Saturday, May 21, 2011

To Sell or Not to Sell

I opened some boxes in my storage room and found these items that has been packed away and then some items I did have in my kitchen and the Folgers can I got last weekend at the estate sale I went to .

My Mom had a clear batter bowl and I have it and use once in a while

This old crock bowl I inherited guess you could say

This little rusty truck I bought once at an auction just had to have it because?

Because this had blue on it I love it and I like things that have names on it like SALT

                              This Folgers can is full of chalk this is the one from an estate sale

                            I had never seen a BREAD box like this , had to have it ?

                          These I love , my neighbor this morning said get rid of those , sell them at the flea market

I didn't get Flour  in here

         Did you notice my old blue boards? I got them out of a dumpster once , LOVE them

                                             I think my neighbor is wrong because she doesn't like blue and white?

I picked these peonies before the rain Thursday  evening  and they are still beautiful.

I had company last night my friend and I was setting at this table and she said oh they smell so good
as we were eating bar b Que ribs

               I think these are my sisters? I did have a set once. She said sell them at the flea market.
Did I tell ya my yard sale went great


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Richard from My Old Historic House said kitchen smalls that they are very popular now.
he left this comment on my last post , love his old historic house

Richard Cottrell said...

Kitchen stuff has become a big thing in the antique and collectors world. I see you are among them. Richard at My Old Historic House

May 17, 2011 2:35 PM

I will tell my good neighbor that LOL
It is Metamorphosis Monday over at Between Naps on the Porch
 Also Masterpiece Moday at Boogieboard Cottage                                                                                              
Coastal Charm is having Nifty thrifty Tuesday and showing her wins
 Savvy Southern Style has fabulous bookcases in new white
It's A Very Cherry World you know Rednesday
 A Collection of this and That is helping us eat healthy
want pretty chalk board paint look HERE


  1. I think you should sell them all.......To ME!!!!LOL! And the blue board that you rescued from the trash.....LOVE it! Vanna

  2. why does blogger block out the first comment sometimes? or is it just my blog?

    really it puts it over the (you might also like:)


  3. Richard knows what he's talking about!:-)

    Please do not get rid of any of these. They are treasure!

    I love the scent of peonies...pure heaven!

  4. Oh your canisters are beautiful and so are your photos, Janice!

  5. I wouldn't get rid of any of enjoy trading out and replacing items in your kitchen like most of us.And we enjoy viewing it on your blog!
    I always shop first in my basement...always fun and much cheaper =)

  6. Oh I love them all. I sure couldn't part with anything. Thanks so much for joining TTT. Hugs, Marty

  7. I love everything. I collect old metal trucks--they can be quite pricy. Old tins are one of my favorite things too, I bought a red and white spice tin this week and put it on my front porch with annuals in it.

  8. Love that batter bowl! I have my Grandma's, but it's locked away in a cabinet because I'm afraid it will get broken. I've seen bread boxes like that only on Ebay, and they were always very expensive. Lucky you!
    Happy REDnesday,

  9. Oh,I love the name of your blog! So cool. Peonies are nice, too. Loved looking at all your treasures. Keep what YOU want and like! Susan

  10. What great finds. I'd had to have had that bread box too...that's too cute and pretty to pass up! I'm going to check out your transferware...I'm an addict!


  11. I love your blue and white canisters. I love seeing all the old treasures that bloggers find. TFS.

  12. I love them all...and the blue and white are so clean much fun to have such treasures.

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