Friday, July 27, 2012

Where I play

Sometimes it's where I create . I do love to  play in my studio with all my rhinestones and lace and material and paper products
My Friend Jo came over this week and we played  in the studio and make a special card for someone . Jo had the great idea and of course I have all the items to make it . It's the idea that is hard to come up with

I bought this shelf at a yard sale last Saturday and had a ballerina  to hang from it and then put the ballerina  on a stick in the jar to the left added a sweet little doll dress and the little gold crown

I am just going to show some random pictures of my studio I have been working on straightening it up even my neighbor Emma came over and she said oh yes I can tell you have put things away. These pictures I took with my iphone , some are dark









are you tired of seeing all this stuff yet?

Next time I will show my bedroom off the studio and another area   I will use my camera next time also I was working trying to straighten things up and had my iphone with me so used it to take these pictures, also I have the windows covered with lace table cloths trying to keep this hot sun out so that makes the room more shaded

I am having a fun filled weekend ahead, going to a play at Stained glass theater in Jefferson City tonight , them tomorrow  going to Arrow Rock theater with another friend
Then Sunday and Monday ( I hope ) my long time  friend  Pat from  Paducah Kentucky will be here. Her sister lives close by in Fulton Missouri , Can't wait to hug her neck         

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  1. That shelf is so sweet!! I love seeing everyone's studios this month. Mine is not as stuffed as I thought. So many things to love in yours the shoes, suitcases, head, buttons and all the other wonderful trims. Thanks so much for a peak into your fun space, Laura

  2. So many cool treasures. I love the picture on the wall(girl in blue clothes)! Thanks for sharing your space:)

  3. You have a great space! So roomy and with places to keep things. I'm in a 6' x 14' area and darn proud to have it. LOL But storage is a real challenge.

  4. I love your studio. It is very pretty and looks like a fun place to play. Hugs, Ginger

  5. Sweet shelf..and your studio looks like it is filled with inspiration.
    Happy Pink and Yellow Saturday!!
    xo Tami

  6. What a fun place to play! Can I come over? heehee I found you at Thrifty Things Friday

  7. I love your wicker pieces and those vintage suitcases.

  8. Thank you so much for entering my Gveaway and mentioning it on your blog. Its great to connect with you.

  9. What a wonderful place to imagine and create! Great to have you be a part of Seasonal Sundays.

    - The Tablescaper

  10. I love seeing all of your goodies...pure eye candy to me! Thanks so much for your sweet comments on my magazine post!

  11. What a nice big place you have to play in! Sounds like you have fun times ahead too! Nice to know you came by!

  12. Thank you for visiting me! I love all the lace, buttons, ribbons.....and your collection of suitcases makes me a bit jealous.

    Natacha (from Luxembourg)

  13. I want to come over and play in your creating space! Looks like lots of fun things! Thank you for sharing this with us last week at TTF. I hope you are having a terrific week!

  14. I love seeing all of your lovely treasures xo

  15. oh how we'd love to "play" there! We've got piles of things everywere....but i think that we need to straighten up and get some serious "glam" going on to inspire :) Bet you could get lost in all you fun treasures...oh what a day it would be!!

  16. Wow you do have a fun place to play and so many fabulous pieces to play with. All are special and probably have lots of meaning.