Friday, April 18, 2014

Finished Rhinestone Bottle

Well my booze bottle ( LOL)  is all decorated up and ready for it's first showing.I may add a little something extra however not sure just yet. This is her tiara crown that I made out of 3 rhinestone earrings and that is a belt buckle around her neck for an added piece of rhinestones which I love love love, and always have since I was a little girl when I first discovered rhinestones in my Grandma Baker's jewelry box, it was a wooden candy box not a fancy Hollywood jewelry box and I  have it now with some of her jewelry in it


Here she is setting real pretty on a cluttered work table in the studio 

I think I still need to add a choker or rhinestone necklace around her neck instead of the rhinestone belt buckle.what do you think I should do? or just leave well enough alone ? 

Then I think I'm almost finished with my rhinestone frog cuff bracelet. It was attached to a key chain when I purchased it at Michael's.
I had purchased the strand of green ribbon also to use ? just not sure yet 

Thanks for checking out my two latest projects , the before pictures are on my previous post.

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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Shiny Things

I have a hundred things to get done this week before Easter and I am not in the mood to get it all done, just plain tired and a little lazy LOL or plain lazy and little tired LOL
Anyway as I play today and think I need to scrub the tub and mop the kitchen before Saturday I just thought I need to play with my rhinestones a little.Company coming, my sisters
I have a large fancy bottle I want to decorate and started getting some drawers of bobbles out to pick and choose which ones i'll use.


I always show pictures before I start a project and lots times never show the finished project believe me I do finish them eventually 

I couldn't decide if I want to use the green pieces of jewelry or the old blue rhinestone, I think I'll go with the blue since it's my favorite color in the whole wide world

I stared a bracelet also today ,it's a frog with green rhinestones I seen it at Michael's yesterday and used my 40 % coupon to purchase it and a few other items . I already had a large silver cuff bracelet I have been wanting to add something to for a long time .

Ok I have to get back to finishing some laundry . I feel like I have 8 irons in the fire do you ever get over loaded? I keep thinking when I fully retire I can play every day but then I may not have as much play money LOL

 I am helping with my high school reunion for Mt Vernon Illinois Township High School and we are looking for Lola Shick, last time I talked with her she was living I think in Nebraska so if any of you know a Lola Shick from Mt Vernon Illinois let me know , thanks , I don't know her married name now 

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Saturday, April 5, 2014

Birds on Nest

I have a couple birds on a nest dishes my Mom had. She always loved these and had several I just happen to have two of hers.
The first one is a little white bird on a nest made by Avon . Mom bought this when they first came out . Maybe 1980 ?  Do you remember? what year for sure


Then Mom had this one that one of my sisters gave her for Mother's Day one year with a matching Fenton candy dish . She really liked this one 

WE both loved the old Fenton glass. I bought both of us several pieces of Fenton Glass Vases and especially candy dishes. I have Mom's Fenton white hobnail candy dish she got for a wedding present in 1957.


This is a reproduction jadite piece. I bought it for her because she just liked it and I had a lot of the old jadite kitchen bowls etc at the time. I put salt in it and had it on my stove.


So that is the birds all in a row this morning for you all. I didn't dig very far back in the cabinets however there is more of these someplace in this house tucked away.
The sun is out today and I'm glad to be home to enjoy it . As I write this I am watching  A cardinal outside of my office window look at himself in a mirror I have in my flower bed. He loves to peck at that mirror, I guess thinking it's a  handsome guy?

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Friday, March 28, 2014

Birds & Bushes

It is so nice to see some little bulbs pushing up from the cold earth. It was such a hard winter on plants and people and animals.
I was in Tuesday Morning and seen this sweet little cream pitcher and just had to get it. Reminded me of spring and a dear friend.


On one side is a little Bumble bee and other side a lady Bug which I will welcome both bugs in my yard this year LOL. Look at the little beak where the cream comes out


I just had to get me a flower pot of something blooming for inside the house. I noticed WestLakes ACE hardware is putting up their plant tent today. We are still to get some very cool nights ahead so I will be keeping my potted plants inside a few weeks longer more than likely, till after Mothers Day 

And these precious little things are coming up, I talk to my plants and I told them I was very happy to see them LOL
They will bloom out a pretty lavender color. Do you recognize what they will be?

I think I am still tied from my oregon trip. I plan on staying home all day Saturday and just resting and eating something real good LOL
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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Oregon Trip

I just got back from visiting family in Oregon and we took a rode trip on Sunday over to eastern Oregon. This is Mt Hood about 2 hours out of Portland looking back. In other words we went over the mountain.


We was on our way to Sisters Oregon , also went through Bend Oregon .

However the high light of the trip was driving down this canon road along this river where people go to raft and camp.
This is a stand out in the river where only a certain Indian tribe can stand to catch fish.

It's sacred Indian ground . I loved the picture below driving along the canon. We came from way on top to the bottom where the river was running 

The trout fishing is catch and release only . The name of the river is Deschutes River

This is what I had for supper last night, Lobster. After being in the northwest I always want seafood to eat . This is the first time I ever cooked one for myself at home. yummy 

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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Wall Art

Good Morning

Before I have to leave or even get ready for work I wanted to do a new post.
I am in my home office checking email etc and thought I really need to get some picture of something to post. I post things as they come to me.
Anyway I always like my red office walls and what I have hanging around me.I did this wall a couple years ago, and yes I still like my red room trimmed in Gold.


I have always liked wall candelabras 
Especially ones with huge crystals, I have a couple that are fabulous with 5 inch crystals and they are just laying downstairs on a bookcase

I have several old ornate gold frames and wanted to use them somehow 

 I like my goldfish I got them on a trip to Savannah Georgia once, I purchased them at The Paris Market if you were ever in Savannah I bet you heard of this store on Broughton St downtown? they just have a small screw int them and you screw them into your wall, My sister put her silver ones in her bathroom on her door to hang her bathrobe

I have a pair of these cute little pug bookends which I put on a wall shelf . It's still dark out and my little camera doesn't have that great of a flash. My chandelier in my office doesn't have large light bulbs in it either.

I have thought about painting this room a different color however it fits what I like so no need to paint. I have gold mirrors hanging where you can't see them in these pictures, even one hanging on my door since no more wall space to hang it 

 I better get off to work 

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Friday, March 7, 2014


Coffee anyone? I have really cut down on drinking coffee. I was drinking a pot of coffee at home and then at work drinking coffee just about all day long ! No wonder I couldn't sleep even drinking decaff. So now when I have my special cup with a cookie or piece of cake,well it's wonderful LOL

 I have several coffee canisters that I love because they are blue & white. This old canister has lost its lid throughout it's life and hasn't had one in the 20 years I have owned it. This is one of the items I started collecting back in the late 70-80's which  was blue and white dishes and canisters. never seen blue cherries but isn't it pretty?

Also my sale at the convention center last Saturday went very good. I sold a lot and was very happy with the day. I took loads of $1-10 items and they sold like hotcakes. The ice and snow held off Saturday. It was pleasant unloading however when we closed the cold north winds had came in and it was freezing packing up . This year they provided helpers and I sure was appreciative of that . I took pictures with my iphone and downloaded them in pisca at home however something went wrong ,anyway I can't find them and my program only downloads once,anyway I can't figure it out. I need a 9 year old to help me LOL Kids today can do anything on electronics
I just threw this picture in of my blue & white calico dishes because this was my first love, In dishes that is and I still love them with all my heart

The weather will be in the 50's today I am sure on campus lots college kids will be wearing shorts and tee shirts they always rush wearing shorts I think.

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