mom had one when I was growing up, being she has Gypsy Blood and had the long Family History of having Accurate Premonitions & Predictions... so it never bothered her {I have Premonition Accuracy as well, but don't like to utilize the ability on purpose}... but I was never entirely comfortable with that Family Board so I don't know whatever happened to it and don't care. I totally 'get' and respect your Sentiments... Hope it won't keep you away during the Fall Season? I will be changing my Banner come closer to Winter. *Winks*

    Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

  10. Oh my! You have found some amazing goodies! I love the musical tea cup, but the rose plates made me gasp! They are gorgeous! I am thrilled for you!
    Have a happy holiday.

  11. Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful post on Simple & Sweet Fridays. The musical cup is lovely!


  12. Thanks for stopping by for a visit to the Best Moving In Sale EVER that I MISSED!!! *Pout* The Ottoman, Chair, Duvet & Pillows would have been the ultimate Score... but I'm sure the prices would have been somewhere in the Stratosphere given that these OOAK items are by such a well known Artist/Designer and were featured in Amazing Photo Shoots that were Published... that gives Provenance that is Priceless and way out of this Gal's Budget. *Le Sigh* Not to mention Robin isn't using those types of fabrics in her new line, so they're more the Classic Magnolia Pearl I began Collecting over a Decade ago & were of my Fav materials. I'm not really as taken with the new Line of Lacey Gossamer Fabrics and Burlap to wear in my Wardrobe or cover my Furniture with... just not practical or as comfortable. Well... we can still Dream and be Inspired by the Images, right? *LOL*

    Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

  13. The lovely violet musical teacup is a first for me! How special! Your friend will love it! Your roses plate is lovely too!