Saturday, April 23, 2011

Green toile de juoy dishes

I knew I had some pieces of these green toile dishes and wanted to see how they looked on the red toile tablecloth. Not bad.
I was trying to find more green items and knew I had a couple old green depression dishes that was my mom's but could only find one. I may have given the other one to a sister not sure.
Also this rooster I picked up off a table at an auction someone left him now wish I had left him he will be in the yard sale.
I wish this rain would quit so I could  plan a date. A friend of my Mom's called me this week because she heard on the news where we are having tornado's but last night a tornado hit the St Louis airport WOW that is closer to her than me. Our weather is wild not yard sale weather for sure
I got these green toile dishes at an estate sale a couple years ago and have never found pieces to match then usually I will find more pieces.    Pastorale Toile de Jouy by Johnson Bros  

The marking label  is as pretty as the pattern on the plate I think. Also Johnson Bros is very common dishes for old patterns so you would think I would have seen more of these dishes around.

I have saucers and bread plates and dinner plates and one large platter. I want the cups so bad I bet they are so pretty I wonder if the toile de juoy pattern will be inside of the cups. I will look on the site LTD replacement dishes however I wouldn't buy from them because of the outrageous prices they have.   Here is the rooster that had been abandon at a sale
     Another estate sale find I love this clock its so ornate which I love funny how we like rust and shabby but then like ornate and beautiful also in our houses.                         
See my little iris bud in a jar I don't have any flowers blooming yet and wanted a flower on the table so picked one iris and in the white jars is dill that is coming up in my herb garden

I really think this old sugar bowl is so pretty even though its lid is gone I liked the look it reminded me of my Aunt Ollie who had dishes like this . It has a mark on the bottom R S Prussia and a fern wreath over that
This is an odd cup from a set of dishes I gave to my sisters it had green on it trying to find a cup for the saucer that sort of matches

Then I have a couple odd depression green cups
This sugar bowl is extra large also 3 times larger than my Staffordshire calico

well maybe twice as big                                                        

This was a  dish my Mom had below
         Here is another free dish picked up it's a reproduction of the old dresser Set from the 1950's. A friend wants it and I am putting it in a surprise sack for her.                               
     I really wanted to add my big chicken covered  Staffordshire calico dish since I had the rooster in this post

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  1. Love it all - but esp the green toile! Happy Easter!

  2. Call me crazy...but, I like your rooster. I could see it sitting on a kitchen counter with three different sized potted plants with Ivy in them. Then add old non matching silver forks with the handles stuck down in each pot. Place a different chicken recipe on each card and stick each card in a fork prong. Great way to display your favorite recipes. I would try to make the cards look maybe tea staining them. Thanks for the eye candy, I loved your dishes. Decor. Lady

  3. i love the rooster! i have one that i got when my grandma passed away. mine is clear-ish except where the glass is thick its green like an old mason jar.

  4. I just love all your beautiful dishes~anything from Johnson Brothers is a favorite of mine!
    Your blue rooster is great! Hope you have a blessed Easter!

    Miss Bloomers

  5. I love toil, anything in that, china, tablecloths, etc. I adore JB toile, the very best! Gorgeous hat blue and white chicken! I like that green glass too. Very beautiful post my dear!
    Happy Easter!

  6. I love your toile dishes,so pretty. The clock is lovely too.

  7. This is beautiful. I love the green toile dishes.

  8. Your big sugar bowl is a cracker jar. The English call there cookies that they have with tea, crackers, thus a cracker jar. We in the Us would say cookie jar. looks like RS Prusia, I love the pink and green. Thanks for stopping by. I hear you all are getting lots of rain! Good luck. Richard at My Old Historic House

  9. I've never seen those Johnson Bros. dishes either. Love them! Your cracker jar is a beauty. Thank you for linking to Favorite Things. laurie

  10. Hope you get to plant those sweet peas with clematis - lovely combo - like all your china!

    Thanks so much for your kind comments on my blog!



  11. Hi Janice

    Great post your vignettes are gorgeous!! As for the wash I use a three color paint technique that I found through trial & error. I use flat white that I wash lightly brushing over the color then quickly wiping it off. So basically the paint appears muted and washed off.

    Have a great day!!

  12. Your green and white dishes are so pretty!

  13. What a gorgeous collection of vintage dishware you have! I'm especially smitten with the green toile ~ and you are soooo right, the backstamp of that item is almost as pretty as the front!!

    Happy White Wednesday!

    Big TX Hugs,
    Angelic Accents

  14. Oh you and I have similar taste. I have some green and white Kent dishes from England but have some red and white Johnson Bros too. Love all of your patterns very very pretty! Stopping over via White Wed. Hope you'll stop by my blog, we're having a little giveaway, xxx tami

  15. Love the green and white dishes!!! And the dish that was your mother's is beautiful! Hope you are having a wonderful week! Vicki

  16. * Hi! Just "found" you by happy accident, and certainly enjoyed it all! And I M*U*S*T THANK YOU!!!...

    When I saw your TURQUOISE PYREX MIXING BOWLS I nearly fell over!!! When I was young (about 12 or 13 or so), my cutie-pie, darling Mom wanted THOSE TURQUOISE MIXING BOWLS soooooo much!!! Sis & I, at that time in our young lives, couldn't figure out exactly "WHY", buuuut, we knew it was important to HER! So, she n' I saved up alllll we could & surprised her at Christmas... and THAT was THE YEAR I learned about "THE R*E*A*L joy of giving!"... I remember her crying... not because of the bowls, of course... she later told us how TOUCHED she was that Sis n' I worked sooo hard & saved it all, JUST so we could actually BUY those for her, from us, without Daddy paying for them... (especially when she could have easily bought them herself!). I haven't THOUGHT of that in years, but my Mom died young (age 58), and thinking/remembering that just brought the biggest, warmest smile to my face AND my heart.

    So again, I thank you!

    Linda in AZ

  17. you've been busy at the flea!!!
    what treasures