Saturday, October 9, 2010

Devon Le Comte de

Well you see I got  Heath's French dictionary at the library, they were having a sale of old books and I found a few in French. French is so pretty I think. I can't even say Fleur De lis very pretty but I try. Anyway it said besides Devon le Comte de,  Devonshire so is that how you say it? This was under geographical names.

Another thing so many blogger have all their pumpkins and fall decorations out for show & tell so I took a few pictures of a few of my fall & pumpkins decorations.

Guess I should have turned around my old black shoes with the hens & chickens in them With all the rain we had all summer they got washed out a bit.

This big oh rusty funeral flower basket is all decorated for fall I would say. I had these silk mums and a few odd and  ends so I made a fall arrangement . Anybody that loves this new rusty craze will love this flowerbasket.Rust all the way around.

Here is a couple Longaberger baskets I have had a few years.  The little one I got off ebay and the large one a friend found for me at a flea market.


This little fairy girl has rust all over her and her wings but she can still hold up a pumpkin can.
These cutr little pumpkins use to be on a string of light that burned out but couldn't throw these little guys away.
These were taken in one of my flower beds in my back yard.


                        a couple little cards someone special  sent me

                              more outside shots of one of my pumpkins in a box

                                     My sweet little stuffed pug                                           


I put my Henry Clive tin outside with the pumpkins also since I found it while I was dusting off the concrete dust downstairs today. I sure will be glad when my studio is back in order.l I have several projects in my mind I want to get started on.  I usually write my ideas down on paper and put them in a project book, but where is the book? You all that have not read my blog before don't know I am going through getting my house fixed so my basement won't leak . That is done and now I am getting ready to paint my entire downstairs before I can start putting thing back in place. What a job. Since I run around a lot to sales and flea markets and shop in St Louis and go visit my sister up
 by Kansas City Mo. Anyway I need to get it done before the snow flys here.


A few pictures of my flowers before the next frost gets  them. My hydrangeas were just beautiful this year with all our rain.

I am sure these are my last blooms.


I love the foliage also.
These are out by my wood fence. My cosmos

Sissy was outside helping me.

These are in a concrete flower basket



OK enough flowers here is my yard lady , a friend pawned her off on me, because her boyfriend didn't like her, the yard lady that is.

                I moved my flower arrangements around to my front porch.


Looks like I need to take a few things off the front, too much stuff.

One little pumpkin still


          One time I took my silver out on the fence  to take pictures                 

                 One beautiful Fenton hobnail candy dish  my Mom got it for a wedding present

The old rugged cross hanging on the wooden fence.

Bottles in my kitchen window and I know I have much better pictures if I can find them this was before I filled them with old buttons, some day I will  come across them. 

Ok I found this picture of my jars in my kitchen window filled with old mother of pearl buttons.


            One last picture of a lace curtain  in my tree which I just Love        



  1. OH I do LOVE your Sissy! And the stuffed pug is too cute, too...and I love the rusty flower basket!

  2. I love your style! So eclectic and gorgeous, it takes some talent to pull this off without it looking junky, and this definitely does not look junky! So beautiful, so happy you stopped by Little Blue Deer so I could find you, happy to be your newest follower!

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