Sunday, August 29, 2010

My projects for Today

Well today after church I want to get these items painted. They might not look as good as I have them pictured in my head, but I,m going to give it a try.

The old doll buggy , well I have never seen one painted so that will be interesting. The wooden silverware trays I have seen painted and liked them painted white.
The mirror I got at a resale shop , it has a few pieces missing on one side but I know it will look great painted white, think I will hang it in the kitchen.

I forgot to take a  picture of an old wooden ironing board, I wanted to use it for a plant stand in the studio.

I took some pictures of my outside chandelier while I was on the back patio with all my items waiting to be painted. I have had this chandelier hanging from my tree for about 5 or 6 years now.

I just love being outside, in a way wished my patio was covered, but then I guess that would loose the effect of being outside. I set outside even in cold weather and drink my coffee.
Talking about weather I am so happy we are back down in the 80's.

                                                                    One of my neighbors was having a yard sale a couple weeks ago, anyway she gave this to me. She said if you want it Janice, just take it home . It is missing a drawer pull, but that is no problem if I can find my sack of pulls. I always buy drawer pulls at sales if I can find them.

I sold an old secretary earlier this spring and it had the pretties pulls on it. I had painted it white. My friend was moving and selling another old cabinet and I liked that better. Its the old chippy white cabinet I posted once.

                                                                   This is a quilt rack, it hangs from the wall. I bought it at our side walk sales down town. A cute card shop was going out of business she told me she hung her wrapping paper on it. It is bright red, but what about a quick white paint over?
I have a friend who might want this for her quilt studio. I tell you her quilt studio looks better than some quilt shops I have been it. It is just fabulous, maybe some day she will let me post pictures of it.                             
 Ok  one more picture of the things in the studio, tomorrow is the day I really need to pack things away. Before the wookmen arrive to made their mess.
                                  Oh I thought of one more I would like to show you.

I already showed these last two pictures but not sure how to delete them.

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