Thursday, January 20, 2011

Where's My Ticket To The Caribbean?

Hey ya all well here in Missouri we have a little snow today. The weather people say 9 inches so far but my drive way said 12 to 15 inches. It took me about one hour to get the tracks dug out to back out of the driveway and  garage then one of my good neighbor high school kids came over and helped me completely dig out. Here is what temperature it is .

Really I love the snow and watched it snow late last night after shoveling out the drive way had to dig Sissy out a path around back for her trips out today and seen how pretty the patio area looked so here is a few pictures of the snow on the patio also my outdoor chandelier

Here is where I sit and look at all my magazines while my curtains are blowing in the tree

You know while sitting out here on this patio and day dreaming about being in the Caribbean Islands on a veranda with curtains blowing in the ocean breezes I went in the house and brought out some of my lace curtains and hung them in my tree over the patio and had my paradise veranda.

So when I was trying to come up with a name for my blog after a friend and I had 2 columns of name on a tablet I kept thinking about some name that really is me and I thought back of when I had curtains hanging in my tree one summer day and Curtains In My Tree was birthed.
 Back to the snow
My beautiful snow chandelier
                      My  snow  fountain
 My snow  Goose still with Christmas bow tie on
How about a drink of cold water I took these red water bottles out for what reason I don't know LOL . I think for contrast against the white snow

                       Here is a few valentine cookie cutters. I am really trying too get valentine cards made and it's like hitting my head against the wall. I usually can think up cute ideas but maybe this year I have too many ideas need to just make them simple.

I have a couple cards left from last Valentine's


I made cupcakes to eat while making cards of course there was more eating than card making

Below is a seed sack that someone gave me as a gift it came from that new vintage shop In Ashland Missouri where I met Mary the owner of  Maple Hill Vintage Market

My friend gave it to me because my Grandmother's name was Ruby and she knew I would like it. I am going to stuff a soft bed pillow in it and put it on my green bench in the kitchen.                                                       
This is along my wood fence out back and I have mirrors propped against it and my birds love looking at themselves I keep bird seed out year around for them however the squirrels get lots of it
This was fun I found Vintage Thingie Thursday over on the blog The Coloradolady go take a look
         well today we got a new weather forcast


  1. I love seeing all these photos of the snow! I love the mirrors you put against your fence so the wee birdies can see themselves!


  2. You have some really creative ideas.

  3. You really took me back in time with your vintage things. I love the way you are utilizing them. Especially, the bingo cards.

  4. Hi Janice,
    Thank you so much for your sweet comment on my blog and entering your name in my giveaway!
    I love your photos of all that snow. We got 3 inches today in Tenn. Yikes! It slows everyone down here.
    Have a Blessed week~
    Kim :0)

  5. Hello! Love your blog (especially that red & white transferware!) Thanks for coming by and saying hi. I really DID love the movie! :) I hope you like it to! :)


    P.S. I'm your latest follower!

  6. Oh, I love those cookie cutters! I have some like those that my mom and I used to make cookies with when I was a child. They must have been very popular back in the day. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Hi!
    I keep meaning to come over and thank you for your sweet comments about my blog header - sorry to be so tardy in doing so.
    Great pics of the snow - I love the one of the snow on your tabletop - it looks like a layer of cake. :)
    I adore your cookie cutters, I can remember having a heart shaped one with the red handle when I was little. Thanks for the sweet memories.

    Happy VTT,

  8. My, my you've got all kinds of interesting stuff to show off to us blog hoppers. vails in the snow, toile fabric, baking goodies and more....keep it comin'...thanks for your comments at Mel's Cabin