Sunday, January 2, 2011

Shopping for silver metallic jeans

Well while I was out shopping for a pair of silver metallic jeans I found the local antique mall having a sale.

I am on the look for a wooden bed for a friend who wants to paint it white. She has a bedroom she calls the Violet Room and it is of course decorated with violet pictures cup and saucers with violets odd dishes and pictures with violets. It is just lovely. She has an old vintage iron bed in there now and she painted green  ivy vines all around it and it looks so pretty with the contrasting violet color however after several years she wants a change. So I was at one of the local antique malls and found this bed and sent her the pictures however her and her husband just can't stand to paint a good piece of wood so they thought it was too pretty to paint.
Myself i think it would just be fabulous painted white.

Now don't all of you white lovers think this would just be gorgeous painted white? Maybe I should just buy it paint it and take it to her. The only thing is she wants to paint something herself for this room.                                                                            

While I was looking around I seen this cute small chest painted RED and I thought where could I put this in my house? My house is full and need to de-clutter some things not bring more in. I would change the pulls and maybe it could go in my home office and I could take a wing back chair and ottoman out to make room for it just thinking  out loud.

This one booth had 30% off her chandeliers

I found some small things on sale while I was there. In the new issue of Victorian magazine they have a article about mother of pearl buttons and serving pieces. I found a spoon with mother of pearl and the handle is twisted wire  just like in the picture in the magazine.


  1. I have to say...I side with your friend on this one. That bed is just too gorgeous to cover up with paint. Yes, it probably would look beautiful painted too, but it would be a SIN. (Ha! that's just me being very opinionated in my old age...)

    So - did you find the silver metallic jeans you were looking for? If not, maybe you could buy some blue jeans and paint them silver? ;)

  2. Good answer Ms Saraparilla LOL

    I was laughing at that comment about new jeans and paint them silver. That is something I would do to just say I did it. Thanks for the advice LOL

    I know my friend will be reading this and be glad you took her side

    OK I agree to nice a bed to paint


    PS No one had silver meatallic jeans in my size I am not a size 0

  3. i think it would be fabulous painted white....and then glazed slightly to bring out the details....