Saturday, April 30, 2011

In the City

Today I decided to take a day trip and headed to Kansas City Mo to Union Station to see the DIANA exhibit. Princess of Wales

I was not disappointed except to me it was very sad to see those beautiful pictures of her when she was so happy marring Prince Charles (her prince charming) and then her life turned out the way it did.

Through out the exhibit they have huge poster with her wording on them saying things like my wedding was the best day of my entire life.

I was in so thrilled to see her wedding dress and her wedding shoes she had small feet.

I always like to know what is at any exhibit so will tell you I was amazed of how small of a person she was.
  You were not allowed to take any pictures through out the exhibit so I just have pictures of posters before you enter

They have some beautiful evening dresses and gowns of hers and I tell you she must have been a size 2 maybe a 4 !

Her wedding dress to me looked so enormous  and full and massive amounts of material but it was just because she was so small. Her wedding shoes are there also. Wait till you see them
They have monitors showing the wedding day I kept looking at the video and they looked at the dress again

This tiara is on display. The room is very dark and I was lucky enough to be in this display room all my myself and kept walking around and around the display stopping to admire it  almost putting my nose up to the glass case and all of a sudden a guard walked up to me saying that is a lot of diamonds ! I thought where in the world did he come from he must have been standing in a corner and because it was so dark and he had a black uniform on he blended in the darkness. I thought I was all alone.

          That is all the DIANA celebration pictures there is you can take pictures of .

Oh but her clothing her gowns  .There was a room with her childhood clothing and toys and home movies

This was out inside of Union Station the ceiling it is gorgeous
       This was a piano sitting in the lobby and also I guess a wedding table setting which I liked these gold chairs and had to have something to take a picture of

While I was at Union Station my sister called and and wanted to know what I was doing. I told her where I was and she was on her way to Westport to have lunch so I met her and my nieces at Sung Son . I had pho for the first time .

Then we went to the Plaza for some quick shopping at William Sonoma.

It was a very nice day. Then we went to city market to Bloom bakery for cupcakes. My niece wanted a special cake that the bakery specializes in.

I turned this chair round to get a picture of it. No sirens or alarms  went off so guess it was OK to do that. LOL

Go see ,  DIANA a celebration at Union Station Kansas City Missouri


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Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Royal Wedding Day 4-29-2011

Not my wedding day but Kate & Williams of course.

I would loved to went to a wedding party and wear a gorgeous hat if I had one that is but I would have went out shopping for a hat if there had been a party. I ask one of the girls in my office are we wearing hats tomorrow? No was the answer

I have a Royal Crown that William was more than welcome to wear
Then Catherine ( Kate) may borrow any of my tiara's
 first selection
                                 OR my Peal Tiara
                                        my last Tiara with veil

Now if my prince charming ever comes which I think won't happen however I will have a Tiara ready.
 I was going to get up early 5am  and watch before going to work but I think I will just watch reruns tomorrow evening    UPDATE I did get up at 5am and seen the entire wedding and the baclony kiss.  

This is fun click on this bog 155 Dream lane and she has a site you can get your royal name .This is my royal name Earl Janice Twicklethorpe Daukschcott of Columbiaton

               My hat from Hattitude New York I believe
Hats always look better once you get them on

Then we must have a cup of tea for celebration


I have this old wing back chair and ottoman  was going to put it in the yard sale and I found this material I bought which I love because it had dogs on it Staffordshire dogs and thought maybe I could make a slipcover with this material. I always have great ideas and then can't accomplish them I have never made slip covers

before and after (but not finished)
     This is the material I bet I have 20 yards of this fabric. I bet Richard at My Old Historic House would love this material because he has Staffordshire dogs
I just threw it over the chair, Maybe I can just glue it to the chair neatly of course LOL

Top of a window  a rusty hinge
                                     another rusty hinge to be removed   
     I have had these stained glass windows just sitting in an office window at my house and a bedroom window just as a sun catcher. the one in my office really blocks anyone from seeing me at night because i don't have curtains up my office and kitchen faces the south and I love the open windows

This is for Pink Saturday at How Sweet The Sound she always has pink post . This is a door in my studio and I painted it with chalkboard paint so when my neighbor kids come over they can write on it while I am creating. They like to come over and go through boxes of art supplies
The neighbor girl wrote all of this last summer sometime
There was a blog I was reading and they were posting all their chalkboards I have a complete door as a chalkboard

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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Tribute To Sissy 4-10-2011

I don't know how to start or end this post other than my beloved best friend passed away of cancer April 10th and it was so sad for both of us. She didn't want to leave me ( I could tell) and I didn't want to loose her.

