Saturday, October 30, 2010

Still unpacking treasures

I still don't have all my treasures unpacked and put away or just opened so I can take pictures. This coming back from vacation and going right back to work is hard on a girl. I still like my chair time in the evening I watched Auction Kings last night that is new to me never seen it on Tv.It was on history channel I think same channel as American Pickers.
I have a friend coming over to dig through boxes in my garage from the last time I set up at the flea market. she decided she wants some small crock bowls for chill bowls. I told her I had 3 brown crock bowls and a couple blue left.

Here is a window display at The Paris market in Savannah can you tell what it is? A scary thing I say.


Here is few pictures of items I bought on my trip The heart shaped cake pans I just had to have since they were $2.50 at an antique mall . I will make a real cute Valentine's cake or birthday cake for someone with them.

                                         I always want gold bangle bracelets
    I found some great old cook books I have one that the title is To My Darling Daughter someone already borrowed it so when it is returned i'll show you a picture of it.

This is a cake cover I bought and liked the old black finish on it . I bought it at the Country Living Fair.


                I got this cute tin pie pan at an antique mall someplace in Tennessee


 And the mixer also at the same place      


Also this It sure needs cleaned up but I will show it dirty

    Oh and I found some red and white dishes in Paducah at the Jeremiah's antique mall , they match what I already have

                  They have Mason on the bottom same as my plates

Here is my new jar with the black shells in it that I picked up on  Neptune beach in Florida.The end of Atlantic Blvd.



                I want to show one more thing I bought at the Belleville Illinois antique mall I just love them I am going to bake me a 4 tiered cake. The pans are really small I think not like a huge wedding cake  the top little pan will hold about 1/2 cup cake batter

          With the recipe paper                                                                    

 Won't I have fun with this? I think so if it turns out good I will bake one for my girls Christmas party I have every year

I found the name of the lady who made my altered art necklace

She has a web page also  this is how i found her

Heres the directions for the little bitty tierd cake pans that Miss Kuuless ask about, It says To use ready mixes


Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Had a great shopping experience

I love to shop at malls flea markets and of course antique shops . Well after I got home and tried to get all this stuff put away it will take another day. I have to go to work tomorrow so maybe by Saturday I will have things organized.
I found a few old kitchen items I just love like this old glass Sugar jar I want to make vanilla sugar in it. I usually use 5lb sack of sugar and 2 vanilla beans. Mix together leave the lid on the jar for at lease a month and it will smell so good when you open it  and it is so good in cookies. I bought a little red plastic scoop to go into it.

Here is a few things I just love jewelry & rhinestones.

I just crave these little purses, I am planning on using them in an altered art necklace. While I was traveling around different ladies I talked with didn't know what altered art anything was. So I gave ideas that I hope they understand. Can you believe I didn't wear any of my jewelry I made while on my trip. I bought a fabulous necklace from a girl at the Country Living fair. I think her name was Elizabeth Mason, maybe Maxon. When I find her card I will correct myself.


She told me she got the ladies pictures off of some papers she bought at a Paris flea market. I tell you all these people who travel to Paris and I was thrilled going to Savannah Georgia and Atlanta Georgia.

While traveling through St Louis Missouri I stopped at the Galleria because I found online that the store Anthropologie was there. I read on different blogs where ladies say the decor is just breathtaking and the sweaters also. Well I agree. Here is some of the old furniture and the bedding was wonderful  forgot the name of the bedding but it is the material where script  writing is all over it. The pillow cases were $200. so I didn't price the other bedding.







                                           This is on a lamp shade


This was a really big wheel


             Ok the bedding , not a great picture but just wanted to give you an idea about it  . It is really beautiful and I would like to redo my guest room with this script writing however just spent that much money on my trip.                   




I just had to have another coffee cup only this one had my initial on it . I got it at this store Anthropologie

Here is some things I  bought these rhinestone shoe clips and a rhinestone button which I  have a jar full of  but can't not buy one when I find it.


The pictures of these bracelets are real plain but the gold ones are old slid bracelets, the clips open and slid back and forth so you can tighten it on your wrist. The rhinestone one I bought to use for a necklace. These bracelets were some I had seen In Paducah Ky at an anrique shop for a lot more money than what I paid for these I found In Belleville Il at an antique mall.
  Here is a few things I will go through tomorrow evening when I get home from work                                                                                

Monday, October 25, 2010

Paducah Kentucky, Mt Vernon Il then home

Now next to my last stop was Paducah Kentucky. I shopped downtown most of the day and found some great antique shops, some was shopped out meaning every thing good was gone. I went to shops I remembered from my last trip down there and some was gone. I was walking on Broadway and went by this window display !!!!!!!!I thought WOW Prom attire? or what? Can you believe I pulled my camera out for this and didn't get it out only for one shop.
I guess first I should show the Welcome sign

                                                       Get your sun glasses on ladies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wasn't those wild?

The shop I went in and remembered to get a picture was Fleur de lis owned by Judy Bray on Kentucky Ave she said I could put her picture on . I bought a large rhinestone button from her $5.oo and then this little sweet girl she was a fire place screen but her bottom stand wasn't all there, I will just stand her up against the wall.

