Friday, January 12, 2018


I think most of us love a cup of hot tea and I just keep buying different boxes of teas to try. Guess that's why I  am buying different tea pots also?
I posted a picture of my red and white transferware newest teapot however not setting with a mismatch tea cup which I found 6 of once at a resale shop here in town.

I have maybe 4 cups and saucers in my Mason set that matches the creamer in the pictures. These little cups are marked England on the bottom I think any china that comes from england is wonderful,like my Burleigh staffordshire set in blue calico

While I was in Jefferson City Monday I stopped at a couple shops and found these gorgeous red and white transferware soup bowls there was 11 all together and priced for all 11 which came out to about $4.50 each so I had to have them. When I first started collecting transferware these were always were always priced $22.50 each up to $50 each! so I was well pleased to find them.

You can tell I haven't changed my table covering since New Years. I will today or maybe tomorrow.

When do we get enough dishes where they don't keep attracting our attention ?

I need to get ready for my job, I finally got my hours changed to 6 hours a day and I can tell I have lot more time to play with dishes LOL

Stay warm it's -8 below here this morning which makes it hard to walk very far without feeling it

I joined in these parties

Bernideen's Tea Time 
Coastal Charm 

Thursday, January 4, 2018

My Win

 We have all been so busy with our Christmas posts and new Years I waited to show off my Mackenzie Child's win from Pandora;s Box blog.

Needless to say it's one of my loves, Still first is Louis Vuitton bags and luggage, then red transferware dishes. The list goes on and on LOL
This is the lovely box it came presented and wrapped in

It is so sweet and a friend gave me several small candles that will fit in perfeceetly

Needless to say I was happy and thrilled at same time and it sets proudly along side other items from Mackenzie Child's.
If you watch the cable network Evine they had all the items on before Christmas and the lady  who is on the Aurora Farm in New York state said in spring they will have entire new line of Mackenzie Child's items