Thursday, February 2, 2012

Soup & Sale

I made the best soup if I say so myself . I baked a  complete package of chicken breasts and as I was putting them in the freezer I used oneof the baked breast  and made my a pot of chicken soup. I put in the pot with the chicken pieces, some fresh kale, fresh  carrots, onions, fresh garlic,rosemary from my plant , butter, cream I had some half & half.
I let this all simmer for the flavors to marry as they say in cook world,  oh then I added some fresh Parmigiano  cheese a lady gave me , she was here visiting her father from Italy,wouldn't you love to live in  Italy? I had never had this cheese. anyway thanks Nancy

       Then this Saturday  the 4th there is an indoor garage sale they call it , at the Holiday Inn expo convention center 10am-2pm. Last year head count was over 1100 people went through this event.
A friend of mine who owns a vintage clothing store ask me to share a booth with her. She rented two booths and only need 1  1/2. So I am pricing items and not knowing what all to take I am taking everything from sheets to oil painting and dishes , some bling, a fur coat small stools
My friend has all vintage clothing, purses, shoes oh and a pink poodle stuffed dog the size of a chair, that's big. It will be fun & interesting I'm sure.  She said she sells everything from appliances to vintage bakelite jewelry to old formals. Here is a few items I have out so far

    A  lamp, brown splatter ware tall container,3 new puzzles of vintage buttons from steamboat Arabia, and 3 vintage nesting mixing bowls, chalk board, candlestick and I have a platter to match the brown & white transferware tea pot and pitcher they are newer items from Home Goods

                     Oil on canvas paintings passed from a niece through my sister, bought at an art show in Kansas City Mo and now one one wants them in my family, they have never been hung on a wall

one of my homemade valentines I made 

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  1. OOO so many pretties. If I was near you I would totally come check out your booth. I especially love that brown and white pitcher in the first photo.

  2. Good luck, wish I could go. See ya soon. Have a great sale. Richard from My Old Historic House.

  3. Janice first your soup sounds delicious! And YES I would LOVE to live in Italy...At least part of the year *winks*
    2nd that sale sounds like so much fun!! An indoor garage sale? I wish we had those around here. It's such a great idea! This weekend there's a big antique show in Puyallup so I'll be heading out for that. *winks* Anyhoo I hope you sell tons and have a great time! Vanna

  4. Have fun and I fear I would buy just as much as I sell. I am an awful seller.

  5. want ... the brown dishes!

    thanks for playing link party , it means alot to see the faithful regulars~

  6. Pretty Valentine! I'm so into Valentine's Day this year. Love visiting your blog. Take care, Linda

  7. I wanted to leave you another note about Tagxedo with the link in case you wanted to visit. I just put the link on my blog, too. Thanks for visiting. Linda

  8. So the brown dishes! Thank you for sharing this wonderful project at Potpourri Friday!

  9. Oh, fun treasures! I hope you had a great time at the event! Thank you for joining TTF last week! I hope you are having a wonderful day!