Thursday, September 11, 2014


I have been going through pictures stored in my pictures online and found this one of everything I just love. My Blue and Whites and some silver shakers . My first old mannequin I bought at an indoor flea market for $25. I have added a lot more pearls around her neck now .Love my hydrangea in my galvanized bucket also. Like I said things I like all these items a lot and always in the studio playing around finding things  in drawers I forgot I had.


And then this one where I was practicing taking close ups LOL Had my silver plate flatware out for a prop . This was my Mom's silverware she picked out in 1957 Coronation is the pattern name originally made in 1936 

 I am planning on having an interesting week end and will tell you about it next week. Anyway if it's interesting I'll mention it LOL 
It's turning so cool here fast so I may be bringing in some of my house plants next weekend  or sooner.I am not in the mood for fall weather I still want it to be summer,I still have summer things I want to do LOL guess i won't be doing them will I ??? LOL 

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

German Books and Elephant Ears

These people I have become friends with from Munich Germany left today however yesterday we all went out to lunch and they gave me another gift which I like gifts LOL
Carl knows I like old leather bound books and he picks these up at sales around Germany ,he told me this was the last of the marbleised  leather covered  books he has right now. Remeber his wife Manuela made me the little bag with material from France and Bulgaria. She is the natural born German and Carl met her after college so he stayed in Germany with her they have raised all 3 children to speak German and English

Aren't they fabulous? well if you like old books they are ,all written in German


Now I have got to get my bookshelves organized I have books all over the house of course maybe I can get them all on one shelf. All over the house meaning under lamps on end tables on my ottoman you know what I mean.

While I was outside this morning I took pictures of my Elephant ears they are just beautiful this year for some reason I have really enjoyed them

My chandelier hanging in this tree has lost all it's prisms my yard man can't understand why it's hanging there LOL LOL

Now I have got to get in the shower and run some errands It's 1:30 and I am still in pajamas LOL

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Thursday, September 4, 2014


Someone sent me an email back in March and ask me about these pictures and wanted them and I thought I had already sold them last March at the indoor sale at Holiday Inn they have every year and I have set up there last 3-4 years . Anyway I found them who ever ask about them. It only took me till today to find them from last March I was looking in wrong area of course. I try really hard to keep all my for sale treasures in one storage room . needless to say these were not in the storage room


I just love them and have never reframed them they are in original wood frames and original glass with a wire hanger in back 

I have had these hanging in every room in my house except the bathroom and I have another couple in there from the 1700's.

I just love her outfit and her Gibson Girl hair style doesn't she look like she is going to a college game of some kind?  carrying that school banner 

WSN what does this stand for Wisconsin State North was there such a college? 

Guess I will hag them up maybe in my office however I don't think there is any wall room left in here 

They are both signed Alice Luella Fidler part of a Lad & lassie series this artist did

Ps I got the wet vac out and got all the water up from my mini flood in the studio, well it wasn't to mini it got all my rugs soaked. Now I need to mop that entire large room Oh well I'm not stressed about it. I'm just thankful I have a room to mop and have the strength to get it done 

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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Gave It Away

OMGosh we had a flash flood here last night and of course I had to get water in the lower level of my house where my studio is !!!!!
My drain outside my walk out basement guess couldn't take all the rain and it ran in under my doors. I have dealt with this for years and everytime it happens I want to SELL and MOVE !!! I forget to check the drain make sure it isn't plugged up. OK done with venting  LOL

I am sure you that have read my blog before know I am cleaning house decluttering and it's been going on since last October here it is almost a year and the house is still packed . I have moved a lot !! of smalls out friends have came over and graciously bought some items. Anyway getting back to this post I had a set of dishes I got at an auction a few years ago got it for almost nothing and I just couldn't stand to see it left behind for the auction company to throw in the trash. I brought it home had it packed in several boxes and my sister was over one day talking about having all her kids and in laws over for a dinner and I ask her if she had a set of dishes big enough that everyones setting matched? No she said so I ask her how would you like to have a place setting for 12 that all matches and has all the serving pieces?


