Wednesday, March 16, 2011

No Fresh Flowers Here

I have been seeing on different blogs where they are making and showing their button flowers so I decided to try it and add my own twist to it. Really all I twisted was the wire. LOL

I meant to add a piece of my old lace around the head of the flower if you can imagine how that looks. Someone wanted me to make them some and add pink ribbon to theirs.

One thing  have is lots of older vintage  buttons. I have 2 gallon jars of dark buttons and I know soon as I decided to sell them in one of my yard sales a project will come up using black buttons so they just set on the sewing table. I would say I have at least 2 gallon of old vintage mother of pearl buttons and then my fabulous old rhinestone buttons that I get so exited about when I find them at estate sales I have them in glass candy jars in a couple rooms around the house.

well here is my button flowers and I may make corrections but you can see them before they are perfect. This is my dish pan of colored buttons all vintage you know. I did notice some girls are buying new buttons for theirs and I thought I am using my good old ones

     My little vase of flowers in a cut glass salt shaker with a silver screw top. If you click on the picture and make it larger you can appreciate it more?

Getting my white and Ivory buttons together trying to decided which ones to use

 I use to work with someone who thought I was mentally ill because I collected vintage buttons she just couldn't see the beauty in them . You know we say she just doesn't get it

While I was making these I made a pot of hot tea and used a little tea pot and cup made for one. This was a gift once. On my post about my tea pots and tea cups I didn't show this one because it was in a bedroom on a dresser just setting there looking pretty and I forgot about where it was. You know how it is when you quit looking for something you find it

These silver tea spoons(tarnished now) I bought out in Seattle Oregon and one  Illinois and one in Kentucky
This is my favorite tea spoon and use it often

Here is how they look open for you who haven't seen these hinged tea spoons before. I like using loose tea and that is why I collected them. I like using my treasures

I still want to make some more button flowers just out of wire now so will do more later             

Before I go here is a bowl if you don't have one to mix up your pancakes, cakes etc you need to try it. It is a TEXAS  Ware plastic bowl made in Dallas USA
Nothing sticks to them they are light weight and so easy to wash up.
I gave one to a friend and she is crazy about it and wants more, I only find them at antique stores. I don't see them to often however while at the Portland Expo there was a few  $18 for the very small and up to $35. for the large ones. I bet ladies who live in larger cities could find them at Goodwill like they find pyrex.
Rachel Ray on the Food Network cooking show has some new bowls that on TV they look a lot like these vintage ones

I seen a violet one and knew I would regret nothing getting it, Oh well
   This being Wednesday The Savvy Southern Style has the before and after posts and i added my flowers                                        
  I was invited to a party  Tammy at Type A  has somethings to show off

Kara ask me to join her link party at Elements Interiors

I am joining in on Between Naps On The Porch for her Tablescape Thursday

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  1. I laughed when I saw the Texas Ware bowl! I received one of these when I got married in 1962 and I still use it. The bowl lasted longer than the marriage . . . :-)

  2. love the button flowers, i made some too recently. very pretty. i would love it if you shared this at my party today!

  3. LOVE THIS! Come on ova' and link up to my Linky Party! xoxokara


  4. Ah, buttons! I do love buttons and your flowers are delightful!

  5. thanks so much for sharing this at my party!!

  6. Your flower buttons are so cute! I never thought of doing that! They would make cute magnets, too!

  7. Love that teapot and cup! I collect old buttons also, I have a lot of my grandmother and great grandmothers.I might have to try the button flowers, they are too cute.

  8. What a great collection of Texas Ware bowls. I've only seen one and loved it. Great button collection. I'm adding your page to my favorites. You have such great collections.
    - Joy

  9. I adore your collection of sterling tea spoons! I have one but it's not a spoon. Your Texas ware bowl are terrific. I love the teapot and cup, love all blue and white transfer...or not. Beautiful bottom collection too. OH!, I'm also your newest follower for sure!...come and visit me at Thurday.
    Happy weekend.

  10. I love your white and cream button flowers...very pretty. I'm crazy about this new craft trend .I think they would look great in a vase and the best part my brown thumb couldn't kill them.Sadly I tend to over love my indoor plants =)

  11. Very pretty. Happy St Patrick's Day.

  12. Buttons make me happy too! BTW Seattle is in Washington. 😊