Thursday, August 12, 2010

Buried In Sand ( I mean Dishes)

This is how I feel today. I am just happy I got this fun picture loaded.I am still getting the kitchen put back together. I love it when it's done. But I feel like never again. The clean feeling is wonderful. 

One day this week while walking through out local Antique Mall, I stopped and talked with a couple ladies who was sprucing up their booth. I was admiring their stuff( wonderful girlie stuff) and they ask me questions like did I have a booth there etc. I told them I use to(had to close when I had back surgery and wasn't able to lift). Anyway, I told them I was setting up at an open air flea market this fall, told them where and so on. They said they would be there also!! We both were set up last fall at the same place and didn't see each other's booth. It is always so busy you can't walk around much. Some very dear friends & one sister did help me last fall, but there wasn't time to shop. It was a good day. I always love setting up . I have been buying items all summer for me also to sell. Sometimes I sell things I wish I would have kept. However I just buy more.


  1. Hey Janice! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I always love finding new blogs to read, and now I found yours! Good luck with the new blog - it gets easier with each post!

  2. You have a wonderful go at the open air flea market this fall. Ah yes, the clean feeling of a place for everything and everything it its place is unsurpassable.


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