Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Royal Wedding Day 4-29-2011

Not my wedding day but Kate & Williams of course.

I would loved to went to a wedding party and wear a gorgeous hat if I had one that is but I would have went out shopping for a hat if there had been a party. I ask one of the girls in my office are we wearing hats tomorrow? No was the answer

I have a Royal Crown that William was more than welcome to wear
Then Catherine ( Kate) may borrow any of my tiara's
 first selection
                                 OR my Peal Tiara
                                        my last Tiara with veil

Now if my prince charming ever comes which I think won't happen however I will have a Tiara ready.
 I was going to get up early 5am  and watch before going to work but I think I will just watch reruns tomorrow evening    UPDATE I did get up at 5am and seen the entire wedding and the baclony kiss.  

This is fun click on this bog 155 Dream lane and she has a site you can get your royal name .This is my royal name Earl Janice Twicklethorpe Daukschcott of Columbiaton

               My hat from Hattitude New York I believe
Hats always look better once you get them on

Then we must have a cup of tea for celebration


I have this old wing back chair and ottoman  was going to put it in the yard sale and I found this material I bought which I love because it had dogs on it Staffordshire dogs and thought maybe I could make a slipcover with this material. I always have great ideas and then can't accomplish them I have never made slip covers

before and after (but not finished)
     This is the material I bet I have 20 yards of this fabric. I bet Richard at My Old Historic House would love this material because he has Staffordshire dogs
I just threw it over the chair, Maybe I can just glue it to the chair neatly of course LOL

Top of a window  a rusty hinge
                                     another rusty hinge to be removed   
     I have had these stained glass windows just sitting in an office window at my house and a bedroom window just as a sun catcher. the one in my office really blocks anyone from seeing me at night because i don't have curtains up my office and kitchen faces the south and I love the open windows

This is for Pink Saturday at How Sweet The Sound she always has pink post . This is a door in my studio and I painted it with chalkboard paint so when my neighbor kids come over they can write on it while I am creating. They like to come over and go through boxes of art supplies
The neighbor girl wrote all of this last summer sometime
There was a blog I was reading and they were posting all their chalkboards I have a complete door as a chalkboard

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  1. Being a tiara girl myself, I love all your wonderful tiaras! WhenI got married, I didn't care about what kind of dress I had, I was all about my tiara! LOL Thanks for joining TT. Have a great weekend!

  2. Thanks for your tour of the Royal Wedding. Sissy was the only one at my house with a tiara!!!

  3. I am so sorry to hear about your baby passing...I know how you are feeling we lost our Miss Poo in Sept. It is a terrible day when we loose our pets
    I am a new follower...I love the photos of the silver and the mirror in your sidebar...the garden is a great place to share these things!

  4. Love me a tiara! I couldn't quite bring myself to wake up in time but did watch plenty of re-runs of the wedding! Thank you for linking up to Inspiration Friday At The Picket Fence!