Monday, July 23, 2012

Vintage Girl & last sale

I like this gals blog who is in Germany and we did a cookbook exchange a few months ago and she comes over to Marbuger and Round Top because she loves Magnolia Pearl's clothes, then she said they have friends in Florida. I can never copy Magnolia's Pearl's website so you will just have to pull her up .
Anyway she let me know she was featured in an Italian magazine over there and I just happen to know someone In Italy and I ask Nancy to pick this magazine up for me so I could read about Birdgit. Give her blog a once over it is so pretty. I hope to meet her in person some day .

                                                             anyway I sent Nancy  an email and ask her to get me this magazine if she could and she brought it to me a couple weeks ago . She is in my town visiting her Dad

This last Saturday I went to I  hope my last estate sale of the summer ? trying to put away some money for a couple trips . I did admit I am worst than hooked on the thrill of finding treasures at yard sale and estate sales . anyway here is what I got

I have been in love with staffordshire dogs for years and finally have found some a little gently used or cracked what ever you want to call them, anyway I can afford them so got this at the last estate sale last Saturday for a happy dance price

Shirley my cat checking out the new dog in the house . You should see Richards stafforshire dogs from his blog if you haven't already. he has them on his last Christmas post

I love huge platters

   I got this sweet little rose creamer with a sore lip for 10 cents along with a set of glasses 4 clear glass cream & sugars and 2 cups which are bone china with roses on them all was 10 cents each oh also 4 old peanut butter glasses from the 50's I know because my Grandma bought these when I was a kid oh also 3 large soups bowls with roses on them 3/ 25 cents really . I am collecting dishes with roses on them for my next diner party

This sweet thing came form the estate sale I bought a flat with buttons and pillow ticking material in it and this was in the box also, perfect lace and has small little snaps in back where it fastens  must be a childs bodice 

    I have more to show but will wait a few days . I bought the cutest shelf i wan to show . It was another great day out looking for treasures, HOT but great      

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  1. The platter is fabulous. I adore big ole vintage platters too. I could never not go to estate sales-not happening. But I seldom if ever travel.

  2. We must have been at the Estate sale at the very same time! I noticed the dog was put aside the first couple of minutes of the sale. I was one of the first 10 people in line. I bought the pair of mantel lusters! I was hoping I would see you! It was a great sale wasn't it? Gina

  3. Congrats on the Staffy and the big platter. That wee little bodice is gorgeous!

  4. This book really looks like a wonderful browse. I too love large platters and this blue one is a real beauty. You really found some great items. I too love the thrill of the hunt. Especially estate sales.

  5. The little baby bodice is gorgeous!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  6. Really good finds! Can you tell us more about the clock? I collect them and this looks like a unique piece.

    1. I bought it in Paducah Kentucky and it is a ships clock , the key is with it and has the bracket that attached it to its platform
      I like the case of it very much feels like bakelite

  7. I love your Staffordshire dog! I've been wanting one (or a pair!) for myself, too. :)

    (Visiting via Coastal Charm!)

  8. Love all of your new finds...and we love your term "happy dance price!" Oh, how we hope we can get some happy dances going this weekend ~ lol! We're looking forward seeing Birdgit's blog...thanks for introducing us to her!

  9. You have found some lovely treasures. The Staffordshire dog is wonderful and the platter makes my heart go pitter pat. Love the creamer too. The child's bodice is darling and looks very delicate. Thank you for sharing with us today and have a delightful week.


  10. The small lace top remindes of of the one I had for our daughtter that went with her German dirndl. I will have to post it someday. Visiting from Red Wednesday. Blessings, Debbie

  11. I find too many treasures at yard sales, thrift shops and the flea markets. Your treasures are all so pretty. I especially love the platter! Gorgeous!!!

  12. How wonderful! I do love the dog. Do you think it may be a Pekingese? I love them and have the sweety for a pet, but to find any little miniatures seems very difficult!

  13. What a great little staffordshire dog! I have wanted some for years, but now I don't have a fireplace and I had wanted them for the mantel.

    Good luck saving for your trip!

    Thanks for sharing at my party :)

    xoxo Bunny Jean
    Wednesdays Bunny Hop Party!

  14. Gorgeous platter and Staffordshire dog. I don't think you can ever have too many of either. :) Love both.

  15. You are very fortunate having such a great friend from another part of our vast world. Nice job.

  16. Hi Janice,
    Thank you so much for visiting my blog and your sweet comments re my mom's stuff. I'm sure your daughter will love your treasures just as I do my mothers. (It did take me awhile on some of them teehee but they are my dearest things now.)
    Love this post, what a lot of great finds! Major doggie nut over here, I adore your dog. I'm trying not to bring anymore stuff into our tiny house but I so want to start a doggie collection. :)
    Happy VTT!

  17. Oh yum...what pretty finds! I love platters too, but oh that lace bodice!!! What a great find!
    Thanks so much for joining me for Pearls and Lace Thursday!

  18. Lovely!!! I am hosting a Giveaway where you can win a 50 dollar gift card to the store HomeGoods. It would be great if you drop by My Dream Canvas :)

  19. You always find great treasure, but this time you knocked it out of the park with the dog! I love them, too. Glad you were able to get one at a fair price. Thanks so much for sharing your finds with us at WIW.

  20. Hello dear Janice,
    thanks so much for your nice words and for posting a note to my blog. It has been such a great experience to me and it´s wonderful to get that positive feedback.
    Love your new treasures, especially the bodice!!
    Hugs, Birgit

  21. Hi Janice!

    I'm back again to let you know that you are mentioned in this weeks Bunny Hop!

    xoxo Bunny Jean