Saturday, April 9, 2011

Grannie's Old Stuff

I was in the studio as always digging and thought I might as well show some of these old mixing bowls that my Mom and I have kept.
I don't like the jewel tea pattern but Mom loved it so no way could I get rid of it. Only I have gotten one young lady in the family who wants it and said she remembers eating off it at Grandma's house and she would love to have it. So soon as she sets up housekeeping it's hers. A good house warming present don't you think ? there is place setting for 8 plus all the coffee pots tea pots casseroles salt pepper on and on.

This first set I liked and keeping for myself


                                 Nesting bowls

                                Grease bowl salt and Pepper
I know these bowls are not sought after these days but might as well show them

Now for The Autumn Leaf by Jewel tea nesting bowls. I don't know anyone who likes this set

         Grease bowl salt and pepper  
                                  Nesting Bowls                                                  

There was a Mary Dunbar recipe book and 2 hot pads in the cabinet with all the dishes

                  Here is a ball pitcher and I broke a coffee cup to this set while getting it out of the old pie safe                        
Mom had this ball pitcher also but I don't know the pattern name

I know this is a cookie jar
                         AFew   family cook books

                          Grandma's platter

   Grandpa's fish scale on the platter this was in his tackle box and I remembered it from when I use to go fishing with them (hated fishing). I kept this and gave his tackle box to a family member who fishes                                              
     I have had this little tea set a while and it was in the cabinet with all these dishes
                                     Grandpa's rulers               
       I was reading a blog today where this lady was clearing out her house of all old family members items. she said if she didn't use it for everyday it was going. She mentioned she had boxes in closets under beds n storage rooms of family mementos and she still had the memories so the stuff was leaving her house. I am almost to that point but not quite. Some things I just can't part with.
                                        Bathroom picture




  1. Loved looking at grandma's and mom's things. I don't remember this Jewel Tea pattern but my grandma had a set of jewel tea dishes. I always thought the sales method was similar to the grocery store sales promotions of the 50's and 60's. I have some depression glasses my mom got at gas stations in the 60's. Thanks for sharing. Ginger

  2. Oh my what treasures. I have seen those mixing bowls at antique shops and they were very expensive and such is the same with the jewel tea. I think that would be an outstanding gift. You have some wonderful things from your Grandmother. ~~Sherry~~

  3. Memories of our Granny are so dear. I have nothing of either of mine. Just memories. Thanks for sharing. How's Sissy? Richard at My Old Historic House

  4. What a neat collection. I know what you mean about having too much though. The tea leaf is rather expensive now though.

  5. Janice, Thank you for sharing your wonderful treasures at my party. I love the transferware in your sidebar.

  6. I'm drooling over your Jewel Tea set. My, my! I have a pitcher from my grandmother, but the rest of my pieces belonged to an old friend of my mother-in-law's who has since passed away. Evidently I had commented on her set at one time, so one day she invited us over and gave it to me! I think of her and my grandmother everytime I look at it. I hope you will hang on to it.
    Have a super week!
    Ladybug Creek

  7. hi! This vintage tulip Pyrex set is worth a LOT! I just bid on this exact set at auction about a month ago and tearfully lost...They are just beautiful! What a blessing that you've inherited these. Glad I found you today via the FR Inspiration linky! -diane

  8. I have some of those tulip bowls and containers! They were my great-grandmothers. My uncle had the original matching table with the tulips, but burned the top with a hot pot. :( I also have a bit of the Jewel Tea in the Autumn Leaves pattern. Thanks for sharing!!!

  9. Thanks for sharing the pictures, I have some of the Jewel Tea. I love those pieces. They are beautiful. Thanks again for showing us all your treasures.