Friday, July 29, 2011

Top of the Refridgerator?

Well I have been wanting to de clutter the top of my refrigerator for some time. So at work today(Thursday) I said self, soon as we get home we are taking all those items off the top of the refrigerator and rearranging.

I have this nice big laundry basket and baskets are used every where around the house now. So i just filled my basket with the crocks and other things I had sitting up there. Because I don't have any other place to store these things. I just can't get rid of all my crocks YET. But I am in that mood of throwing everything out the front door LOL. Just overwhelmed with what all I have, stuff I like but enough is enough.


 Another before

I like all this stuff but it needs to be someplace else? The 3 tiered dish was my Grandmother's. She was not a dish person but liked this 3 tiered dish so I keep it in her memory

These were behind the bread box & Folgers can

                          After for now

I may remove the yellow crock bowls , also this salt crock was up there someplace I did move it to a shelf by my sink

     This is a picture I took Wednesday after work about 7pm  101       degrees !!!!! I like snow much better

I thought might set sisters chickens there for a while

I moved this one to the entry way I think it looks good setting there with my old books etc

While I was moving things this little guy stuck out . I had never taken his picture. It's an old iron door stop. the red ribbon is a little harness I made him to match my little pug Sissy (she is in  heaven now )

              I carried all the  top of refrigerator dishes downstairs and put them in my storage room for now . I would love to have an auction and just clean out everything and start over LOL
Auctions are so expensive 35 percent is what they want to sell your items then you pay $$$$. for advertising . Guess I will just keep having yard sales.

A girlfriend and I are going to St Louis shopping Saturday. I am printing off some resale shop addresses. LOL more junk to carry home. Really I want new clothes.(always)

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Monday, July 25, 2011

New Green's and back from Tulsa Oklahoma

I am back from my Tulsa Oklahoma trip to visit the Antique Road Show. It was so quick. They get you in and out before you realize you were there. We kept hanging around and going back to other jewelry appraisers which was total against the rules . I was never one to break the rules either.

The jewelry appraiser I first got in line for was Kevin Zavian. I do believe he was from New York because he was giving me some advice as to where to sell scrap gold if you had any. He said New York City pays top dollar not like here in Missouri, he didn't say that I did.LOL
I introduced myself to
Kevin Zavian
J. Michael Flanigan (furniture appraiser)

Also one of the art appraisers she has real curly blond hair wears it in a Bobbe cut . I ask for Gloria Lieberman however she has retired from the show

also the Chen Dynasty man (his name)?? I will find it (Lark Mason. read on the internet about what was appraised at Tulsa by him woth 1.5 million $$$$$$$$$$


I did not see the Keno twins there with furniture it was J. Michael Flanigan he has longer Bobbe hair between blond & gray sure you have seen him on the show

I took jewelry and two prints from Alice Luella Fidler 1909 not worth a retirement fund at all
It was just fun seeing all the people who work the show and the behind the scenes camera men

Oh the feed back booth was so fun. We laughed and giggled through our entire 2 minute filming of us. Hope we make the show. I said go MU ??? why I don't know because I am not a sports fan at all (stage fright) LOLOLOL

While on way we stopped at the Marshall's store at Lake of The Ozarks and I bought 4 small green glasses. I have always bought blue but I am moving on to other colors.

I think they go with my Portmerion strawberry dishes. This old green WATER bottle is from ? maybe the 60's it came with maybe juice in it then women used it for a refrigerator water jar. The lid says 59 cents. I had one before and a lady bought it at one of my booths for like $10.00

This was a juicer my Mom bought once

After the Road Show we went to Jenks Oklahoma to a little strip of vintage shops and I found this Hitchcock bench to match the chair i purchased at an estate sale not long ago. Not my shabby chic white I like ?

Now am I going to stick with white or Black chairs for my dinette?

Here is the pictures I took to be appraised . I seen one on the web one  go for $129.00. The young man appraised my pair for $100.00

       Our waitress at the Hotel dinning room told us the local news said 6000 people went through the show and that 20000 had applied on line for tickets. So I won a lottery, ticket lottery.
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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Sister's Chickens

Did i mention ? yes I did that one sister is completely redoing her entire house and she doesn't want her chickens anymore. Said she is going for the beach cottage look in her kitchen and her family room/great room.

So I brought the chickens home with me to enjoy till my next flea market set up. Then I will sell them for her.

I set them on my counter and stove not sure where they will roost LOL

    I really never thought about chickens in my kitchen but now I think they are really cute. However I have way too much to have all these things in my little kitchen. I don't have much counter space at all.

She also has a mother chicken with her little chicks cookie jar


                  Guess for now they will stay with me

She also gave me an old apple cookie jar with a smaller matching apple and salt and pepper shakers shaped liked apples. I just remembered them they are out in the garage in a box. They are shaped  like a red delicious apple but bigger of course.
Maybe I will show them next post. I know they are not a sought after item. They were for the country kitchen look .                                        

I am going to Tulsa Oklahoma this week end for the Antique Road Show and it is 104 there now !! AM and over the weekend hotter I am sure.
I am really hoping to meet Gloria Lierberman she is the lady who always does the antique jewelry.
It just makes me drool the jewelry that people have brought and it has been showed on the show. None of mine is that fabulous but taking a piece or two to get appraised for fun.
I hope to take pictures however some places like that may not allow pictures???? we will see . I will show you when I get back.
I need to get packed tonight after work. I have made a list and will check it twice LOL  . I always forget something on a trip LOL don't you???
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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Lamp shade readjusted

I have seen on different blogs the lace covered lamp shades so decided to make one and have 2 more shades available. It was more time consuming that I would have thought . I am not one for a 3 days project. Unless it's painting my steps which I am getting ready to do the steps up and down the studio. I have so many projects in my head and places to travel can't get it done.

