Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Walking The Yard

I was walking around the yard this weekend and thinking I can't wait for flowers in the yard and all my flower pots filled  with pretty blooms. I picked up a small amount of flowers to put in my Iris & Herringbone flower vase and it looked so pitiful I added some surprise lilies stems that was coming up in the yard.
 Sissy needed to go out so as we toured the yard I took pictures of empty containers as I said daydreaming of what I will plant where.

This I put sunflowers seeds in for the birds however the squirrels seems to think it's their container.
It was so nice being outside Saturday all the neighbors were out doing something and all the neighborhood small dogs were barking at each other saying hello I guess?

I added my little rabbit sprinkler. I have always just set this in one of the flower beds for decoration and never used it as a sprinkler. The little rabbit is so real looking

        Here is my dancing ladies flower pot . Not sure what I will fill them up with this spring maybe begonias
                    This is another flower bed decoration only                                               
   I love this basket but boy is it heavy and hard to move around I had it on the front steps once now it's around in the back yard last summer I had purple petunias in it.  I am sure it's going to stay right where it sets.
         My old bird bath I set her up and uncovered her from the winter so need to get some water in it. It's suppose to rain so she will stay filled up
              The lovers water fountain needs cleaned out. I just realized I left her pearls on her all winter

Looks like my hens and chicks didn't all make it they have looked  like this before and then filled both old shoe with baby hens and chicks

     Hydrangeas coming up my favorite bush I have and I have about 5  of these I think those huge purple blooms are just heavenly    not very pretty to look at in this picture                               

I have mirrors in the yard

      These are my peony's (penoies)? coming up funny when I was a kid my Grandmother and Aunt would walk around Aunt Ollies' yard in the spring and see what all made it and what was coming up now I am doing it she was always happy to see her peonies.



    Last years pot of begonias            


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  1. Its great to see the garden come to life and dream about what we'll plant this year. Have fun!

  2. I think your yard would be a fun place to walk about in. Thanks for stopping by. Richard at My Old Historic House

  3. And Thanks for mentioning me in your post. I so do appreciate it and you. Richard

  4. I LOVE your garden beauty! I have lots of hens and chicks:) I love how you have them in the shoe! Too cute!

    Have a blessed day and thank for stopping by and leaving your sweet comment!

  5. I have just returned from the warmth of the desert of Arizona to my summer home which right now looks more like "a winter home"
    Your images give me a feeling of hope..
    I hope that soon my world has the color you show in your lovely Spring images!

  6. So nice to see you posting again! Lovin' your yard! The angel fountain is soooo cool! Vanna

  7. looks like you're darn well ready for spring ...

  8. Love your bird bath. I start walking the garden in February looking for stuff coming up! Maybe it won't be too long now before everything is blooming.

  9. Looks like you're getting busy in the yard. Yep, Round Top was fun. I guess "the middle of no where" is all relative to how much driving you usually do. We stayed about 20 mins. away. Not too bad.

  10. I love all the garden statuary and other elements! Spending time in the garden is true therapy for me. Wish you could come and hang out in mine this weekend. Thank you for your comment on our blog.