Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Tea anyone?

Today I want to show my old tea tiles I got at an auction once, and why I don't know. I wanted the ones with the ladies faces on them but somehow I got caught up in auction mania and got all these.They do look pretty all together. I have a bowl that I got from my Mom who got it from a great Aunt's estate, anyway it matches these tea tiles it has a picture of a beautiful old Victorian lady on the bowl. wish I had thought and got her picture in this mix.

Isn't she pretty? I should name her Miss Aster


This little lady looks like her neck is broke.  Or is she thinking? Love her dress anyway. I will name her Miss Think

  Real pretty flowers and they are faded on the tile and just so soft & pretty. I think at this sale there was about 50 tea tiles to be sold. The little lady who's sale it was had collected lots of them, and they are all old ones. I would say turn of century and early 1900's.

 Oh now this one is soooooooo sweet with the little bird on it. Wouldn't you love to have several dishes with these little birds? I would for sure.                                                                                        
 Not sure what this flower is. I had one with violets on it and one of my very good friends has a violet bedroom and we collect every dish we can find with violets on it for her quest bedroom. anyway I gave the tea tiles with violets on it for the Violet Room.                                                                                                                                   
Ok there is 6 in this picture so I missed one.
This must be it.       They were used to set your tea kettle on or china tea pot after you poured the hot water in it. That way with your tea pot setting on the tea tile it wouldn't damage your sweet little table you were serving on.                                                                                        

I have them setting in a wire rack on a shelf with some one things I really like . One is this old family picture of my Grandparents and a saying my Grandmother wrote down once on an odd piece of paper I found it in her desk and just kept it because it was her writing. I am very sentimental when it comes to my Grandparents.

I am getting my new computer loaded up today and  will be so glad to have a desk top at home again. I went to someones house yesterday to use their lap top but wasn't use to moving that cursor around the way her lap top was set up and couldn't do anything so I said never mind I will wait till in the morning and go into work at daylight and work on my blog. So here I am .

Here is a couple pictures of the old front door that belongs to the sisters' house that was built in 1897. they got a new front door and few years ago and I said don't throw that away So I rescued it and it lives in my studio with all the other old treasures I have rescued.



It even has the metal round door bell , this latch you see here pulls up and it rings the round bell on the other side. I wanted to have it installed on my house somewhere but the contractor said none of ,my opening would support it, not the correct size. I said make them the correct size. Didn't happen. he said you need to built a new house and have an opening special cut for this door. I don't buy that but haven't persuade it again.

Here is  a metal candle holder I hung in my hall way going to the bedrooms, my candles are not setting up straight. I put those prisms on it I moved it around not sure where I really want it so it just hanging out in the hallway.

I  had it in my office at home on this red wall and it looked good.                                                 

Another not so good picture .where one side is dark.

While I was looking for more pictures of the red wall I found some of my paper dolls  aren't they cute?

      Can you tell what this chair looks like? well I got some paint yesterday named sweet pink and want to paint one of these chairs pink. They are Martha Stewart chairs I got at K-mart a few years ago , however Martha one of them fell apart and I was very unhappy so I have 3 now. No problem I have odd chairs so when I have company for dinner I pull out all the odd chairs.  Did I say I like chairs? I am always finding more chairs I want.

Here is another red wall picture. This print looks like my Sissy(my little pug).

Here is an old tin I seen once at the Portland Expo show and it is a Henry Clive tin. I ask the lady about it and she said he was a famous painter or designer any way I said well I have that tin at home. She had $250.00 on it I bought mine at an estate sale and I think gave $2.00 for it. I will see if I can find a picture of mine.

Look really close and you can see my Henry Clive tin. It is setting on top of the little white desk on top of the wicker chest of drawers.This is sort of like where's waldo? only where's  Henry
You can click on my pictures and they get larger, if you are looking for the tin.


Here is a picture of a quilt I made with help from a friend.

I love Dick & Jane




  1. I just absolutely love your old door-the details are so wonderful-glad you rescued it!

  2. oh the tiles, the tea tiles ... they charm me

  3. You have so many pretties!! Wouldn't it have been a shame if they had just discarded that wonderful door! I love your paperdolls and baby shoes too...but I think the note written by your grandmother is the best treasure of all!!

  4. Love all the treasures. The fading of the tea tiles are so delicate. Have old doors in my house. My husband cut the openings to fit,...can tell you it was a job.
    have a lovely day

  5. Love the tea tiles~ I have never known what those are they used?

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