There was 3 platters 

I used the china cups on a Christmas tree one year that I had all white ornaments on

It made a pretty table setting I thought my sister said she like it and was glad to have everything match for her family dinner 
 Wait there more 
These are  pieces that I couldn't get on my table to show 

I use to have so much fun standing all day at country auctions looking at all the old treasure also use to spend a lot of my hard earned money LOL

Best I remember I gave $50 for this entire set of 12  look at that huge platter on the left side of the table it will hold a 30 lb turkey LOL

Well I must go down stairs and see if my dehumidifier has helped my wet floor situation 

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Friday, August 29, 2014

Pretty Pink Slips

I was going through a stack of linens and vintage clothing I have and seen my vintage full slips laying in the pile at one time they were a cream color and white color I decided I wanted to play with the Ritz dye and so now I have 3 vintage pink slips .
I am very aware that a lot of the bloggers today are young very young and never wore a full slip in their life LOL They might say oh yes my great grandmother wore those LOL (talking about you 20-35 year old gals  my daughters age


Well girls I wore them back in the 1960's under my very best dresses you just would never leave the house with out a  full slip under you dress and I remember the garter belts I wore and then also those horrible griddles!!!!! and I was young back then under 20 years of age .Now I wonder who would have known if I didn't have a slip on.Now days I don't wear a slip under any dresses I just make sure they aren't see through

My favorite slips are the rayon crepe slips ohhhh they feel so elegant nothing like just the nylon slips which are also beautiful . I guess this was a remissness of back in the days ?


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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Germany Visitors

I had visitors from Germany yesterday.  A couple I have become friends with are in town from Munich Germany visiting his dad which I check on every week because he is in an assisted living complex.
Anyway Manuella brought me a gift one she made and one she bought for me plus German chocolate which is so good.


        The lotion is shower gel Plegende Cremedusche Aldo Vandini


I love this little make up pouch The green material she said is from Bavaria also the button and the pink material is from France since they live in Munich guess they go to France once in a while.She said she loves to mix vintage material with new material. magine that just like us LOL 
She is a big quilter and buys lots of material when they are in America. They were visiting friends in Iowa and she found a Joann's fabric store and said she went crazy buying fabric and sewing notions . They always buy extra suitcases for their purchases when over here.They come every August for an entire month .
I gave her a vintage white linen table runner with crochet edges which she picked out ,we were in the studio playing and she admired this piece so i told her she could have it. I have a big table full of vintage linen I am ready to part with anyway. 

I don't know why I didn't get pictures yesterday when we were all out to lunch. I suggested a Mexican restaurant here since she had never been to a Mexican restaurant in america. Her husband had his taste buds on Bar B Que LOL I said we'll go there when they get back from Arizona . They are in Kansas City Today to visit the Steamboat Arabia 

I went on and on didn't I ? LOL 
going to the studio to play a while xoxo 

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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Pink Painted Shoes

Pink Pink

First pink shoes are these gorgeous 1960's pointed toed beaded and sequin high heel shoes I got at an estate sale once where the lady had all glamorous clothes from the late 1950's and early 1960's which I have always liked and coveted.
These had a dress to match with same beads and I didn't pick it up because it was so small however I knew  I was not going to ever wear them I just hang them in my studio Oh well one of those things you left behind you wish you had gotten at an estate sale

All leather and gorgeous

Reminds me of Doris Day  Hollowood days back when in the old movies they always dressed so matchy matchy which I still love. I bet she had silky pink evening gloves to match also

Another remembrance of the studio playing days. I did a post once on a pair of vintage high heels I picked up at a yard sale once they had the old 1960's era look pointed toes and kitten heels however  not a bright enough  pretty color. I was painting furniture and chairs in the studio so thought why not these shoes. I just love the bubble gum pink paint I had.

After pink paint and fancy shoe clips

 This is the before picture of course before my talent of painting shoes. I made them new insoles from an old calendar page

      Isn't these shoe clips just fabulous ? I have loved rhinestones since I was a teenager. I have a collection of vintage shoe clips also and not ready to part them just yet . Well maybe for a big price $$$ LOL              


You have to agree they are prettier now 

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