Saturday, May 21, 2016

Button Finds

For you all that don't collect historical pretty unusual buttons or at least admire them, this might be interesting to you?
I attended the Missouri Button Club for the very first time and found some wonderful buttons to purchased after we looked at all the Winners of Buttons entered in the contest.

There was buttons there I had never dreamed would be up in the hundreds of dollars.Of course the ones that caught my interest were $495-$795 can you believe that?? Now these buttons were portrait buttons of pass Queen and royalty

       These knot buttons for lack of their proper names  is some I purchased                                                          

 This was the first time I had seen any of this type of buttons all looking like pretty swirls or knots
 They are all celluloid buttons very light weight
 I can just see these buttons on a smart ladies suit jacket from the 1950-1960;s
 The yellow swirls I already had and thought they fitted in this family of buttons

 Gorgeous buttons, I was not disappointed in attending this button show for the first time. This was all my new buttons I purchased . Buttons in the poke boxes ranged from one dollar each to ten dollars each. Oh I purchased some larger mother of pearl buttons also  for one dollar each, size of half dollar

Each Dealer had large amounts of buttons on cards to sell then each had a button poke box on their tables where you could dig through and find a special button. The dealer I purchased all of these from had just removed them from display cards and added to their Poke boxes where you poke through. It was very fun 

This is a Victorian perfume button where Victorian ladies would dab perfume to the velvet of the button and pin it on her clothing to help with the smells of the streets before sanitation in city streets.

Even if you're not into buttons I hope you thought this was interesting . Which was your favorite button? 

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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Latest Sale Finds

Yes I finally found my camera. It was in a cross body bag I very often use, however I took it on my last trip to the city and didn't use it and didn't know I had put my camera in it.I was going for a walk and needed a bag to put my phone and house keys in for my walk, and went to get this bag and there was my camera! yeah after 2 weeks looking for it haha

I wanted quickly show you some of my latest estate sale finds and yard sale find in St Louis

Here is a couple of reproduction  staffordshire dogs that I found very charming and price was very reasonable $6.25 for pair. It was 75% off day sale.I have always just purchased the very old one but I thought what the heck they are cute and I have them on an old dish cabinet in the kitchen

 I got these 4 cups for one dollar each I have them in a  small cabinet full of small treasures
 This is a set of flatware I got in St Louis yard sale for $20 I just have always liked this pattern. I have a very nice set of Coronation  I use for my silverware but got this anyway, Ill use it for a girls luncheon. I don't know the pattern name? However I'm sure it Shell something.Do you know?
 It came with serving pieces copy of Shell and Thread by Tiffany just found pattern name
 My girly luncheon plates a daughter gave me once

I added a few tiny string of lights in an old cabinet .There sets my Eiffel Tower salt and pepper I got in Paris airport last year 

Thanks for looking at my pictures I am so happy to have my camera back

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Saturday, May 7, 2016

Pretty Tea Tiles

 As you can tell I haven't posted since my St Louis trip shopping with my daughter and I think I lost my camera someplace on that trip? Anyway I can't find it in this house where I hang out.
So i'm looking back through old picture just to write a post.
Hopefully the camera will show up. I have been wanting a better camera but sure didn't want to spend the money for one I would rather spend that much money on a trip someplace.

These picture are of what I call tea tiles ,which  you set your hot tea pot on. Instead of sitting right on your table.I always liked the ones with ladies faces. I haven't used them for some time. Sort of like a hot pad. Very Victorian 

Always anything with the sweet little blue birds is desirable to have 
I always like the ones with ladies  on them 
 And then there is roses

Happy Mother's Day to all us Mothers 

I'll keep looking for my camera, I just remembered I have an old digital camera someplace in this house so going to look for it. I am great at sticking things in drawers and not remembering which drawer upstairs or downstairs? 

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Monday, April 25, 2016

American Picker Girls

My daughter and I went to St Louis for the weekend. shopped and shopped then we ran into someone in Clarksville Missouri when we were going to visit a friend of mine who lives in an 1845 mansion.
This is Me, Danielle and daughter Terra. Danielle is on American Pickers for you who don't know who she is.She was doing a show at the Vintage  Spring Market in Clarksville Missouri,up the river from St Louis Missouri

Terra had never been to Richard's house so he took her on a tour,even though he was preparing a family dinner for about 13 of his relatives, some who came into Clarksville to see Miss Danielle from American Pickers . I am not a big fan of hers however it was fun to meet her. The Spring market was a nice turn out, lots vendors selling vintage items

I love his candelabra's and his entire house . It's so yummy and he does tours. Cottrell House Clarksville Missouri 573-242-9688. The picture below is one of his parlors.
Richard played his Baby Grand Piano for us and I did a video however when I download it online it's very blurry . Richard's past  Blog 
We had a fun weekend and did a little antique shopping, oh stopped at a fabulous yard sale in Chesterfield. I will show you later what I got.

