Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Mother Of Pearl !!!!!!!!!!!

OM GOSH I bought the new issue of Victoria magazine January/ February featuring Mother of Pearl Treasures From the Sea page  really caught my attention. I have always purchased mother of pearl silverware when I could find it priced reasonable so wanted to show a few of my pieces also

I have jars of mother of pearl buttons. I didn't get my large buttons in the pictures my sister wanted to make a necklace with the large ones.We seen a fabulous picture of a necklace once in another magazine and of course we never have gotten to that project.

  This knife on the far right is a cheese knife looks like a small scoop

     This is a spoon I have that looked like the magazine article pieces to me.I have showed you  my knifes before on my blog however they fit in with all of this so well.


               A pictures of some of my gorgeous rhinestone buttons with the prices still on them

The mother of pearl button that is blurry has a rose painted on it and it is a newer button I always look for vintage buttons

               I added a picture of mine over at Faded Charm     she has White Wednesday and I love looking all all the post from other bloggers.
  Now over on The French Cupboard she has a  Vintage Black Friday I love her blog as well.


  1. Delightful blog post, sugar. I love mother of pearl also but cannot lay claim to having much of it. I love your little settee and the toile on it. I have some of that toile also and am hoarding it because I love it so much. Darling!

  2. Beautiful. I will have to purchase this month's copy. I have long loved Mother of Pearl too. Thanks for sharing with us today. Happy week!

  3. Stunning and I love the way you styled yours with the mags, great photos! Lezlee

  4. I love the tableware, but I've never found any...I'll keep looking though!

  5. I LOVE Mother of Pearl! I am drooling over that spoon....I have never seen one of those. Thanks for dropping by the Yaya and I look forward to reading more of your blog! xo...deb

  6. You have beautiful objects and the Victoria magazine is always delightful.

  7. I am in awe of both you silver ware and you bottles of buttons. Fantastic treasures!

    come visit

  8. I too love mother of pearl anything. I have very little but a bit of jewelry. Your collections is wonderful. The silverware is great to collect and still out there to find.
    Thank you for your comment today. Yep, our grands do grow up fast.
    Hugs, Jeanne

  9. You sure do have a great collection of buttons! I love old buttons,they become a real addiction or maybe that's just me.Glad to see someone else who reads Victoria magazine. I was broken hearted years ago when the Magazine went out of business.Sooo glad to have it back.I don't think it is exactly the same as before...I have quite a few copies from many, many years ago.They still take me to another place and time when I drag them out to enjoy.
    Such a pretty post...really enjoyed it!

  10. What a beautiful collection you have! I've never run into any of this, but I'd sure love to find some!

  11. Great post and I love love love the buttons! Buttons. Aaaah.

  12. Hi Janice! Nice to meet you!
    What lovelies you have. Looks like you just popped out of Victoria magazine!
    I have never collected mother of pearl accessories...And this must be remedied immediately! *winks* And it's all your fault! *winks* Love your sweet boudoir doll in your sidebar...but your toile settee made me weak in the knees! Dreamy! Vanna

  13. I love mother of pearl! You have some beautiful pieces.

  14. Pretty pieces! Btw, I went back to that same estate and bought a couple more things at half off. Couldn't pass it up.

  15. Just love your mother of pearl collections! So lovely.

  16. Yes, this is FABULOUS!!! I'm jealous, all the way around - Tanya