Friday, March 30, 2012

Little Cabinet

I have so much stuff in my studio I really feel the need to get things rearranged and just cleaned up, you know what I mean? sure you do . I can live with clutter and things piled up in the studio until I want to create and can't find what I am looking for because I have so much . I have been trying to get all 100 pairs of scissors in one drawer and all the tools in a drawer and all my 50 rolls of scotch tape together and all my material in one room etc etc.

First I want to get this cute little cabinet cleaned off

I had the drawers full of special   boxed cards I picked up at sales after special events like Christmas etc

I thought I would put some sewing notions on display and add small sewing notions in the drawers. I have so much sewing notions and don't sew  LOL just like the old buttons, thimbles, needle cases etc
I bought this antique sewing bird at a quilt show once

These must be pretty special pins, I put them in a booth I had once at the antique mall, anyway I put $15.00 each on them and all sold  same day, I kept 2 for  myself


my little plastic box I covered with lace                                      
                                           needle cases

love mother of pearl buttons

     I am sure I will rearrange it with some blue & white childrens' dishes soon as I locate them , but for now will enjoy the old sewing notions      

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  1. Love it! My craft room is comfortably 'messy' but I am inspired to straighten up a bit. Good job!

  2. I love the wonderful old sewing things you have the pins and the pearl buttons...

  3. What a beautiful collection of pins and buttons. Love all your antiques. Would love for you to stop by Simple & Sweet Fridays and share. Everyone would love your collection. Thank you for commenting on my blog.


  4. Good luck getting organized. I hope it will stays that way. Richard from My Old Historic House

  5. Your sewing notions are sweet in the cabinet. I only mend things but do love sewing notions.

  6. Oh, the little cabinet is just precious for sewing notions. I love them too, and can't sew a stitch! I LOVE your sewing bird!!!
    Let me know when you get tired of it! (LOL)
    Great post, we'd love to have you link it.

  7. Lovely display.
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  8. Thanks for stopping by for a visit. In answer to your question, in all of the years that we have owned Feral and Stray Cats that have adopted us we have never been able to get one comfortable enough to live inside & the Males especially would mark territory so that wouldn't be a good thing. *winks* Every Feral & Alley Cat that became our Domestic Pet by choice was left to roam Outdoors where they were most familiar & comfortable. If your Stray Fur Baby has always lived outside it is more than likely very Street Smart to have survived without a permanent Family to care for it. They rarely become "Pet Quality" entirely, but they do quite well when showered with Love & attention... and they give far more than they receive. I'm glad you're considering giving your Stray a new Home.

    Blessings and Happy Easter from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

  9. Like the sewing bird and the little cabinet!!
    Happy Easter, Birgit

    Will visit Round Top, TX again in fall...can hardly wait

  10. What great finds!! Love that cabinet!
    Have a wonderful Easter :)
    xxx Liz