Monday, February 21, 2011

Turquoise Cabinet plus Pink

I was downstairs in the studio looking for something as I always do I have so much I can't find what I am looking for  quickly. That is why I am going to downsize the treasures. It will be hard because like I said they are all treasures. I wish I had more friends who liked altered art I could have a play day and supply all the treasure to create something.

This is my turquoise chippy cabinet I have. It had glass in the door and it kept falling out so it's out for good. It has a mirror in the back which I like.

In the bottom is a stack of old small brown paper sacks with an old store  advertisement on them.I bought them from a printing company closing and they had printed them for this old hardware store I always thought I would make cards out of them.             
I just stuck that little metal car on the shelf for contrast of color and it was in a box of stuff really didn't know I had it.

          While I was looking for whatever it was I was looking for I came across these little guys that was in a box of stuff from an auction you know how it is you want one thing in a box and you take home some really weird stuff.       (Yard sale stuff )                  

I went in the bedroom I made a closet and seen these clothes bags that I love made out of broadcloth from the 50's I am sure.  I have a green print and a pink print


Looking around a few boxes of rusty things and lace in a chair also an old picture I broke the glass in I am taking it to get new glass  I bought it at an high end estate sale and it's a women's suffrage picture for women's voting rights. here she sets behind the hot water heater in my utility room


This is the sewing machine I bought at an auction for just sewing my paper cards $9.00 it was , had it's booklet attached
  A toy gun and a little black  bag I am working on to make into a necklace              

    Remember I mentioned I was going to paint a pair of vintage high heels? this is the before picture while they was a beige color which all the fashion people are telling us this is the color to wear with any dress this spring   

                                        Here is the can of paint I am using If you remember I painted a door pink that  I have all my ribbons hanging on                                                                                                                                         
        OK now here is the after

I made new liners and added some shoe clips . I traced the liners out of  an old calendar

They really turned out good now they can go sit besides the pink formal in the Iron bed bedroom. Now I need to get that black  bag painted and I am going to carry it.

A friend of mine is moving and downsizing like everybody i know anyway she has a 16 place setting of Desert Rose by Franciscan plus extra serving pieces , glasses, butter, cups & saucers, the tall salt pepper,veg bowl, platter ,pitcher
Her mother in law got them for  wedding china in 197o's?
they are in excellent condition so if interested just email me. Look at ebay what they are selling for she just wants $350.00 for her complete set.

I found a new pyrex divided dish My sister and I was shopping in an antique shop and I found this is in the basement the only piece of pyrex in the store. I think I will use it for a divided dinner plate for me (big plate huh?)



  1. I love those fancy high heels. Actually, all your treasures are wonderful.
    Thank you for visiting with me and entering my giveaway.
    Hugs, Betsy

  2. Great finds. Love your treasures. Please stop by I love to antique shop. Found a new one I am visiting tomorrow!