Monday, August 27, 2012

Odds & Ends

I have been in the studio rearranging and it looks so much better however the storage room is full and you can't hardly walk in it . I am going to be having a yards sale soon and really let go of some things . So you local gals watch and listen for my yard sale announcement . I put it on craigs list

First I want to show this little tea cup that has a music box in it's bottom . When you lift the cup off the saucer the music plays if you have it wound up anyway. I just love the little violets . This will go to a friend who has a violet room in her house


I have been practicing on taking close up pictures with my camera. It doesn't have very many adjustments  on it  

I went to an estate sale once and bought a box of lace and it had this wonderful tablecloth in it,  that scratch is on my table . I put the lace  it on my kitchen table today
I have been working on   my button and lace collar and have it about 1/2 done I will post a completed picture when done
This is another close up of some of my rose dishes I am collecting



One more thing to show I am working on I bought this mannequin at a resale shop and her bottom is broke she stands crooked but I think I can fit her I have a dress I want to put on her , also she is a full figured gal like me . LOL

  Now this  picture is not as crisp as I would like however I still like showing some of my rhinestone buttons

I changed Sally Stitch's dress , I took her tu tu off and put this size 2 lace dress on her also added a red hat to her outfit. I am going to get all the girls (mannequins ) together and get a picture of them I have 4 now

 aslo these last pictures needed more flash I think I took them with my iphone . This is a hodgepodge of pictures but felt I needed to add new pictures

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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Buttons in mother of pearl

I have been playing with some of my mother of pearl buttons  that I  have

 A friend of mine had a yard sale and going to have  an action because they are selling their house to move to their Florida home permanently.

Anyway I did buy a few things from her but she gave me this tin of buttons that was her mom's so I played with buttons all evening, washed them dried them then separated into colors. I like all the white buttons separate in jars by them selves.

This is what I am working towards , this  lace necklace laced with beautiful mother of pearl buttons, which I have some I can use also. I have plently of old lace and some tatting pieces I will try out to use for the necklace part to sew the buttons on .


I laid some of my buttons out to see how I would arrange them



All washed up shinning

I have 2 gallon jars full of the dark buttons and sold a few at the last set up at the expo center in door garage sale . I never sell the mother of pearl or white ones. The black ones are jet black glass buttons

I do love the jet black glass buttons and collected all glass buttons   , these don't get thrown in the gallon jars of dark buttons they have a special drawer                                                                    


I think lots of bloggers are button people so you will understand all the pictures of the new buttons in the house  LOL  also some of my mother of pearl handled knives


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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Shopping for Roses

Hi there

I wanted to show a few dishes I have found at thrift shops and yard sales this summer/ I am trying to get as many as an eight pieces place settings.
I am going to set a table for a diner party and I want to use all vintage dishes with roses on them them have multi colored roses for a center piece or arrangement.
I now need a tea pot . I was lucky enough to find a sugar bowl and creamer same pattern at two different places. Gave $2.00 for creamer and $8.00 for sugar bowl  but since I knew I had the creamer I paid $8.00 .
I didn't get any pictures of my diner plates and don't want to go take more pictures now that I have started this post . Lazy ? when I set the table I will  show the diner plates.

sugar bowl


creamer to match,
 they have the name Empire  Bavaria on the bottom and the creamer has a lid too match the sugar bowl lid? I think this is the first creamer I have ever seen with a lid

wait a minute I looked on the bottom of the sugar and it's mark is R.S.A.G.Germany with a crown, so they don't match since made by different companies,

love this cup & saucer


these don't have roses but are so delicate and sweet

then this I am sure is 1960's do you remember seeing them back then ?

I found 2 of  these sweet little dessert bowls also at a thrift shop for 50 cents



  Then I was out at one of my favorite shops today The Market Place and one of the booths had a great price on this little cabinet I thought the rose dishes would look good in it however its to small to show them off very well , I had to stack them
It was priced $249.00 and was on sale for $53.50 , its in my dining room now full of thrift store dishes  



 Trying to do this post and watch the closing ceremonies  of the Olympics and thinking about wanting a pizza , LOL haven't had super yet .

love this picture, it's  in a book I was looking through this afternoon

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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

petits tresors = small treasures

I am going back on my word , I know I said no more yard sales ,( till I got some money saved for a trip ) HOWEVER my friend Donna had a moving yard sale and well after she ask me to help I just had to buy a few little things ! right? LOL
You have to buy when its there

 First of all she gave me a wedding dress , not hers but she didn't want to put it in the yards sale so she gave it to me , I will hang it in the studio and may cut it up for the material ? to re purpose it




I got a pair of glass candelabras that I just love and trying to fit them in somewhere in my house . These were her Great Aunts her Grandmothers sister. She was selling lots of her Mothers, Grandmothers and Great Aunts things and of course that is what I wanted. She has a 3 drawer charming  chest I will get when the house sells, they are having an auction then to sell all big items.


           The top pieces on these screw off where it prisms are I love them

               I also got very small salt & pepper glass screw top shakers                                                          


Here is more of the things I got from her, old vintage hats in perfect condition , grandma's colander, ball jar with flip lid,, hat box which I really like a huge crock bowl and I didn't get it in the picture, and lots of costume jewelry  . There was a big peacock feather pin and I will give that to a friend who is in the peacock zone now.


So 60's,  like the show Mad Men





I already put a pair of 3 strand pearls in my jewelry box which I will wear,


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