Thursday, January 26, 2012

Jazzercise & Valentines

Jazzercise it is girls, I need to get this flabby fat body into shape LOL. I have a long ways to go and have gone down this path several times in my life so don't know if things will shrink  back into place any more LOL. I am not working toward a small body just need to exercise a little. Since I have been diagnosed with type two diabetes I have to eat different so need something to occupy my time more.
 Usually I would go home from work and cook me up a great meal them some dessert. Which I am having a hard time not doing. I miss my sweets a lot. I am not a person who can't  do anything in moderation . So it's best not to have them around me. I always cooked a lot on the week ends also

I was watching TV last night where Joan Rivers was having another face procedure done OMG. I don't think I will ever go under the knife to look better. I have had to go under the knife for surgery but for things like shoulder surgery where I fell in my garage and did a dive like I was diving into a pool , I was so mad because I fell and then really mad when the Doctor said I tore my rotor cuff and would have to have surgery. i like to keep on the go and I was not going anywhere for a while after that. plus 3 months therapy.Then there was back surgery once for a bulging disk where I missed a step going into the studio and landed on my butt I was wearing socks only  on wood steps , beware of doing that
I hate when I can't be on the go

Now to show something besides a vision in your mind of me doing jazzercise. It's really fun and since I am not self conscience about how I look around all the young hotties I had fun.  (loved it)

Now I have been lazy about working on my valentines also and I have drawers of paper and hearts to make the entire city a valentine I do believe. LOl

I know you have all seen this pretty tin before . It has been around for a few years I have seen other ladies have it on their blogs

  Then this one is a fan that I have had a few years


I have this purple beaded heart laying in a small suit case of old vintage lace  that I have also had a few years

     Then my little Marie Antoinette couple this is a small lamp and I usually just have then setting on a shelf with other similar figures

    Thanks for stopping by I stayed home tonight i guess to rest LoL but it's back to jazzercise tomorrow they had a special for $18.00  18 classes so I just had to try it out, like I said my doctor said I need to exercise more  and I need to have fun , girls just want to have fun

Going over to these parties

French Country Cottage
The Charm Of Home
My Romantic Home
The Shabby Nest
The Thrify Groove        
At The Pickett fence
Commond Ground
Boogieboard Cottage
Ivy & Elephants
 Coastal Charm     
Faded Charm
Savvy Southern Style


  1. I'm so glad you're getting exercise and watching what you eat. I never tire of seeing beautiful Valentines. Have fun at your classes.

  2. Good for you! I'm sure you'll have fun. Wish I had your resolve. I need to exercise, too. Love that purple sparkly heart!


  3. Exercising is so good for us..I was walking three miles a day working up to five...then I took a nasty fall in the garden and broke BOTH wrist's...sounds like we have alot in common..hahaha..A plate and screws in each wrist and now I'm doing fine..but, I wont take my eyes off where I'm stepping ever your following you..

  4. I just love valentines day and especially love home made Valentine cards. i remember when I was in grade school the teacher made this wonderful covered box for all us kids to put each others Valentine Cards in, before they were given out. there was a drawing to see who got the box, I didn't, but wanted to hit the person who did and take it and run. I have never had a real Valentine, but have had lots of Valentines. Richard from My Old Historic House.

    1. Richard I will make you a valentine and mail it to you. however I know you can make a beautiful valentine also after seeing the beautiful things you made for Christmas tree

  5. Darn it... I miss Joan last night. Saw the previews and she looked as if in a LOT of pain. How can they do that?!

    Good for you and the Jazzercise. That takes rhythm and so that and Zumba is out of the question for me. I know a lot of us are in the same boat with diet and pre-diabetes.

