Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Tea anyone?

I went to a tea party last Saturday and it got me to washing up some of my tea pots & cups and making me a cup of my favorite tea which is named Summer Pudding. I use to buy it at a tea shop close to the City Market in Seattle , however last time my daughter went there to buy it for me they had closed. So she googled it and found it and ordered me some from London. It's a dark tea with berries etc in it.
This tea tile I bought in portland oregon several years ago at some antique shop. It's not an antique, made by Burleigh company in staffordshire England, as is my entire set of Blue calico dishes.I do have some reproductions made by Queen that I bough at T J MAxx once.

Anyway wanted to make a pot of tea

One of my favorite canisters , love it

Summer Pudding a loose tea

                  cream & sugar anyone?                                            

my tea spoons that loose tea goes in then put your spoon full of tea in your cup. I bought these vinatge tea spoons all over the country as I traveled to different flea markets and antique malls. there is one newer one in this group, the one on the far left you can buy now anywhwere they have kitchen items
This is my favorite tea strainer , it covers your  regular size cup add loose tea and pour your hot water through, i think it's so pretty and I love sterling silver also

regular teaspoon and my demi tea spoons



    I also have the demi cups and just purchased my cow creamer last year .
I first seen this entire set in a bridal magazine in 1971 and wanted the set I lived in Paducah Kentucky at the time then we moved to Missouri and I was antiquing and found this most wonderful little shop in Moberly Missouri in 1984 and she had the set. I was so excited. I statred with a 4 place setting  and starter set . Put it all in lay a way because well I didn't have 100's of dollars for a set of dishes. As I paid it off I purchased other pieces. I found my orginal recepit in one of the coffee pots that match this set. Any of the peices with writing on it like TEA is newer pieces made by Burleigh
             A demi cup

I have enjoyed this set of dishes for years made in England marked Staffordshire, the newer pieces are marked Burleigh     

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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Pink Saturday

Well you have heard on TV Sunday evening the Oscars are all the talk. I went to the studio this morning to see what I could write about if blogger lets me back in to my design page . I may be writing this to the wind if I can't publish it. The pages have changed completely for me and some pages aren't showing at all.
Oh well say la vee or whatever.

So I am going to try an show a picture of the girls and me in the studio getting our good stuff on for the Oscar party

This is Grace a very elegant lady

Sally Stitch was really already dressed for our occasion, her clothing does look a mess, she's very eccentric you know look at that fur tied around her and all that vintage lace and how many strands of pearls can a girl wear to any osccasion? love her
I added a couple Pearl collars on Grace, trying to decide what looks best

I love her hot pink velvet hat on her

added her wig, forgot to take that necklace off her head LOL

also I had found some more of my ironstone platters in the bottom of a book case and since they have pink on them I am adding them to pink Saturday.
I am hoping I can get this posted , you know you can't talk to anyone out in blogger world to get help  , some of my blog friends did offer advice and I thank you



I bought this gorgeous candle at the market place antique mall for 1/2 price love the crown on the jar and now we have to get our Easter bunnies out                                                                               

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Thursday, February 16, 2012


Every year in April my church has a ladies conference and we who want to can hostess a luncheon table and set it and decorate it  to our liking. I have done this a few years and last year I set a table with my old vintage ironstone platters also I used some of my vintage ecru dresser scarfs and an old table cloth all in an ivory or ecru color.Then I had made button flowers like on my sidebar   of the blog. I used the old pitcher for ice water. I can't believe I didn't take my camera, where was my head? well anyway these are a few of the dishes I used.

The reason I brought this all up was because one of the ladies who was  at the luncheon  approached me at church last week and said she would love to buy all the dishes I had used at last years ladies luncheon, just tell her what I wanted for them! I said after I got the shocked look off my face, I don't think I can sell them because I have collected these for years and you just don't find them very often around here. I said they are usually $15-$20 each for the platters at different antique malls. She said OK I will pay you that .
I told her thanks but I think I will just keep them Do you think I am wrong since I have had them over 20 years should I pass them on? for someone else to enjoy., not really since this is something I have held onto this long might as well keep them, just answered my own question

Some things I have had for years I just enjoy over & over and then some things I have bought and decided to sell at a yard sale. A friend tells me I can't believe some things you have let go and didn't blink an eye.

I will set another table with my old ironstone  this April for the luncheon and I will remember to take my camera

I like my  staffordshire   brown & white calico cups & saucers , I thought they looked good with the ironstone.

I have several little ironstone butter pats also just forget to get them out for this post

           I think I will be keeping my ironstone

I added follow me by email on my side bar,  not sure if it's working , somone let me know thanks xoxo

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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day

I can't believe it's here again seems like it was just Valentines Day 2011.
I want to show you two special valentine cards I received.

Also we have had snow all day(Monday) which I love, two special friends came over and took me to Red Lobster for lunch. Then we came back to my house for coconut creme pie and coffee.

Hope you all have a fun red day and hope cupid brings you lots of chocolate goodies. xoxoxooxo

                             From Tammy

 Look at this gorgeous peacock card hand made with love to me by my friend  JO

    I am just adding a little pink for this day of cupid

Some of my red & white plates in my plate rack


                            Pink Pyrex bowls


One of my sweet little calendars
                    xoxoxox Happy Valentines Day

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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Past Valentine's Day

Here is a few valentines I made and gave away last year I believe and then a couple this year are in the mail

This card went to Savannah Georgia

I think I mailed this to a friend

This went to a friend who drives a VW and calls her car Love Bug

I forgot who I gave this to

This gal is hanging in the studio
This is my favorite and I kept it for the studio and me to enjoy

This is Scrabble valentine box I sent a gal in Oregon , did you know Qua is a scrabble word?

My 3 tiered heart cake that was really good last year when I made  it , this year I am not baking since I am trying my best to only eat sweet cakes like once a month maybe, and then one piece



I hope ya all have a real sweetheart of a day February the 14th of 2012 Valentine's Day

some heart boxes I have received through the years

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Monday, February 6, 2012

Birds in the House & Sally

Great day the super bowl is over and I ate all the way  through it LOL

I wanted to show you a bird house I purchased at a resale shop back last summer and had it setting on a shelf and had forgotten all about it. As I was scanning the storage room and studio to pick out things to sell at the in door garage sale last Saturday herein Columbia  I noticed the bird house,No I didn't sell it just got it out to play with it. I added some birds I had  not knowing really  how to place them.
Seems like in the last 2 years everybody that had a blog had a bird house. Mine is shabby chic chippy like, but will leave it .
I do feed my outside birds sunflower seeds every morning so I'm a bird watcher

inside bird on a door knob

I wired a couple birds on the outside , I think I got these birds at an auction once in a box of silk flowers and knew someday they would be used for something , today is the day

Talking about birds here is the love birds that was on top of my parents 25th wedding anniversary cake , my sister had it for years and she has cleaned her house out of anything vintage or old so passed it on to me to keep, so it plays in the studio with all my other treasures. I added the vintage LOVE valentine card

       I am still trying to get some valentine cards made , this one I received from someones a few years ago and it was so pretty just had to keep it , It is signed Tammy

      Hope you all have a good Monday It is very foggy here today . I need to get onto work and plan out my exercise routine for today                                              

I added my dress form  Miss Sally Stitch to play over at The Polka Dot Closet . She has all her pearls  & tutu on now and since her picture she has  a fur wrap so need to update her picture. Her name is Sally Stitch becuase that is her name on her original label


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