Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Yard Work

Hi everybody

I don't have a thing to post about today ,no  new painted furniture,  no new dishes, no new anything for show & tell. I am just enjoying the sun and doing yard work which I enjoy if i'm not rushed like when you have a hundred other things to do and the yard is a foot high.

I hope to come up with something interesting to post about  when the yard is looking good

just a couple pictures of things setting on one of my kitchen shabby cabinets


a book mark that I think is really charming



  1. I have been cutting grass and dug four enormous holes to plant plants in and have hurt my back. I always run around and snap pics of flowers, even my neighbors flowers when nothing is going on here. Cute bookmark.

  2. These are lovely. It looks like you are a button collector? Fun. Don't work too hard, I am not going outside these days. Have a great week. Ginger

  3. I LOVE that you stopped by to visit....we have so many of the same looking forward to delving deeper into your blog tonight when I have a minute to really look! I have the same red transfer ware !
    My garden is beckoning also.....N.xo

  4. I hope you enjoy the day in the garden. It is a warm spring day where I live. Think I'll go for a walk. By the way, I love the little bird in the first photo.


  5. Thanks so much for visitin..
    We are fighting weeds in our yard. No flowers blooming...water restrictions...not a good spring for gardens out here in West Texas. Maybe the summer will bring bright colors to the garden.:)