Saturday, July 16, 2011

Lamp shade readjusted

I have seen on different blogs the lace covered lamp shades so decided to make one and have 2 more shades available. It was more time consuming that I would have thought . I am not one for a 3 days project. Unless it's painting my steps which I am getting ready to do the steps up and down the studio. I have so many projects in my head and places to travel can't get it done.

I just took it outside while having breakfast on the patio and moved it around playing really. I also took my Limoges plates out and forgot to set them on the table
I just love this flower pot I bought in st Louis Mo once dancing children

My dirty bird bath

  I like this it is a candle holder really but since I don't burn candles in the garden I added a blue vase . I have 3 different vases and just added them to the flower garden .
I will take this lamp skeleton in the house and add some lace to it.
This is the first little shade I did and like it a lot I have hung it in both trees over my patio and in the studio in an open window

I like it better hanging here, see the bird nest that fell out of the tree?

I have a lamp shade about 30 inches across and want to cover it with something guess I will have to find an old lace curtain the shade is really big.

I am going up to  Kansas City area to see my Dad & sister today so this is short. I will add to it when I get home.
Enjoy your Saturday

I am home and had a good visit at my sisters house. She is completely  remodeling her entire downstairs of her house and we washed and packed away old cookie jars and casseroles she had on top of her kitchen  cabinets. She has 2 huge roosters and a chicken cookie jar she gave me to sell at the next flea market . I think they will set in my kitchen till October

Her is a picture of the big 30 inch across lamp shade I am going to cover with an old lace table cloth. But then was thinking the only thing I can do with it is hang it from my tree over the patio. I don't have a lamp stand big enough to hold it?


This being Tuesday now I am joining in with the cloche party at A Stroll Through Life 


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  1. very dreamy summer feeling lamp shade remake.

  2. Love the lamp shade... it will go very well with the curtains in your trees~

  3. Really pretty1 I like how you made it for outdoor use.

  4. you have a beautiful inspirational blog! I'm your newest follower!

  5. I love how you transformed the lampshade.

    The buttons look cute in your cloche.


  6. That lamp shade is so clever. I adore your cloche and your displays are wonderful. Thanks so much for joining the party. Hugs, marty

  7. I am a button collector too, I even have some my grandmother and great grandmother collected years ago. This is such a neat way to display them!

  8. I have always loved to collect buttons and love the way you have displayed them! Thanks for sharing!!!


  9. Your cloche display is so pretty and thanks for sharing the neat lampshade idea. Ginger :)

  10. I know I have been here before. I remember the title of your blog, and loved it again. Great post. Positioning the lamp shade frame over different things caused me to look at both objects more. Neat way to compare and contrast. Great redo or add to on the candle holder - beautiful blue in your lush green yard. Oh, we need more rain. Enjoyed my visit! Thanks! Jenn

  11. Your shade turned out pretty, Janice. I'll be featuring it tonight. Hope you'll take a peek and join the party.

    Liz @ the Brambleberry Cottage