I just took it outside while having breakfast on the patio and moved it around playing really. I also took my Limoges plates out and forgot to set them on the table
I just love this flower pot I bought in st Louis Mo once dancing children

My dirty bird bath

  I like this it is a candle holder really but since I don't burn candles in the garden I added a blue vase . I have 3 different vases and just added them to the flower garden .
I will take this lamp skeleton in the house and add some lace to it.
This is the first little shade I did and like it a lot I have hung it in both trees over my patio and in the studio in an open window

I like it better hanging here, see the bird nest that fell out of the tree?

I have a lamp shade about 30 inches across and want to cover it with something guess I will have to find an old lace curtain the shade is really big.

I am going up to  Kansas City area to see my Dad & sister today so this is short. I will add to it when I get home.
Enjoy your Saturday

I am home and had a good visit at my sisters house. She is completely  remodeling her entire downstairs of her house and we washed and packed away old cookie jars and casseroles she had on top of her kitchen  cabinets. She has 2 huge roosters and a chicken cookie jar she gave me to sell at the next flea market . I think they will set in my kitchen till October

Her is a picture of the big 30 inch across lamp shade I am going to cover with an old lace table cloth. But then was thinking the only thing I can do with it is hang it from my tree over the patio. I don't have a lamp stand big enough to hold it?


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Monday, July 11, 2011

I'v still got the Blues

I use to have a country blue kitchen as I said before and here is a few more items I have kept packed away,

First I want to show you this Longaberger purse I had my granitware painted on the top of the purse. I took it to a local artist and a few of my pieces also a picture of the old stove and ring down wooden telephone. I think I gave the phone to one of my sisters and if I remember correctly it's in her attic now. Anyway Ms Hunt did a very good job I thought I had forgot I had this wooden purse till I was still moving and rearranging this in the storage room.

I sold all of the items  in the picture at auction except for what I showed on my last post. My country kitchen was all oak furniture and blue crock bowls and granitware.
Then I had to have a little lunch. after church I went out to breakfast with a couple of my church lady friends anyway had a nice large breakfast so went light at lunch about 3pm.

Supper I broke down ---------------------had a very large bowl of Eddy's vanilla ice cream with chocolate syrup on it   -----------------oh it was good LOL
I am trying to eat healthy  and sweets only once a week
I have had a  lot better mozzarella cheese however this is all the little  store had that I stopped at. the fresh basil is out of my herb garden. I bought the tomato at a farmers market today one small tomato $2.50 please.

I don't know why I carried all this outside other than I think things look so pretty outside on a table . My car thermometer   said 101 when I went to get my ice cream

anyway back to my blue I have always wanted anything blue and bought this flow blue pitcher years ago with the wash bowl . I use it now for flowers.
I bought it from a lady named Mildred White from Symsonia Kentucky she always went to Belleville Illinois and set up at the flea market at the fair grounds. One year a dealer had all Flo blue items and when I seen these at her shop just had to have a set. I paid $85.00 for the set back in the day

       I like my old wheel barrel because it is light weight. I have been given 2 new ones from Lowe's but they were so heavy , all I do is empty put potting soil and mulch in mine .                                                                                                                             


  I always loved this blue crock pitcher       

my coin spot glass holds some flowers from my garden. I always wanted a complete set of these glasses and still only have one
                  Granny's colander

This is a Wesson Oil mayonnaise maker the recipe is on the jar

add egg 2 tablespoons lemon juice or vinegar
teaspoon each mustard, salt, sugar dash of pepper
beat thoroughly as poured from 1 can 1 pint Wesson oil

inside is like a wire paddle

These little bitty jars i really like . one is about 1/2 cup and the other one 1 cup with heavy zinc lids

this is a page out of Claude Monet's cook book he also loved his food besides being a famous painter. The cookbook tells a lot about his family life also its a good read  with family pictures.What caught my eye was all the blue & white china through out the book.
the handle is off of another food grinder I have plus the different attachments

  I think this is the last of the country items I have statashed away , guess you can't take the country out of the girl

I had another yard sale Saturday and my new found friend neighbor Peggy came up. She is the one who reads my blog and couldn't believe it when I offered her one of my cards with my blog name on it and discovered  she had read my  blog.  she alwyas buys my vintage items .  We both were thrilled when we discoved this.
This sale she bought 2 white  cotton pull over full slips.    They were for sure 1950's . I use one for a nightgown.

I also sold one of my altered art necklaces to a young lady. I had to take some links out to make it fit her neck better. It was a choker necklace made out  of 2 enamel rhinestone earings and copper roses from another nechklace put together as a chocker.
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