Friday, February 21, 2020

French Loves of Mine

This fabulous shelf a friend gave me may not be French however its a gold wood and I love it. I need to get it on my red wall in my office with all my other gold items. Don't look at the shoe in bottom of picture, LOL I din't want to take picture over

I found this gold gilt basket at a local antique mall and couldn't pass it up

This small frame I found in Chesterfield Mo at a vintage mall , I love how it opens in the back, I had never seen one where the frame flips down. I added a piece of vintage wallpaper in it .

I'm home today and have a 20 things I want to accomplish LOL We'll see how many I get done.
I'm just trying to post a little more often since I love reading your blog post and need to stay current

Oh here is one more thing I purchased last Saturday in St Louis area these 3 cupids and it has like a small bowl area which I will fill with rhinestones and set it in the studio. It is a good size item also

Thanks for checking out my new found  items and the shelf a friend gave me. I love these Gold things even if they are newer that some old french items I have

Friday, January 31, 2020

Missed Ya'all

I have been doing just every day life things and once in a while I play in my studio trying to create some new Valentine cards and few Birthday cards. I am on Instrgram seems like daily reading what others are posting and have neglected my blog. This is a card I have started on not sure how it will end up.

Then I have hearts hanging seems like on every nail and tack in my studio , this is one a friend gave me and she got it off Villabarnes etsy shop, you will remember Rosemary made several of these, I always wanted the large one.

Here is couple cards I made just for myself seems to large to mail

I just love fleurs and embellishments and last year at Chesterfield warehouse sale I bought many of these to use on cards etc. I'm going again this year to see what I can find it's February 15th on a Saturday.

I leave lots of my seasonal things out year around because my finished basement of my house is my studio and I have shelves and furniture sitting full of my treasures

Remember me showing this last year at Valentine's ? I decorated this heart box with some white eyelet material and a Bunny die cut from Germany and of course a few rhinestones

My friend Bernideen has made fabulous valentine medallion cards or hanging decorative medallions. Be sure and check her blog and etsy shop to see them.

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Thursday, December 19, 2019

Blog Ladies Get Together

Gina Janice Karen

Bernideen took pictures of our progressive luncheon yesterday, so you will need to check out her blog
We started at Gina's authentic Victorian home for appetizers.Then on to Bernideen's  for afternoon tea which was  small sandwiches, scones, and quiche bites
Then finished with White coconut cake and hot tea and gift were exchanged. Karen's birthday is December 23 so we brought her birthday gifts also 

This is at Bernideen's house, the tree we are standing beside is her large tree. See Bernideen's blog for more pictures and a picture of sweet Bernideen

Also Bernidden's Nicole Sayre dolls
I didn't get pictures of Bernideen on my camera so you must check out her blog post !

Cake at my house on my 12 days of Christmas plates and cake plate

I love these plates that have the 12 days of Christmas theme on different plates

Here is Karen opening her Birthday gifts at my house


Check out Bernideen's blog post for great pictures of Gina's Victorian home

Pink Saturday Party I joined in 

Sunday, December 8, 2019

Tree Out of the Closet

I have a few things out of the closet now and it's taken me 2 days off and on to get 2 small trees up.
I usually drag things out for a month and then it takes me till Valentines to get it put away, however this year I'm not working full time so maybe i'll get it put away sooner

I have been into the little sheep now a couple years. This is Bethany Lowe little guy with his sheep.


I got these last year for a present

My Pink tree in my Office

I have more to do however need a break after getting my outdoor wreaths up this afternoon.
Hope to get a few things baked also for my friends coming over for tea etc hopefully before Christmas .

This little tree I have had several years back when I loved primitives

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Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Christmas in The Closet

I don't decorate for Christmas till after Thanksgiving. Lots of ladies are already showing their beautiful Christmas trees up and decorated.

I thought since so many are blogging about Christmas I will just show you my Christmas decorations in a closet, yet to be pulled out LOL 

Some of my mice and cardboard houses on a shelf 

Garland and berries and glitter Tinsel wreath still hanging 

This will all be out soon 

Some Old Santas 

You get the idea ? right Christmas in a closet ? Still on a shelf LOL 

It's so fun to get it all out then takes me a month to get it all back in the closet after New Years's 

Here is Bernideen and  I at The London Tea room In St Louis Mo she was very gracious and took me there for lunch, it was afternoon tea, she did a post about the area 

Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving I'm cooking for my little family here in Missouri.
I just enjoyed a wonderful Birthday week , several friends have taken me to wonderful places to eat 
and going again today LOl 

Is your Christmas decorations still in a closet?

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Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Old Cabinet New Base

My old kitchen cabinet which I think is  the top of a larger cabinet maybe, had little skinny wobbly legs attached on bottom. As I loaded it down with more dishes through the years 8 or 9 this is, anyway the back leg looked like it was going to buckle under. So a dear friend of mine has a very gifted husband who can do anything and I ask him if he would make me a new base. To my pleasure the answer was yes, so showing before and after pictures of the bottom of this old farmhouse kitchen top which I keep in my shabby chic kitchen, wanting it to be a french kitchen

See little legs

Now for new base 

I rearrange different sets of dishes from time to time, also I have straightened up the top of this cabinet. Seems I am just busy everyday doing something and not getting house work caught up yet.
I think I'm enjoying doing what I'm doing now that I can be home except when I running to estate sale and etc. I have been told we are going to have a hard cold winter so must get my nest filled with goodies if I can't get out i'll have lots to bake and read and always have small projects in the studio to create 

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Wednesday, September 25, 2019

More Treasures

LOL More treasure to clutter up my house again, All spring I worked on getting rid of excess stuff and now I'm filling up the kitchen and my bedroom LOL

A girl has to have her  stuff you know? Anyway I went to Less's Summit Missouri to visit my sister a few days and we went thrift store shopping, which she never does and she enjoyed it.
I found this bust of the lady in cobalt blue at a home design store and thought I needed it for my blue white toile bedroom

Love Toile anything

Then at Brass Armadillo I found these new staffordshire dogs which are white with blue design and very reasonable priced so had to have them also. They are not the old ones.

Well tomorrow i'm going down to Lake of The Ozarks for lunch with my youngest daughter for her birthday, we might do shome shopping LOL I'll let you know