Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Pyrex and Rhinestones in The Blizzard

Well what else is a girl to do during a blizzard but play with her pretties?

 I have told you my new obsession is pastel colored  Pyrex dishes.
Since I got this bug I have been driving from one antique mall to another searching for these  I found all of these at once place .

I have been visiting The Pyrex Collective and her header is just fabulous colors. Like I said this is just one of my obsessions.

I am sure I will move one to another one soon but in the mean time I am enjoying these beautiful dishes.

 I just love the pink and turquoise colors also the lime green want more

The only thing about this is I have never seen a Pyrex dish at our local goodwill store. ladies always post their  finds for like $2.00 not in this town girls. So i need to get to the city more often.

I just love this yellow bread loaf pan. Also it is just perfect I don't think it has ever been used. I want to use all mine is that wrong to do or should I just showcase them? I am a person who uses all my treasures so I am sure banana bread is coming up in this pan.

 Can you see the blizzard out my kitchen window in the background?
          While Sissy and I are home today she is just relaxing and enjoying the snow day

While I was looking around the house for something to show I found my stack of old linens in my spare bedroom but my old obsession that I still love and buy every once in a while is RHINESTONES i have several i use for my altered art necklaces and cards but this is my good stuff

This is a green set and thought it looked good on my new lime green Pyrex casserole dish

A few of my pink rhinestone earrings clip on of course

Blue is my favorite color

Hearts and a ballerina and a cupid compact

I love this swan pin reminds me the the movie out now Black Swan or something like that

I know more blogs are into shabby chippy furniture and I am also but just wanted to show some pretties or what I think is pretty. If I can get in my storage area I have an old cabinet to pull out to show

Here is my Hollywood jewels(rhinestones really)

Us have a cup cakes while looking at all my treasures

can you tell which ones are mine and which ones are on the cover Of Country Living magazine?


this is my little 1950 purse called a Carry All you carried your money lipstick comb and power all in a little metal purse you could carry in the palm of your hand. The shop where I bought it had a dollar bill in the money clip and I said well just leave that in there.  See my camera

          Well of course it is still snowing and I am still watching it and while I am typing this my cable is going off and on . Please let me keep electricity I can go play in the studio and do without the cable.
  Now I was looking around over on It's A Cheery world and she has REDNESDAY I posted my Pink Cup Cakes

At Junkin Friday on A LA Carte blog I added some of my pyrex                                                                                    




  1. The Pyrex colors look so pretty together. I don't recall seeing any of those lime green ones, but now I'll be on the lookout! Your rhinestones are fabulous!!
    P.S...hope you don't lose your electicity!

  2. I found you over at the Pyrex Collective. Looove your vintage things!!!

  3. Hi,
    I like your style and attitude. Pyrex & rhinestones. LOL.
    Please visit me too.

  4. Hi there,

    I love all of the vintage pyrex...I believe I have a yellow and turquoise mixing bowl...and I must say I LOVE all the have a wonderful collection.

    I'm visiting for Rednesday..would love for you to drop by for a quick visit!

    Stephanie ♥

  5. Oh my gosh you sure do have quite a collection of fun jewelry pieces,I am jealous...I would be playing around it that stash all the time.
    I really loved the mint green Pyrex pieces,and I agree use what you have make that banana bread
    for sure.
    We dodge the big blizzard here but only by a county or two...a real close call for sure!

  6. oh my goodness your pyrex collection is wonderful! you have at least three turquoise butterprint pieces i have been looking EVERYWHERE for. jealous, but proud!

  7. Sissy looks sooo cozy! Merci beaucoup de votre visite sur mon blog!


    Sandy @ My Shabby Streamside Studio

  8. Love your pyrex. I have two of the pink/white bowls that I received at my bridal shower in 1962. I also have an aqua/white bowl.

  9. P.S. Just saw the picture of your red transferware. I have a huge collection of the Vista by mason. I got my first pieces of that at my 1962 bridal shower too.

  10. You have some really cool treasures! I especially like the way you displayed the vintage jewelry with the Pyrex!

  11. Love your Pyrex collection. I say use it! I use mine all the time and love it. Just hand wash so the finish is not ruined. Your jewelry collection is amazing and I love it paired up with! Thanks for joining JFF.
    hugs, Linda

  12. What an awesome collection you have all that Pyrex!!!!


  13. I love the costume jewelry displayed on the Pyrex! Great collection you have!

  14. Thanks for joining my blog, I returned the favor. I have been reading through your blog, boy you have more stuff than I do! That Sissy is adorable! I guess you saw all of my dogs on my blog-I love dogs!

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