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Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Rhinestones and Shells

I finished more projects this last weekend by staying home and not out shopping to bring more clutter into the studio, which I love to do. Both my neighbors think I have a problem since my entire downstairs is all the studio filled with creative treasures. Like I said before it's my self entertainment.They just don't get this era of blogging and shabby chic cottage chic, junking phase we are in. They don't have a great imagination like we do ?  They think painting furniture is crazy LOL

OK back to my projects of decorating my abalone shells. I had two and started with one and it turned out so good I did both of them. Now tell me if this is crazy?

 I got these abalone shells years ago at an estate sale of a local artist here in town ,she had the most unusual items in her house studio. She use to own Gail's China Town years ago and I always got my daughters birthday party favors at her shop

 I bought a rhinestone belt at a  sale not long ago and thought I know what i'll do with it soon as I seen it. Now I have two fancy decorated shells to hold my mother of pearl buttons and belt buckles
 This is what they looked like before

It's raining and very cloudy here this morning so had to use my flash on my little sony camera which always isn't the best pictures on the rhinestones but the buttons shows up really good
 I used E600 glue and this little spoon end with china doll head I got at Michael's a couple years ago, and the pink is an old earring I broke the end off

This is a much brighter picture the abalone inside shows up nice
 This is the closure for the belt
I just love them and will use them for different things I'm sure but for now all the mother of pearl items are in them.

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Saturday, April 16, 2016


I finally found a wooden spoon holder I wanted to use to display some of my larger sterling silver spoons. I got it at a yard sale last Saturday for $2 and thought some white paint will make you real pretty.I was a dark wood.
I didn't take a before picture because I was just going to paint it and hang it on the wall in the kitchen no big deal. Then It turned out so good and after I hung some of my spoons on it just had to show it off. Isn't that what blogging is all about anyway? showing off ?  our stuff ?  LOL

First is my Tomato spoons for serving sliced tomato's
 This is just some pretty spoons on the first row in the newly painted spoon rack
 I always liked this larger cheese shuttle or cheese spoon where you use it to shave a piece cheese off a large block of cheese with her pretty mother of pearl handle
 I am real pleased with it
 I had a hard time finding a place for it since I have limited wall space,I scooted over a dresser/buffet  I have in my dining area and hug it beside it on the wall I wanted it over in my cooking area but just no space for it
 This is my needs to be cleaned sterling silver lettuce fork and in the above picture it shows my large ladle.

I guess I should have cleaned these before the pictures but I'm sure you have all seen tarnished sterling silver flatware before and I am not embarrassed at all LOL 

I am staying home all day today and even told one of my girls I'm hiding my car keys so I won't go anywhere. I have several projects I want to play with today. Have a good weekend ladies & gentlemen 

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Monday, April 11, 2016

Estate Sale Shopping

I went to an Estate sale this last Saturday and found a lot of things I wanted. It was all newer things however in a most beautiful clean house. All designer dishes and furniture I would say, Now I wish I had purchased more.
I'll start by showing these 6 Mason Vista dessert plates. I got all of these for the reg price of one. On my sidebar is some of the other pieces I have in this pattern
 Love them
 Then I picked up this pink transferware quart size  Johnson Bros pitcher, love it also
 This heavy lead glass night stand water pitcher was not on any list of mine however it is so elegant I had to have it for 75% off at end of sale$6.25
 Seems like I buy a lot of dishes? for some reason. When I was a lot younger I can remember my Mom and a  Great Aunt always talking about antique dishes? and couldn't understand the attraction why now I know .
 Then here is a portmierion fruit pitcher that has never been on any of my lists however for $6 I had to bring it home, a 2 quart pitcher. I'll use it for ice tea
 I am a bracelet kind of gal and always have a bracelet on so had to get these also 75% off the black and white one I paid $1 and then the tortoise set I paid $2. I have a dresser drawer full of bracelets
I really enjoyed myself and spent money I should be saving for my next trips to Portland Oregon and New York City LOL But it was so much fun 

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