Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Valentine Charm Box

You know what I just said about I have to make my own fun at my age LOL Well I was in my messy studio and run across a drawer with altoid tins in it and I love to decorate these so thought I would make a couple. I have one friend who appreciates my homemade art so I made her one also and mailed it to her for a surprise since we don't get together anymore

I should mention my charm box is sitting on top of a pair of little red velvet girls vintage shoes
I really enjoy doing this sort of thing I don't measure and make everything perfect I just cut and glue and have fun creating                                                                
               These are sweet little buttons off of a baby dress  that I adored the girls outfits with and rhinestones of course,pretty silver glitter braid for the edges                                                                                                            
    I used some Valentine card papier  I got at a wonderful shop here once before it closed down, I hoard pretty papers. I tried to make a charming hat for one of the ladies,I think they were circus performers                                                                        
 Her Bottom with the gold button feet little glitter

A few little treasures added to my box                                                                                    
A couple little hearts, crown charm, few old safety pins, rhinestone bracelet ,fleur de lis,and some do dads, fried cake button,topaz  pendant,bar pin,heart shaped button . Made with Love                                                                                    

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Friday, February 5, 2016

Valentine Tree

I put together a Valentine tree, just left my silver tree from Christmas up in my home office and added some Valentine cards and treasures to the tree for fun.When your my age you have to make your own fun. LOL This was fun
 I started off putting a pink wreath on top of the tree then the little mouse with the key to my heart in his hand. I added some red tulle for garland around the tree,even added some plastic pink carnations
 I know this is a pink bunny but she s so pretty and her colors is perfect for my tree decor,below is a tag I made once
 These are old valentine cards I found in a auction box, and boy do I miss auctions ,they have mostly gone to online auctions which is not fun at all I like to look through boxes of old old goodies

 This dress is a card which opens up and I have mailed to friends through the years I  still have a few left

 Looking across the room as the tree stands proudly all cluttered up LOL
I have grand kids pictures across the room showing up in my round  mirror behind the tree, my chandelier is really reflecting also in the mirror also
This picture you can't hardly make out the red hearts on the tree because of the red tissue skirt I have under the tree.

I was looking for an old post a few years ago of some cute Valentine things,if I find it i'll post them also. I have kept several heart boxes from past valentines and need to fill them with chocolates to give out this year to the grandsons, my favorite was given to my oldest daughter,it was a scrabble heart game.

What will we show next? after Valentine's Day LOL

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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

New Tea Cup

Last Saturday when I was out junking around I found the prettiest tea cup and saucer I have found at a real junky thrift store and it was 1/2 price day !! I got this set for $1 really I did.

I can't believe this was not chipped or cracked in any way if you would have seen where I found it.The cup was in one shelf and saucer on another shelf But it's home now in my kitchen LOL
 It has a poppy bud inside the cup painted oh so pretty,these pictures don't show how pretty it really is since I have a very inexpensive camera, Even the gold trim is all there
It is a sweet dainty cup with a very fancy little handle,the bottom of the cup has like a square with 4 little feet which it sets on.  Very lightweight marked Germany on the bottom, I like German china

Is there any better feeling than out junking or thrift shopping and finding a treasure? NO 
I alway can't wait to get home and wash it up get a picture then put it in it's new place among other treasures in my kitchen and I'm getting real clutter up again LOL 

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Sunday, January 31, 2016

Latest Finds

First I want to show my latest button finds. I am always on the lookout for buttons,pretty and Mother of pearl buttons that is. Seems like there is lots common buttons in jars everywhere I go.

I am not having any luck getting my MOP necklace together either. I really need a person by my side encouraging me. Now when I am at work I have all the enthusiasm to get it made then when I get home i'm out of  enthusiasm. Any of you ladies who work outside of the home knows what I mean.

This is the best of what was in a square jar that I found Saturday at a shop I had never been to in Jefferson City Missouri. There was a lot more not worthy of a picture
I love the large celluloid button with the sort of octagon middle.I think I have another one in my button drawers in the studio . The tatting shuttles I got at another thrift store I got 7 for $8.
 Then the larger blush colored coat button . The square jar of buttons was $5
 There was a few bakelite buttons and I like the star cut out buttons ad the red leaf buttons

I bought the jar just to get the larger buttons

Here is my Mother of pearl buttons I am trying to make into a necklace

Just for fun a jar of beauties I posted already on Button Floozies 

Here is some more of my old buttons 

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Friday, January 29, 2016

My Hearts

Here is a few of my hearts around the studio

This is a card I made a few years ago and I think I mailed it to a friend,I'll have to look for some of my old cards  which I like making . I only have one friend who really appreciates home made cards and altered art projects. I can't understand people who don't Get It ? LOL                                                

How many of you also have this sweet tin ? I have kept her several years

A wonderful beaded heart laying on some antique lace another auction find years ago I have a couple old suitcases full of old lace

 I just love this romantic couple that was all made into lamps base
Just a few homemade cards hanging from a light fixture above my sewing machine
Bingo I made and card on left was from a card exchange which I like doing  

Today is my oldest/first  daughters birthday and she got her Michael Kors purse and billfold in the mail from me and loves it . 
When she was born I got lots boxes of valentine candy brought to the hospital, that was back when you stayed in hospital 7 days when you had a baby 

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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Heart Cake

I made me a heart shaped Valentine cake a couple years ago and already posted this however I was so proud of the cake wanted to reminisce about it LOL
 I didn't ice the sides
 iced the top
 It really looked pretty in person sometimes pictures don't do things justice
 I just had to cut me a piece soon as it was iced,it tasted soooo good

My 3 layered  red velvet heart cake and  all I need is a pretty cup of tea in one of my pretty tea cups 
                     Happy Valentine's next month LOL

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Sunday, January 24, 2016

New Found Items

I found my first roll of vintage wallpaper. When I first started blogging 5 years ago everyone was showing their rolls of beautiful found wall paper rolls. They were also paying a lot of money for some of it. I had never ran across any vintage wallpaper

 Gina and I was at Kirksville at some shop? not sure which one and I just happened to look down in a corner of one of the booths and seen this roll.
 I will use it to make greeting cards and maybe to line a box or two. It cost $1.50

Then before we went to Kirksville I went to a thrift store here in town and found this gravy boat which matches transferware dishes I already have 

 This was a bargain at $2.00  !!!

 Just a few transferware cups I have 

I have got to go and get a box prepared to mail to Portland Oregon for my daughters birthday this coming Friday. She never reads my blog so I will tell you what I got her. A large navy Michael Kors handbag, the one with the lock on front and a matching billfold. I think I always have to have a matching billfold for my bags

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