Monday, July 25, 2011

New Green's and back from Tulsa Oklahoma

I am back from my Tulsa Oklahoma trip to visit the Antique Road Show. It was so quick. They get you in and out before you realize you were there. We kept hanging around and going back to other jewelry appraisers which was total against the rules . I was never one to break the rules either.

The jewelry appraiser I first got in line for was Kevin Zavian. I do believe he was from New York because he was giving me some advice as to where to sell scrap gold if you had any. He said New York City pays top dollar not like here in Missouri, he didn't say that I did.LOL
I introduced myself to
Kevin Zavian
J. Michael Flanigan (furniture appraiser)

Also one of the art appraisers she has real curly blond hair wears it in a Bobbe cut . I ask for Gloria Lieberman however she has retired from the show

also the Chen Dynasty man (his name)?? I will find it (Lark Mason. read on the internet about what was appraised at Tulsa by him woth 1.5 million $$$$$$$$$$


I did not see the Keno twins there with furniture it was J. Michael Flanigan he has longer Bobbe hair between blond & gray sure you have seen him on the show

I took jewelry and two prints from Alice Luella Fidler 1909 not worth a retirement fund at all
It was just fun seeing all the people who work the show and the behind the scenes camera men

Oh the feed back booth was so fun. We laughed and giggled through our entire 2 minute filming of us. Hope we make the show. I said go MU ??? why I don't know because I am not a sports fan at all (stage fright) LOLOLOL

While on way we stopped at the Marshall's store at Lake of The Ozarks and I bought 4 small green glasses. I have always bought blue but I am moving on to other colors.

I think they go with my Portmerion strawberry dishes. This old green WATER bottle is from ? maybe the 60's it came with maybe juice in it then women used it for a refrigerator water jar. The lid says 59 cents. I had one before and a lady bought it at one of my booths for like $10.00

This was a juicer my Mom bought once

After the Road Show we went to Jenks Oklahoma to a little strip of vintage shops and I found this Hitchcock bench to match the chair i purchased at an estate sale not long ago. Not my shabby chic white I like ?

Now am I going to stick with white or Black chairs for my dinette?

Here is the pictures I took to be appraised . I seen one on the web one  go for $129.00. The young man appraised my pair for $100.00

       Our waitress at the Hotel dinning room told us the local news said 6000 people went through the show and that 20000 had applied on line for tickets. So I won a lottery, ticket lottery.
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  1. I adore green and your green glassware has me drooling! Lovely table setting and what a beautiful blog! So happy to have found you on Between Naps on the Porch!
    Rikka J.

  2. Luv luv the green glasses.
    I'm inviting you to join our linking party every Wednesday at
    Have a fabulous week,

  3. The Antiques Roadshow!! How cool is that!! I would be thrilled to pieces to get some answers about some of my "mystery" items *winks* I love your new hitchcock bench! So perfect with your chair. And what happened with the jewelry? I'm dyin' to know! *winks* Vanna

  4. Well fun stuff! The juice jar reminds me of Grandma...the water always tasted colder from a glass jar! (I wish they still put Pepsi in glass bottles too.)


  5. Great score on the pictures! Sounds like fun! I love the green glass.


  6. I love the green glasses and the green and white checkered tablecloth!

  7. Love the green glasses and the gorgeous bench. Great finds on the pics also. Thanks so much for joining TTT. Hugs, Marty

  8. What fun about the roadshow! Too bad you didn't become the newest millionaire, but maybe you'll win our give away! Thanks for entering.
    Good luck,

  9. Janice I hoped you at least fetched good money for your dollhouse *winks* Was it a victorian house also? I got mine for $14.99 and I didn't particularly want one (pretty large)....but couldn't pass it up! I saw that the kits to make them cost more than that.
    And when will you be heading to Portland Or? I don't live far from there....we could do some damage....ahem I mean shopping! *winks* Vanna

  10. Love the green glassware! Isn't fun when you can mix something from Marshall's with your vintage dishes. Thank you for visiting our blog and garden posting this week. Tip for your hydrangeas, I mix coffee grounds with Hollytone and work it around the base of the plants! It helps to get that beautiful blue color. Thanks again.

  11. What fun to go the Antique Road Show! Love that show...always hoped that the "found junk" I come across is a true treasure of not just the heart! Thanks for sharing and all of your kind comments over the years!

    Your fun attitude and smiling spirit screams off your blog pages!

    Big hug
    Elizabeth :-)

  12. Your green glasses are charming -- lovely old fashioned look about them.
    And what fun to be on Antiques Roadshow! My kids like to speculate what I would bring if I ever tried to go to one of them --- and I keep telling them that other than their father, I have NO valuable antiques!

  13. Janice just let me know when you're coming over and I can meet up with ya! (Whenever that might be *winks*) I'd love to hit some estate sales! It's been years since I've done that in Portland. And when I did I scored some amazing stuff. Vanna

  14. your tablescape is so pretty. Green glassware looks lovely anytime--and I love your white chairs to your table. I now have black painted dining room set--but really considering painting them white; yours looks so fresh and lovely.

  15. I don't know much about the antiquing world, but I have seen the Keno brothers in Traditional Home magazine. It must have been really cool to be there with the show!!! I'm a Missouri gal, too, and the gentleman was right about the payout for gold here...not too good. I hope you had a really good time out on the road!

  16. How fun! I thought about trying to make the Antiques Road Show once, but never did make it. I love all the green in your tablescape. It's very festive.

    Thanks for linking to the party again.

    Have a wonderful weekend, Janice!
    Liz @ the Brambleberry Cottage

  17. Sounds like a fun day. Love your green and white and the pretty strawberry dishes. A wonderful summer look.

  18. Love the green glasses and the beutriful bench! Beautiful strawberry dishes too! Love all the green in it, it is lovely and summery! Hugs. FABBY

  19. Oh how fun!! I sure hope you make the show,you have to tell us when this one will air!! You always have so many wonderful items.Love,love,love all of your green glassware,really looked beautiful on your table=)