Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Buttons in mother of pearl

I have been playing with some of my mother of pearl buttons  that I  have

 A friend of mine had a yard sale and going to have  an action because they are selling their house to move to their Florida home permanently.

Anyway I did buy a few things from her but she gave me this tin of buttons that was her mom's so I played with buttons all evening, washed them dried them then separated into colors. I like all the white buttons separate in jars by them selves.

This is what I am working towards , this  lace necklace laced with beautiful mother of pearl buttons, which I have some I can use also. I have plently of old lace and some tatting pieces I will try out to use for the necklace part to sew the buttons on .


I laid some of my buttons out to see how I would arrange them



All washed up shinning

I have 2 gallon jars full of the dark buttons and sold a few at the last set up at the expo center in door garage sale . I never sell the mother of pearl or white ones. The black ones are jet black glass buttons

I do love the jet black glass buttons and collected all glass buttons   , these don't get thrown in the gallon jars of dark buttons they have a special drawer                                                                    


I think lots of bloggers are button people so you will understand all the pictures of the new buttons in the house  LOL  also some of my mother of pearl handled knives


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  1. I love the necklace on the dress form! Cute

  2. OH fun to sort through daughter calls it button therapy!

  3. I have buttons, too, and they are therapeutic! Yours are lovely

  4. Old button are fascinating to look and play around with it. You really have a nice assortment. You should come with many neat ideas for them.

  5. I have a large collection of buttons too. You have some really nice ones. I love the idea of the buttons on the lace. Such a pretty way to display them. laurie

  6. I love old buttons and was delighted when Mother gave me all of hers!!

  7. Oh yes indeed, us button people UNDERSTAND!!

  8. Love the necklace! I'm a beader and have made and taught classes making bracelets using buttons with bead embroidery. Looks like you have a wonderful button collection, lucky girl! I love the old piece of tatting and lace too, like how you combine them, great job! Thanks for stopping by, Laura

  9. I have my mother's button box, too! I also have lots of other buttons in old canning jars. I've never washed them though. Should I?


    1. I wash my buttons because most of the time they have been in an old box or tin and they are dirty and smell musty
      I never wash the rhinestone buttons if I ever find any.

  10. Great collection of buttons! The necklace is so nice!! Happy VTT

  11. I have a jar of my grandmothers buttons. I love this necklace idea-beautiful.

  12. What a wonderful collection of buttons! I have always been on the hunt for buttons but never such luck. Thanx for coming to the party!

  13. Your buttons are fabulous. My mom had a button box which I now have but, over the almost 25 years she's been gone, I've used some here and there...and everywhere. :)
    Over from Charm....

  14. Love the buttons. I used to love looking through my mom's button box when I was little. I was endlessly fascinated with buttons. I still like them. Thanks for posting that wonderful collection. Linda

  15. I love buttons myself and have quite a collection. thank you for sharing some of yours and that pretty lace and button necklace.

  16. These are beautiful! I love buttons, there is so much variety and beauty! Hope you have a great week, love all of your ideas.

  17. I love pretty buttons. You have a lovely collection. thank you for sharing at the Thursday Favorite Things hop. Sorry I'm so late in sending my thanks xo

  18. oops I left the comment from my wrong account, giggle. Yes Be Well gifts is me xo

  19. Oh yes, I would be one of those button loving bloggers! I have collected them all my life. You really hit the jackpot with all these beauties! Thank you for joining us at TTF and have a terrific day!

  20. Great collection! Thank you for joining me at Home Sweet Home!

  21. You have a great button collection. Thanks for sharing.