Saturday, April 28, 2012

One of my Loves

This morning I went with  a  neighbor to Vintage Hill Farm to buy plants for our yards and I needed some succulents for my Mrs & Mr planters, Susan, my neighbor thought that would look good in them . I agree.
First I want to show you around this place which had the most fabulous pottery and planters. I always like anything with a face on it , so showing them first them I will show what I purchased

                                 look at the 1/2 face planter


                               iron frogs with crowns                            
                             ball of moss
 On   our way out of town we stopped at the garden club's sale and I bought a flower pot for $1.00
Then we passed a sale that said Plant Sale at a ladies house and I bought some plants that I can't even tell you there names, I forget easy  , not familiar with new plants LOL  anyway the leaves smell so good, some kind of germanium I think ?

Then I worked a couple hours getting my planters filled and then had a nice rain on them

So here is the planter I could not leave behind, I named it Dancing Ladies

I absolutely love it , I have a smaller planter that matches it , I bought a few years ago , not sure what I will put in it, any suggestions?

I put succulents in the smaller dancing ladies

Then here is the Mrs & Mr planters with their succulents in them I think as they grow out it will be wonderful to look at

      Susan is digging up a large hydrangea and giving it to me
We both could have spent a small fortune there


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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Pretty Time

Happy Week everybody

I have been in love with rhinestone faced clocks for years and found the first one at a Lady's shop which was in her garage, she had the most beautiful things and I found this little clock with all it's rhinestones , now this was back in the 80's when rhinestones were not that popular, I never bought them anyway. But had to have my first rhinestone faced clock. I remember what I paid for it $20. and that was a lot for a little clock that ticked in the 80's LOL Oh it works also a pinney walker clock

This is my newest one I found a couple weeks ago at our local Market Place antique mall

This is my favorite one love the pink , there is a turquoise one made just like this however I have never found one

       This is some of my special rhinestone bracelets in the same cabinet with my little clocks

all in a row

The little oval picture frame is a favorite also of mine
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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Just enjoyed outside

I was outside doing yard work as always , since it is spring. I just got my patio cleaned off from winter and fall leaves and  branches  . Then it stormed again  last weelend and then I had more tree branches and  those twirle things , we use to call them helicopters.
Anyway done once more then mowed front yard and swept my drive way My neighbors ask me to go out to eat super with them and I was just to tired to spruce myself up
While I was out back I took my lady planter and a few other things to dress up my patio table, Oh how I wish I had a large screned in porch.


A friend was over Saturday and she dressed up my lady planter with these silk flowers that I bought at a florist sale for 10 cents a stem, just odds and ends , however so pretty

I had to put a bird in her beautiful arrangement, just like Marie Anyionette would do .


I couldn't decide if I liked this tray of shells & pearls on the table or the Ball jars


I had never really noticed how these jars say differeent things, the first one says just Ball, the second one Ball Mason, the third one Ball Perfect mason ? guess maybe they are from different years like our cell phones now a never version every year


I know we have all seen these blue ftruit jars on blogs for ever seems like but I never get tired of seeing them and they look so good outside on my patio table. This is one of the tall ones, I just paid $2.50 each for them at a sale last couple weeks . I have several I bought back when I lived In Kentucky years ago.



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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Table tops

I am going to show my table setting and some of the other tables at the ladies spring brunch at my church. We have this every April . There is about 25 table maybe more . Someone is the hostess and picks her own theme and dishes and then ask 7 others ladies to set at her table.It is always so pretty.
This year I used my portmeirion Strawberry Fair dishes and used a real potted strawberry plant for my center piece then I am giving each quest a small potted strawberry plant to take home with some miracle grow

The theme of our brunch is Bloom Where You Are Planted




Here is some of the other tables that were set up Friday evening when I was at church
There is some really pretty tables and lots were not ready to show




this is always so fun  even the young 16 year old girls are setting tables now


Maybe if you click on the pictures it will make them larger, it use to work, before blogger changed a lot of things


look at these cute stilettos, Jill works a local florist and she has the cutest things, her table wasn't ready for a picture but I snapped a couple
the shoes goes on top of a glass tower on her table

I went on my lunch hour and set the table and back to work

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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Nashville Trip

Hi Ya all

Well I am back from my Nashville Tennessee trip to go to the book signing for Cheryl & Griff Day from Savannah Georgia. I met them in Savannah  a couple years ago and love them to death. Their bakery is on Bull Street in Savannah Georgia so if your ever there go by the bakery , you won't be disappointed ,every thing is made from scratch meaning real home made bakery goods. The cup cakes are little pieces of heaven my favorite you can tell also  they them I sent you . Janice from Missouri

The book signing was at Paranass book store in the Green Hills area and oh my the shopping was fabulous in that mall. My friend Pat  from Paducah Kentucky went with me , I picked her up on the way down to Nashville, anyway we was in this extra nice mall we noticed, not the usual small town mall and we was looking around and I ask the young lady in Coldwater Creek is there a Louis Vuitton store in Nashville? because I had seen lots of ladies with Louis Vuitton bags, she said YES there is just outside of our store OMG !!!!!!!!!!! I said Pat were going down here LOL. I was sure I would get a new bag after having the nice young man  Wesley drag out every bag I mentioned and I walked around the store with them. I left with out one ! Nothing was the ONE you know what I mean?

Cheryl Day And me


Cheryl & Griff at the book store before the beginning, my poke a dot bag and me in the right bottom of the picture.


Cheryl  is friends with Paula Deen, Paula wrote a forward in their new cook book,  and her and Griff   rode with Paula in her private jet to Atlanta for their show on QVC last Sunday. Cheryl said the jet ride was fabulous , plush was the word. Paula & Cheryl & Griff was all on QVC selling their cook books

This is in a Lego out store at Opry Mills , just had to stop and get a birthday present for my grandson who was just  5  on April 4th

Here is my friend Pat we was on our way to Heartland Worship Center in Paducah Kentucky, that is where Pat attends church


This was my purchase at a resale shop In Paducah. I had seen this in gift shops and always liked it . A small cake plate with matching plates and pink and green poke a dots , love it . I think it was about $75.00 in a shop when I first seen it . well it was $12.00 at this resale shop so just had to bring it home


also a matching box , I love boxes LOL


              Just a little glass chicken to make an Easter picture, this is such a beautiful time of the year , all the Easter candy and pink & green everywhere, deviled eggs and ham yum yum


this bunny was part of my calendar I posted about once, you can reverse it to make the animals plain


   If you want a great cook book for desserts and sweets please check this out . I requested my local library get a copy and they have

I almost forgot to tell you Amy,  Cheryl & Griff's publist said she will send me a copy of the cookbook for a Giveaway on my blog !!! So I will be having my first giveaway when I get the info from Amy , stay tuned as they say


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It was a great trip , lots of love involved