Sunday, October 3, 2010

Flea market pictures

Boy was I cold all day yesterday It started out cloudy & windy, blow your head off type wind. Anyway it was suppose to be sunny & warm. we all made it through the day but we had ourselves wrapped in linen table cloths.I am sure glad I wore a jean jacket .Any way my sister and I got out to the place of selling treasure about5:30 am. we won the prize for being the first ones there.(really no prize included) In about 30 minutes other people started coming to set up. We had really nice neighbors. And all day long people said oh I seen your blog , (ok 2 ladies)  they said a friend told me about your blog. I was so happy.
This is just a few pictures I was so busy or cold I forgot to take pictures. we drank a lot of hot coffee. There was people selling food, we even got great gravy & biscuits.

I had a new umbrella to put up but soon as we got it up the north wind blew it down . I thought I should have saved my money and not invested in this. I want a white tent which my neighbors had one up and  they had it weighted down . I ask them how they were keeping it from blowing away and the man said it came with stakes to put in the ground.

My little chalk board looked awful pitiful I thought. If I did this for a living I would have to look a little more professional.  After looking at my picture I think It looks a little trashy I mean it really needed to be neater. Stuff was just all over the ground and tables, and then people move things which i really don't care if they do.
Did I tell you a lady came up to me and said she had seen my blog!! It made me a little bit happy to know someone local had seen my blog. She told me I reconized your work boots with pink laces. LOL or I use to say hahahahahah


This 1/2 mannequin I call it was my youngest sisters I gave it to her one year for her birthday, now she doesn't want it. I said I would try to sell it for her.This is a messy picture but you all have seen messes before. right?
We were right close to interstate I-70 and big semi trucks honked all day one truck stopped and the man  jumped the ditch and shopped I bet he got him a good bar b que sandwich also.                                                                                                                    

I sold all my little metal sign but 3.People were interested as to where they came from, all I knew was out of an old hardware store In St Louis Missouri.

Here is a few pictures of booths next to me.

                 Look at that big red  bird cage. Also on that table is a big white bowl with black birds in the bowl and she put a stuffed  bird on the rim.                 


Love that old chippy little chest. I didn't look at see the price tag.


I liked that old iron baby bed.The lady was looking at  an old linen sack That is all the flea market pictures I got. I wish I had thought of it and had someone take a picture of me and my sister together we was to busy being cold.

I bought me something to wear to Texas next year when I  go to Warrenton & Round Top to the Marburger flea market. I don't want to get my pretty lime green boots  dirty. Oh I met a man who sets up at Marburger show in Texas. he said it is a huge show. I can't wait to experience that. I will just be walking around like I am in antique heaven.



I got these at a resale shop downtown. They were really reasonable priced for TonyLama boots.Not to many cowgirls in this area.

I forgot to show you these flower pots I bought . I originally bought them to use in my house I was going to use them for my annual Christmas party. I was going to put a clear dish down in them and use them for a table decoration I was going to put food on the glass plate. If i do this I will post pictures. What I have in my mind will look better than I can describe to you.

     I need to show a pretty picture and then I am off  to look at a new computer.

Her is another lamp I have. It is in my quest bedroom not a great picture but it is red.

A red & white picther I have and also bowls to match I have them setting on top of my plate rack with other red & white dishes.

I love this sweet little bowl. My Mom's name was Rosemary  that is why I have it. I knew someone who was throwing it away, so I snatched it up.




  1. Hi Janice, The package was in my mailbox when I got home last night. I love the groceries sign and the other goodies you sent! You are so sweet to send me extra surprises!! Thank you so much.
    You had lots of good things to sell. It sounds like you sold lots of stuff, even though you had to shiver while you did it!!
    I'm going to post about my new sign tomorrow! Thanks again.

  2. Look at all the goodies! I really love the signs you had!!

  3. WOW, tons of great stuff. Glad you survived all the chilly temps, but you had some way cool things. The signs were my faves and love that manny!! So glad you linked up with VIF!!

  4. So glad I showed back up tonight. Love all of it. I'm a flea market kind of gal, I know a treasure without it being all displayed up. I have been chilled to the bone many times when I've set up at markets. Hope you have warmed up.

  5. Any chance the ALCOHOL sign didn't sell? I would be interested if you still have it. It would look great in our pub!!



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