I got Sissy in 1999 at our animal shelter(humane society ). I had been wanting a pug and thought I would look around the animal shelter to see if a little pug was there needing to be adopted , well there wasn't any and I ask if I could put my name down as wanting to adopt a pug and if one came please call me. Now you can only get one through pug rescue

Any way about a couple  months after I had forgotten about the humane society they called and said they had a female pug would I still be interested. I said yes.  I had Sissy 12 years she was about a year old when I got her       

                                   This is Sissy with wild eyes LOL
I went to pinik  photo and took the bright eyes off this picture and it came back darn it . I know I must have better pictures of her somewhere for her obituary

I bought this picture of a pug at an interior design store and my  visitors thought it was Sissy
      I know people who are not dog people will think this is boring and say OMG look what she has on her blog but this was just like any other death in the family to me. I am sure all you dogs lovers will agree


Saturday, April 23, 2011

Green toile de juoy dishes

I knew I had some pieces of these green toile dishes and wanted to see how they looked on the red toile tablecloth. Not bad.
I was trying to find more green items and knew I had a couple old green depression dishes that was my mom's but could only find one. I may have given the other one to a sister not sure.
Also this rooster I picked up off a table at an auction someone left him now wish I had left him he will be in the yard sale.
I wish this rain would quit so I could  plan a date. A friend of my Mom's called me this week because she heard on the news where we are having tornado's but last night a tornado hit the St Louis airport WOW that is closer to her than me. Our weather is wild not yard sale weather for sure
I got these green toile dishes at an estate sale a couple years ago and have never found pieces to match then usually I will find more pieces.    Pastorale Toile de Jouy by Johnson Bros  

The marking label  is as pretty as the pattern on the plate I think. Also Johnson Bros is very common dishes for old patterns so you would think I would have seen more of these dishes around.

I have saucers and bread plates and dinner plates and one large platter. I want the cups so bad I bet they are so pretty I wonder if the toile de juoy pattern will be inside of the cups. I will look on the site LTD replacement dishes however I wouldn't buy from them because of the outrageous prices they have.   Here is the rooster that had been abandon at a sale
     Another estate sale find I love this clock its so ornate which I love funny how we like rust and shabby but then like ornate and beautiful also in our houses.                         
See my little iris bud in a jar I don't have any flowers blooming yet and wanted a flower on the table so picked one iris and in the white jars is dill that is coming up in my herb garden

I really think this old sugar bowl is so pretty even though its lid is gone I liked the look it reminded me of my Aunt Ollie who had dishes like this . It has a mark on the bottom R S Prussia and a fern wreath over that
This is an odd cup from a set of dishes I gave to my sisters it had green on it trying to find a cup for the saucer that sort of matches

Then I have a couple odd depression green cups
This sugar bowl is extra large also 3 times larger than my Staffordshire calico

well maybe twice as big                                                        

This was a  dish my Mom had below
         Here is another free dish picked up it's a reproduction of the old dresser Set from the 1950's. A friend wants it and I am putting it in a surprise sack for her.                               
     I really wanted to add my big chicken covered  Staffordshire calico dish since I had the rooster in this post

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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

I Found a Bunny

I had just said somewhere or to someone I don't have any Bunnies for Easter show and tell. well I found one out in the garage in a box of yard sale items. I remembered taking all her country plaid clothes off and I was going to tea dye her and redress her in lace. well as usual I forgot about that project until today the box fell over off a shelf and Miss Bunny fell out.

I put her in this tall jar and lace Bunny was checking her out. This was the jar I put all my Florida beach shells in from my trip last October so the shells are in a gift bag in the studio

I did find some basket grass in the same box so thought I would put it in the picture or in my pink pyrex casserole dish my pretend Easter Basket                                                           
I forgot I had these little glass baskets also so just added them to the picture and a few of my Rose Chintz dishes
 I had this red and white twallllllllll Waverly tablecloth on one of my project tables downstairs and decided I wanted to use it in my kitchen for a  change

           found a red bunny cookie cutter in the kitchen       

I found these odd glass baskets and some old butter pats in one of my kitchen cabinets

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