Friday, July 27, 2012

Where I play

Sometimes it's where I create . I do love to  play in my studio with all my rhinestones and lace and material and paper products
My Friend Jo came over this week and we played  in the studio and make a special card for someone . Jo had the great idea and of course I have all the items to make it . It's the idea that is hard to come up with

I bought this shelf at a yard sale last Saturday and had a ballerina  to hang from it and then put the ballerina  on a stick in the jar to the left added a sweet little doll dress and the little gold crown

I am just going to show some random pictures of my studio I have been working on straightening it up even my neighbor Emma came over and she said oh yes I can tell you have put things away. These pictures I took with my iphone , some are dark









are you tired of seeing all this stuff yet?

Next time I will show my bedroom off the studio and another area   I will use my camera next time also I was working trying to straighten things up and had my iphone with me so used it to take these pictures, also I have the windows covered with lace table cloths trying to keep this hot sun out so that makes the room more shaded

I am having a fun filled weekend ahead, going to a play at Stained glass theater in Jefferson City tonight , them tomorrow  going to Arrow Rock theater with another friend
Then Sunday and Monday ( I hope ) my long time  friend  Pat from  Paducah Kentucky will be here. Her sister lives close by in Fulton Missouri , Can't wait to hug her neck         

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Monday, July 23, 2012

Vintage Girl & last sale

I like this gals blog who is in Germany and we did a cookbook exchange a few months ago and she comes over to Marbuger and Round Top because she loves Magnolia Pearl's clothes, then she said they have friends in Florida. I can never copy Magnolia's Pearl's website so you will just have to pull her up .
Anyway she let me know she was featured in an Italian magazine over there and I just happen to know someone In Italy and I ask Nancy to pick this magazine up for me so I could read about Birdgit. Give her blog a once over it is so pretty. I hope to meet her in person some day .

                                                             anyway I sent Nancy  an email and ask her to get me this magazine if she could and she brought it to me a couple weeks ago . She is in my town visiting her Dad

This last Saturday I went to I  hope my last estate sale of the summer ? trying to put away some money for a couple trips . I did admit I am worst than hooked on the thrill of finding treasures at yard sale and estate sales . anyway here is what I got

I have been in love with staffordshire dogs for years and finally have found some a little gently used or cracked what ever you want to call them, anyway I can afford them so got this at the last estate sale last Saturday for a happy dance price

Shirley my cat checking out the new dog in the house . You should see Richards stafforshire dogs from his blog if you haven't already. he has them on his last Christmas post

I love huge platters

   I got this sweet little rose creamer with a sore lip for 10 cents along with a set of glasses 4 clear glass cream & sugars and 2 cups which are bone china with roses on them all was 10 cents each oh also 4 old peanut butter glasses from the 50's I know because my Grandma bought these when I was a kid oh also 3 large soups bowls with roses on them 3/ 25 cents really . I am collecting dishes with roses on them for my next diner party

This sweet thing came form the estate sale I bought a flat with buttons and pillow ticking material in it and this was in the box also, perfect lace and has small little snaps in back where it fastens  must be a childs bodice 

    I have more to show but will wait a few days . I bought the cutest shelf i wan to show . It was another great day out looking for treasures, HOT but great      

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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

More Saturday finds

I am all at once , over whelmed with all the stuff I have in my house. I need to stay home and quit going to yard sales and thrift shops and estate sales. Somebody STOP me LOL

However there is a real good estate sale this coming up Saturday that I want to go to then I'm quitting for the summer??  LOL  ( hope so ,  HELP me

 I  was headed to Good will Saturday morning when I remember an estate sale listed in the garage sale section of the paper and thought might as well stop at one yard sale, right?
Any way I found a lot of stuff and I had so much in my arms I told the young man in charge can I make a pile ? and you watch it for me , he agreed. so when I went back for my second swipe through the yard and garage I found a lot of small things I hadn't seen in a long time and now I wonder why I even brought it all home ? Like I said I am just over whelmed .

First things I seen I liked was old linens just laid out on a coffee table and I started digging through it and a red & white piece jumped out at me with red monogramming on it then I seen an old pillow case looking thing with more monogramming then another then another so I had my arms full again and I found a paper sack and stuffed it full, all the while there was no prices on any thing but I really wanted theses dirty lines , ( i knew oxiclean and me could clean them up ).