    Loved looking at all the pretty Valentine decor. It is nice to have some frilly pretties around the house during mid winter.

    xoxo Bunny Jean

  6. Oh, your comment about my post on Martha Stewart... that is how most people felt. I don't think she would make a good friend ;)

    xoxo Bunny Jean

  7. Morning! Lovely Valentine fan! I enjoy reading your post! Your newestfollower! happy Valentine's day. Sunny

  8. Good luck with your new exercise program! Your Valentine photos are lovely. Happy Pink Saturday. ~Marti

  9. Lovely pinks for Pink Saturday! Thanks for sharing.

  10. Hello! You know, I feel the same way in terms of having to work out to be healthier. After the birth of my second child, it's been a little hard to get back to my old self, but I've come to the conclusion that being "skinny" isn't my answer - being "healthy" is. As long as you feel healthy {and of course if your doctor agrees}, then eating what you can in moderation is fine. I too have an affinity and weakness for sweets, as you saw in my last post! lol Thank you by the way, for stopping in and leaving a sweet comment, it's greatly appreciated. Wishing you a most lovely Pink Saturday!


    P.S. Loving all those vintage tins for the season! :)

  11. Good for you! I also have an addiction to sweets and since the hubs was diagnosed in Sept. with type 2 I have cut down a lot and I have a way to go, I hope with your diet and excercise you can reverse it.

  12. I so know what you're talking about. When I injur myself, I always feel like such a fool for not being more cautious. Dr. told me I needed rotator cup surgery on my shoulder a yr ago. I couldn't stand the thought of not being able to do anything for so lon, and it miraculously has gotten better without surgery - still can't completely move it in every direction, but I'm not in constant pain anymore. Yea! Love all of your V'tine pretties. Good luck with the jazzercise. I should be doing that too. laurie

  13. Lots of fun Valentine treasures! you take care of yourself and go easy on your body with the new jazzercise! But, I think you got a great deal for only a dollar a class! Thank you for joining TTF last week and I hope you are having a great week!

    1. thanks Diann & everybody for the encouragement

      today at the 9am class there was more 50 plus ladies. it was harder to do today, maybe I was tired from a busy Monday(excuses) I did finally loose 2 lbs last week YEAH

  14. Jazzersize... do they still have that? hm..... I must look into that, I could use it myself! You just don't realize how much you use certain parts of your body until you can't use them! Be careful you silly girl! Pretty soon you'll be needing a life alert button on a necklace lol
    big hugs~

  15. Thanks for stopping by with your lovely comments - I always wanted to go Paducah, KY! Painting on cool to see! I know what you mean about getting into shape. I got out of shape this last summer with that much driving and eating on the road, then sitting at the computer for hours. I loved this post about Valentines....and your jazzercise. Congrats on getting back into shape and losing two pounds last week! Yeah! You inspired me to go for a walk and go shopping today for some healthy food! See what you did? Very inspiring. :-)

    Big hug
    Elizabeth :-)

  16. Enjoyed visiting and seeing all your different valentines. It is hard to stick to any exercise.

  17. I have just come onto the deck from working in the yard for two hours and my muscles are screaming at me. I am not in shape either. We all need exercise. The valentines hearts are lovely and I think you might love a cat very much.

  18. I wrote a comment and it is gone. The hearts are pretty. I have zero valentines items. I have just raked for 2 hours and am out of shape and will pay late let me tell ya. We all need to exercise. Yard work is mine and I do not know how to stop. I think you would love a cat-train it to sit in your lap and be huggy like and that is the best kind. hugs, olive

  19. Janice you're so right about the exercise. I have different health issues than yours, but need to do the same things...Exercise and healthy eating. I cut out all red meat, limited dairy and no added sugar to anything. It's been hard because I'm addicted to cake and I keep seeing all these glorious pictures of cake on pinterest *winks* I have a home gym.....I have no excuse for not using it. Maybe we could be accountability partners? Really all that's needed is 30 minutes a day. Whatcha think girlfriend?
    And I love those valentine boxes! I pinned the cute frenchy couple to pinterest *winks* Vanna

  20. Well we have a few things in careful Jazzercizing with that shoulder....I have had two torn rotator cuffs...One good surgery and one weakens your bicep muscle and mine ruptured just reaching out for an arm rail walking down a flight of steps...when your bicep ruptures you can't raise your arm anymore....not be careful....I also have been there and done that with a disc...
    And your right about getting unneeded surgery....And she doesn't even look good...Did you see her on Yahoo without makeup....Oye she's a mess....
    one last thing...I love love love your purple beaded's lovely!