She has a really large interesting  selection of rhinestone and costume jewelry which I love.

After I unwrap all my great purchases I will post them . I brought my trips purchases in and just dropped them all over the living room and some in the kitchen. I have my shells in the sink soaking, they smell like rotten muscles. I stopped in St Louis at Home Goods store to purchase one of those tall glass containers to put my black shells in.  I will show them after I get them all fixed up.

                      I stopped at an antique mall in Belleville Ill and found some good things for my altered art jewelry and cards so I am anxious to create something.

OMGosh While I walk walking down Broadway In Paducah I was hungry of course and heard this LOUD band and I wandered in this restaurant bar place named Mother Duncan's.  I ordered a hamburger which  is a special there. They have an open brick charcoal grille in the dining room. There was lots of people having the burger. The sweet tea was really refreshing to me.

Well I just didn't wander in this establishment not knowing what I was in for. I know the owner of Mother Duncan's and her sister here In Missouri is a dear friend of mine(Jo). I set at the bar up front and watched Missouri & Oklahoma play football ate my hamburger and drank my sweet  tea and watched all the people. If you ever go to Paducah please stop and tell Pat(Mother Duncan)  Janice her friend In Missouri sent you there.

I had to see all my mail and this box from Kristin at Faded Prairie was here. I won a contest she had naming her prairie cow . Ollie is her name now and because of that she sent me this box of goodies. I am going to leave her blog address and go visit her and check out Ollie.

she has an etsy site also

             I wrote mt name in the sand on the beach in Florida.
         My stop before St Louis Mo was Mt Vernon Il to visit a friend of mine from grade school . We hadn't seen each other since our freshman year in high school well she has the sweetest granddaughter name Felicia , I fell in love with this young  girl . Felicia if you are reading this, you are my favorite. This is a code

 We are going to plan a girls week end and get more of our old girl friends together.                                               


Friday, October 22, 2010

Trip continued Country Living Fair Atlanta Georgia

I have a couple pictures left from Savannah Georgia then on to Country Living Fair In Atlanta Georgia It was as good

 as I wanted it to be. I seen people I had read their blog. Like Things By Paul. Willow Nest. Wait us finish Savannah

This young lady was at the front desk at Inn At Ellis Square where I stayed and she was so sweet and nice to me. very complementary also. I said I am putting you on my blog. Now I think I have her name correct if not she can let me know Helena, hey girl said I was going to post your picture. Every body there was very nice so next trip I am staying there.


Now for the high lite of my Savannah trip was meeting Cheryl and her store is Back In The Day Bakery.

She is the best baker!!!!!!!!her cup cakes were to die for good. I bought one and ate it while I was setting at a table visiting with her. Then bless her little heart she packed one to go for me. Soon as my taxi got me back to the hotel I ate it. You really must go to her bakery if you ever go to Savannah. She is working on her first cookbook and guess who will have an introductory page??????????????????????????????????????

Paula Deen, you know Chery has been on Paula Deen's show a few times now and I only seen one, darn it. guess I was at work.


 I helped clean out that top tray. Old fashioned  love them


     Her shelf of collectibles  I told her I could find her stuff that relates to baking and I already have something in mind for her shelf.

  Look at that home made bread I am hungry now also sure would taste good.

Look at her chandelier 

She has the pink and turquoise thing going on so cute. Darn it I thought I got her sign in a picture but I didn't. She is on facebook and has a blog also that she doesn't keep , I mentioned that to her, up but she is to busy I understand, better get her right handed girl on that.


          I met a lady staying at the same motel as me outside of Stone Mountain .Where the big Country Living Fair was, anyway   she ask me if I wanted to ride into the park with her real early because she was setting up. My answer was guess what? YES
So anyway I went in the vendor gate with her she was a Sister On The Fly Lady. They are all over the United States and meet every where.
My ride ladies name is Sharon and Michelle was her neighbor and here is pictures of my pass and their cute adorable trailers.                                                                     

This is Sharon's trailer


She has the Paris theme going on and then her cute bench out side, its an iron baby bed.



Now here is Michells she owns the Pink Myrtle beauty salon In Savannah Georgia and pulled her little Lady Bug trailer up to Atlanta.


                                       Arent' they the cutest thing? Signature on a  back of jean jacket


Now this lady I don't have her name available her card is out in the car packed away in some sack. I just brought in tonight what I need. I will tell you all she has a web page she use to be a professional something and wanted to just have fun so now she creates great covered furniture her way.


There is her sign Happy Chair

This was a great booth this cute guy was from New York, he had cute stuff also I wanted his little $65 dollar red boots.



They are little children's boots and would look so cute on a shelf any where                                                                                                                                        

I don't have the name of the booth who had this on display I just walked by and took the picture.



This is stuff by Paul


I loved being there, here is also pictures that I can't tell you who's booth it is.



This was a guest speaker and she has a book out and I know she is from Kansas City Missouri my neck of the woods. Her blog is Sewing with Vintage or Vintage sewing something like that . She takes vintage clothing and redoes it.


I am so tired and dirty my feet looks like dirt clogs. I wore sandals is why . I am hungry but not going any where I am in for the evening