See the MW monogram
these picture are after I soaked and washed them  them

          two more pieces , sorry about the shade in the picture                                        




Then these bottles which I liked , I gave $10. for all the linens  and the bottles

         I like the long neck one and it even has a wicker cover for the screw top    

this was my first swipe through the garage and yard

 then I went back and found just a lot of smalls like 3 Budweiser beer openers and a red handle kitchen items, glass ash tray, tin pan, vinegar jar  3 perfume bottle one says Paris and a little glass creamer all  for $1.50
I didn't get the little red wooden handle pie trimmer in the picture or the perfume bottles

Then I went to a favorite place of mine that some people says they never find any thing good at
I was ready to leave after finding some old Stix Baer & Fuller  hat boxes, any way Pete came in he has a booth at this place and he said he had just cleaned out his garage per his wife's instructions LOL

He brought this old leather hat box in and set it down and my eyes went straight  to it , I love boxes and this was an old leather hat box with the hat inside . I ask him what he wanted for the box and he gave me a price and took the top hat out I said oh I want the hat also . So after we agreed on the price here is its picture


Inside the hat it says Quicy Illinois
         Then at the Goodwill I found 2 silver trays I wanted which I have lots of these also              


All together , I really could fill a booth at one of our local malls. I am thinking of starting an etsy shop this fall to unload some of my many treasures. So if you see something you like let me know
A friend that has a vintage shop in town has ask me to set up an outside booth at her up coming sale. I said it will have to cool way down for me to stand outside . Her shop is full of vintage formals etc

Oh the hat boxes

     Anyway its fun and fun to hunt it's all about the thrill of the hunt ?     right

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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Aunt Ollie's dishes

I was raised by my Grandparents, well my Mom & sibling moved in with my maternal grandparents when my  parents split up. Well anyway my Grandmother 's sister Aunt Ollie ran an antique gift shop in an old hotel in Sikeston Missouri back in the 1960's and this cream , sugar and old platter was Aunt Ollie's.
I remember going to Sikeston from Mt Vernon Illinois where we lived and visiting Aunt Ollie And Uncle John ( didn't we all have an uncle John? )

My Mom and Aunt Ollie was always talking dishes and antiques, Not my Grandma, Grandma and me was was trying to find something cool to drink and a cool room in the house, no air conditioner back them. Grandpa Baker and Uncle John was always sitting in the living room talking,

Now that I made this short story long. Anyway this cream & sugar and platter was Aunt Ollie's . My Mom got them out of her house when Aunt Ollie went to a nursing home with Ovarian cancer in 1968.
Then when my Mother died I took them because I remember them from Aunt Ollie's house . And Now brown & white transferware is so in

I didn't take a picture of just the platter , same pattern on it as the big cream  & sugar


I like the inside of the creamer and this is not a small creamer and sugar bowl  either


I showed some of my brown transferware dishes once but didn't get these in the post . This is an old jug I bought once and gave to my Mom to match Aunt Ollie's dishes .



Here is a closet I store some of my dishes , want to see a mess?  LOL, really not much to look at now I see the picture


Way in the back is a Johnson Brother brown & white long platter

I found two of these transferware plates at a thrft store last week, one I never go to and there they laid

There is a blog and she has one of these in her header if I could remember which one I would add her blog name The Charm of Home , found it  ( she changed her header LOL )

I never in my wildest thoughts,  back when I was a kid would I believe I would grow up and talk about dishes like my Mom and Aunt Ollie, they both loved old dishes , now I do.        

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Thursday, July 5, 2012

The Studio

Well I straighten the studio up a Little not completely but since I have the blue & pink chair painted wanted to change my table cloth on my Grandmothers old Oak table , It's a 42 inch  round oak and I was going to paint it, however my daughter who lives in Oregon wants it when she gets a larger house and she does not like painted furniture . I use it for a work table now and have another one for my sewing machines

I have a lot of stuff in the studio and just love it all

before changing tablecloth also I took these pictures with my new iphone

Now after a little straighting up and my toile tablecloth on instead of the pink one with glue all over it    


I see a few things in the back ground I should have moved like the black florist box sitting on Martha's Windsor chair

This is an old wing back chair and ottoman  I bought at Thomas ville years ago now it has an old white chenille bedspread and white table cloth and old white lace laying on it plus a few other items , a fur piece on top. My visitors can set here

I had some of my buttons out and I got out a lot of the French General items I bought at Michael's a couple weeks ago, my first trip into Michael's I paid full price, wait a young  lady in line had her ipad and I used her 20% coupon( after asking her if she had a store coupon)  on line then the second trip to get more it was 40% off
   French general ladies with ribbon                                                                        


French General

Little gold stickers on my old lace I bought last week end at the church sale under the lace in the bowl is glass flower frogs


under my big oak tree today 106

This is Scooter who lives in Paducah Kentucky he was on his way to get a bath and hair cut  . He belongs to my friend Pat      

this is a purse I have hanging on my metal  room divider

I am going out now to water my flowers and fill my bird baths it's 102 now and almost 8:30 pm , love talking about this heat LOL

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