Saturday, January 22, 2011

Seeing Reds In my Closets


I made myself stay home today and enjoy cleaning out some closets and rearranging my kitchen buffet drawers. You know I have way to much stuff sitting around and just needed to make it more like company is a coming.

First I finally put away my punch bowl from my Christmas party early December then while in one closet found these old cheer leader pictures I bought years ago from a lady who had a shop in her country garage.I have always loved them but have never hung them up. I couldn't decide if I needed new frames or leave them in the original frames even though they are shabby but shabby is in now so that answers that.

Isn't he handsome I bet these are from maybe 1909's
 And look at this pretty lady can you imagine cheering in that outfit ?Very lady like I would say for maybe 1910's ??
Some more little red things I found are these world fair cups dated 1906 and 1907 I use to have them sitting in my kitchen window I like the sun shinning through them

I think these are so pretty and precious since some lady bought them and had her name engraved on them

I wanted pancakes for breakfast this morning and thought I can just whip me up a batch because I have Biscuit mix . I can remember when I was a kid and Grandma would make pancakes for a special breakfast on Saturday mornings while I watched cartoons
So I got all my ingredients out and cooked me a batch they were  so good just hit the spot

cooked them in my 8 inch iron skillet

OK now back to playing with my treasures these spice jars was sitting on the bottom shelf of a cabinet in the studio and I thought they needed to be seen in the kitchen again so I rearranged  the shelf beside my sink

                 I wanted to show my old tin measuring cups                                 
             I got this 11"x 14" card in the mail from a friend in Oregon she knows I like pink and being the lady I am                                   
                      The name Is Nancy Lady Astor
                   I didn't realize she was a women's lib like lady
This morning before daylight while I was having my coffee i turned on my battery operated candles I first was given one of these from my neighbor as a gift  and now i really enjoy them

These are the cookie cutters I had out in the snow

I bought this Velvet hanger at an all day  auction waited all day and this was in the last box of goodies I bought I think it was in a box of odds and ends but knew i needed it so thought up an idea to use it for valentines day last year      
             These were heart cookie cutters I bought at a Marshall's store tied pink ribbon  on them and hung them from the velvet hanger                                    
I came across      this soft sweet blog today Show Off Your Cottage Monday I think you might like it
      The House in the Roses                                                                                


  1. Wow what awesome finds. I love the Worlds Fair items. They are so pretty. I really like your blog.

  2. Those red glasses just made me remember I have a couple pieces very similar to them...somewhere still in boxes. We moved into our new house Nov 1 2008,a few weeks later hosted Thanksgiving,then hosted Christmas,so in all the craziness we just put boxes of stuff down in the basement for a later time...hummm I may have to go searching.:)

  3. Looks like your new Jadeite made it just in time for pancakes! Hope you enjoy the new treasures from BHM. :o)

    The Boys of BH

  4. You've got so many lovely things! I like the glasses best, that's the first time I've heard of the Worlds Fair items. Thank you for sharing your pics with us.