Saturday, March 12, 2011

Latest Smalls

Well I must say it takes me longer to unpack from a trip each time I go. But what's the hurry really my stuff isn't going any where and no company is expected just Emma my next door neighbor bringing my mail over to me. I told you once I have the best neighbors. She won't care I have my new bought Portland treasures all over the main room and kitchen. She is use to that because every time I go to a sale of some kind it's all over the main floor of my house. She is not into anything I do and just smiles when she sees it all LOL me too

These little bitty doll shoes were just 50 cents and new in a package so I thought I will either make a pin cushion out of them or use on a necklace
 Hello rhinestone buttons come to me

This sweet little tin picture of this handsome little boy just said take me home with you lady so I did. I will use him on a card of some kind for someone

This  is my latest rhinestone clock with his new friends in my collection. I bought the rectangle face one at Stars in Sellwood while in Portland. I was looking for a turquoise one like my pink one but couldn't leave him behind

This is another thing I collect velvet boxes and loved that purple pen box it has a pen in it but I think it's a new pen however I have ink and will try it out.

Stamps to use on cards I make , love them some 1 cents and 3 cents stamps

This Tin Type was very reasonable so bought it. I use to have several and got tired of them so some yard sale person got them. I think this is one that will stay fits right in with all my smalls

OH and the 3 rusty keys was in the sack with the tin type frame. I have maybe 3 cigar boxes full of old keys but really like the holes in top of these keys  will attach to a necklace nicely

I just said i didn't like anything gold or yellow. Bite my tongue but I like this old  roll of dress labels. It's silk and has the name POHALUX the below Lauwe Kortrukste 20. going to see what designer used these. They definitely will go across the bottom of a card I make or wrap a present with them
Here is my latest treasure spread all out with some I already had . I bought the dress label, pen box, stamps, tin type, and the most fabulous old lace from Randy at Madison Park Antiques in Sellwood, he was set up at the Expo Show also.

Here is the vintage I would say early 1900's cotton lace I bought . Also the price I paid is less than what I would have paid for one piece here. I will use it on cards also.

Here is a couple pages in Where Women Cook featuring Cheryl Day from Savannah Georgia and her bakery. I met her and liked her instantly


This is a metal dress mannequin not the beautiful stuffed ones we like but she can hold a old dress and hat for me .
I got her at the Bridal and prom dress store going out of business here. She could hold jewelry for me
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  1. Oh really made a great haul!

  2. Love everything, especially the lace. Great blog!

  3. Lucky the lace and the little clocks..I have the hardest time finding old lace, I have been looking for some to fill an old jar I have.

    I stopped over from Gypsy Fish journal, hope you have a fabulous Silver Sunday.


  4. Drooling over all that found some nice loot!


  5. Lucky you! What great finds you know I am loving those clocks.... unfortunately I would still be late for everything....tee hee

  6. What a great stash of treasures you found, and it was so much fun to read about all of your plans for these finds. I can't wait to see what you create with these things. Thank you for linking to Favorite Things. laurie

  7. Just found and followed your blog from Silver Sunday.. you have some gorgeous things.. good finds.

  8. Wow, that's a great collection of little treasures that you found! Love your clock collection and the purple velvet pen case. The keys are also pretty cool :-)

  9. Love all of your wonderful treasures. I'll come back very soon to study them a little closer.
    I'm your newest follower!
    Ladybug Creek