Saturday, April 2, 2011

Once Upon A Time 1902

I just love the Beatrice Potter book series and bought these little books at a garage sale once .They were first published 1902-1911 according to the ones I have. I am missing  # 2 book.
The first book was The Tale Of Peter Rabbit first published 1902.
I would love to see the original edition. I watched the movie Beatrice Potter and just loved it.

The pictures in these little books are just so sweet makes me want to paint with water colors.

The first one dated 1902  starts out Once Upon a time there were four little Rabbits and their names were Flopsy , Mopsy, Cotton-tail and Peter.
While I was playing with these little books I  started looking around the studio for a few more bunny and Easter looking things since this is Easter month and Bunny's all over are getting their stuff together .

      I bought those two little Rabbit cards and they look so cute together setting on their own little flower frog             

    This little doll gets moved around more than any thing downstairs she just fits in on any of the old shelves I have , here with her hat on                         
Then here she doesn't have her hat on
I made this pin cushion today while talking to an old friend who had not called me in years and I mean years I was so happy to hear from her. Seems like I am really into the pin cushions right?

I bought this sewing bird in Paducah Kentucky once when I attended one of the quilt shows there. I always went for the vendors set up they always had the best stuff old and new things to shop for and then all the antique shops downtown

This old ring casket has a few odd and ends of cuff links in it

       I just love this basket it's not an old one I think it's from Michael's craft store but I love the sparkly stuff on it                     

I found this tin lamb at a flea market once fits right in with the spring and Easter scene

My tin lamb and this clear rabbit I filled with new white buttons noticed a few old ones in there

More of my beautiful ribbon. I just love ribbon and have so much and still buy more
I found this little pin cushion back behind things on a shelf covered up with larger treasures. It is an old doll shoe and I made it into a pin cushion a log time ago

        I wanted to show off again my newly painted pink shoes remember when I painted these? well I did paint them made new insoles out of a Victorian calender                                                      

These books are so sweet , did I already say that ?
Just a pink cup in my old shabby cabinet all these things are setting in

    Here is an old Easter card love the little violets on it
This being Saturday It's Bargain Hunting With Laurie and since I gave a quarter for my little books they qualify                                                                                                     
      Pink Saturday is next at How Sweet The Sound
 Today is Monday and Blue Monday has rain in the forecast look what she has posted   over at Smilimg Sally's                                                        



  1. Those shoes are so cute! how clever to recylce the Victorian calendar in the shoes.
    Im visiting fro Pink Saturday.
    Oh I love Peter rabbit. One of my favorite childhood stories.
    I think Im going to be wandering around your blog awhile. Beautiful!

  2. I love those little books. I will keep my eyes open for #2 for you. I love what you did with those shoes...Fabulous!

  3. You have created the sweetest vignettes. You make me want to go in search of smalls to create one or two or three or ... for my own home. Thank you for the memories of Beatrix Potter stories.
    - Joy

  4. I really love viewing your treasures! Thank you for sharing them. My mother would give me a new Beatrix Potter book and figurine each year when I was a child, so I have a real fondness for them. I also have a very similar sewing bird. Mine is a repro but I still love it.
    Really enjoy the way you present your pretties! Vanna

  5. Look at all your lovely things! I love that lamb tin :)

  6. I just found your blog and it seems like we love the same things...transferware, sheep, silver and monograms. Love them all.. Beatrix Potter stories are precious too, of course. Have a nice Sunday.

  7. I just love Bunnys and sewing birds. Thanks for sharing from your tree to mine. Richard at My Old Historic House

  8. Oh yes, I love Beatrix Potter too! Thanks for sharing your blues.

    Happy Blue Monday.

  9. I love Beatrix Potter too. The illustrations are just soooo charming. Your vignettes are so charming too. What great pin cushions with shoes, and I love your little doll. I always like seeing the pretty ways you display your treasures. The pretty gold jewelry box with the doll sitting inside is such a creative display. Thank you for linking to Favorite Things. laurie

  10. Welcome to your first Pink Saturday, Janice. I am so glad you joined us, and I hope you will continue. I apologize that it took me so long to get here.

    You have so many beautiful and fascinating things. Each one is such a treasure.

    Oh, I have the same tulip bowls, but I don't have the salt and pepper.