Saturday, April 30, 2011

In the City

Today I decided to take a day trip and headed to Kansas City Mo to Union Station to see the DIANA exhibit. Princess of Wales

I was not disappointed except to me it was very sad to see those beautiful pictures of her when she was so happy marring Prince Charles (her prince charming) and then her life turned out the way it did.

Through out the exhibit they have huge poster with her wording on them saying things like my wedding was the best day of my entire life.

I was in so thrilled to see her wedding dress and her wedding shoes she had small feet.

I always like to know what is at any exhibit so will tell you I was amazed of how small of a person she was.
  You were not allowed to take any pictures through out the exhibit so I just have pictures of posters before you enter

They have some beautiful evening dresses and gowns of hers and I tell you she must have been a size 2 maybe a 4 !

Her wedding dress to me looked so enormous  and full and massive amounts of material but it was just because she was so small. Her wedding shoes are there also. Wait till you see them
They have monitors showing the wedding day I kept looking at the video and they looked at the dress again

This tiara is on display. The room is very dark and I was lucky enough to be in this display room all my myself and kept walking around and around the display stopping to admire it  almost putting my nose up to the glass case and all of a sudden a guard walked up to me saying that is a lot of diamonds ! I thought where in the world did he come from he must have been standing in a corner and because it was so dark and he had a black uniform on he blended in the darkness. I thought I was all alone.

          That is all the DIANA celebration pictures there is you can take pictures of .

Oh but her clothing her gowns  .There was a room with her childhood clothing and toys and home movies

This was out inside of Union Station the ceiling it is gorgeous
       This was a piano sitting in the lobby and also I guess a wedding table setting which I liked these gold chairs and had to have something to take a picture of

While I was at Union Station my sister called and and wanted to know what I was doing. I told her where I was and she was on her way to Westport to have lunch so I met her and my nieces at Sung Son . I had pho for the first time .

Then we went to the Plaza for some quick shopping at William Sonoma.

It was a very nice day. Then we went to city market to Bloom bakery for cupcakes. My niece wanted a special cake that the bakery specializes in.

I turned this chair round to get a picture of it. No sirens or alarms  went off so guess it was OK to do that. LOL

Go see ,  DIANA a celebration at Union Station Kansas City Missouri


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  1. Cool! I forgot that exhibit was there! I'll bet there was increased interest with the wedding and all!

  2. Such an interesting post. Felt like I was there.

  3. Oh how I wish I could see this too. I always wondered what her size was. She looked tiny, but sometimes I would see pictures and wondered if see was tall or on the shorter side. Great post!

  4. I saw it when it was in Lakeland, Florida several years is quite an amazing exhibit!

  5. You really described your visit at the exhibit, and I loved seeing it through your eyes. I am a new follower and like your blog.

  6. Thanks for stopping by on YONKS. I love your blog too and am now a follower. The suitcase full of sewing items was amazing. I'm still listing buttons ets.
    Lovely meeting you and I will check in regularly.

  7. She was a very special person. She could have owned the world. I just wish she could have been happy and not worried about what stupid, big ears, Charles was doing. So sad and such a loss. Thanks for sharing, Richard at My Old Historic House

  8. Great tour and such beautiful pictures. She was a very gracious lady. Thanks so much for joining TTT. Hugs, Marty

  9. Princess Diana was between a USA size 10 and 12....and tall, 5' 10". Not a size 2 or 4, not at all. When I saw her clothing up close I was surprised at how wide her hips bones were (and Diana herself complained about this) but she maximized her assets so very, very well. RIP Diana - the world still remembers & misses you.