Wednesday, December 12, 2018


Excuse me while I practice on updating my header. I haven't changed my header since I first started blogging in August 2010

So far can't get all three pictures across
 I use blogger and any help will be appreciated

My Friend Bernideen  Helped ! She also made this header for me. Thank You Bernideen

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Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Making Fun

I was down in the studio very early before work adding rhinestones around some vintage shiny brites I want to add to my white tree

Then this Gold face is another tag I am working on, just a quick post

Saturday, December 1, 2018

Pink Saturday

 Today is Pink Saturday at How Sweet The Sound that Beverly shares with us on Saturday's. Since I am trying to get my Christmas decorations in place had to snap a picture of one of my pink cardboard Bethany Lowe houses to share

I am home all day TRYING to get my house in order LOL

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Friday, November 23, 2018

Christmas Dishes

Now that Thanksgiving is over I will start on Christmas decor around the house. First thing I wanted to do is put my Christmas dishes in my newest vintage cabinet.I can tell my pictures are not as clear as they use to be. Maybe my iphone camera is worn out?

I have been thinking about getting a new camera however it's much easier with my iphone. Maybe I need the iphone 10?

I bought these cute birds at Kent's Florist open house here in town

I added some more of my red transferware odds and ends od dishes also since this is such a big cabinet.Which I love that I got at a bargain price . I left my silver dome cover on the bottom.
I like my large platters standing in the bottom aslo.

 My Grandson gave me several felt mice for Christmas a couple years ago and had to use them since they are so cute. I'll put some on  my white tree this year

  My family is coming back over today for a ham lunch and help me get more Christmas things out.
my youngest Grandson spent the night which was a treat for both of us.. We ordered Christmas toys online since it's Black Friday. I have a new laptop ordered for me also .

I am not going out shopping today what about you? Now I love shopping don't get me wrong LOL
I have a trip planned to go to St Louis shopping

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Saturday, November 17, 2018

Magnificat Tag

Hi All

I finished a tag I made out of cover of a Magnificat paperback small book and of course thought of idea when they was cleaning out church office and offering the older books to anyone. First thing I thought of was the gorgeous covers on some of the books so I picked up a few to use for this idea I had.
This is my first tag I have made out of book covers so far.

I am going to hang this on my white Christmas tree this year I am hoping to get enough ornaments and tags this color to use. I used a vintage glass beaded necklace for the hanger

The background of the masked men came from an advertisement out of one of my W magazines,the little swans also from a magazine,then used some of my antique lace and gold glass beads sprinkled all around. I used a piece of tin gold for her crown it was a picture frame corner piece

Today is my Birthday and Bernideen a true blog friend is having a special lunch for me today and has invited other ladies over to join in . I'm sure we will have pictures to share later. Also lots of her good home cooking and fabulous tasting cake.

Oh I forgot to show the back, it's a December calendar page

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Friday, November 9, 2018

Brown Transferware

I took my purple and white transferware dishes out of this cabinet to display my pheasant and Thanksgiving turkey plates. I really like the newest pheasant plates I found at Tuesday morning recently

I like my turkey plates I got a few years ago also at Tuesday Morning
The brown and white calico is staffordshire England which I have had for years before I decided I liked the blue and white calico best, now the company which bought them out is Burleigh

The little bird plate, quail?,  is an older plate

This flat soup bowl I picked up not long ago for $5 I need about 5 more now

I have had this soup tureen so long I forgot where I even got it

Then these feathers I recently got at Kent's florist here in town, I stuck a few of my pearl handled knives in the jar, which is a spoon holder actually.

My little canvas painting of the 2 spaniels I got out in Portland Oregon a couple years ago

The bottom leather law book I got out of a friends husbands law office after he passed away and she was closing his office, old books are all so charming now days

Then finally here is pictures of my first snow, the first snow is always so fun to watch ,then we are ready for spring ? right ?
This is a picture I posted on Instrgram is why I put like this, the middle picture is my foot step

Hope you have a good weekend, I hope to stay home and do a little rearranging of things and maybe some cleaning

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Thursday, October 25, 2018

White Linens

I got a set of eight of these beautiful soft monogrammed napkins years ago at an estate sale before I realized how beautiful they are.
I never cared that linen's had someone else initials on them. I thought that made them just a little more special

This is a gorgeous ladies hankie with the prettiest J on it, I almost cut it off once to use on making a tag and so glad I didn't however I just might use it someday on a card LOL

I bought these four linen towels at a vintage market in Chesterfield for a dollar each, the lady had homemade cookies laying on them and I ask if I could buy them she said sure one dollar each. I said sold. I bought them for the blue monogram on them

This ecru towel below I bought for another project and just haven't cut it up yet. Probably won't now.I had seen on another blog where a gal was cutting off embroidery flowers and using them on card tag. I thought about doing this with monogram initials. I really think this is a T

Then this gorgeous red J, I ordered from an etsy shop in France. Someone on Instagram ask me what I am going to do with it

I have been trying to decide what to put it on. Maybe a napkin or tea towel . I just ordered some beautiful vintage toile de jouy fabric from same shop, I'll show it to you when it arrives. I don't know what I'll do with it. It was just so gorgeous I had to have it. If it is enough I may make two panels to hang in my kitchen beside a window

A few buttons to end this post 

I just wanted to show you a few pretty things I have  in drawers LOL
Now they are all laying on a chest in the studio to be put away

I know you all love linens also especially soft white linens .

I read on a couple blogs this morning  about fall baskets, so I had to try and put together a  laundry basket full of dried hydrangeas for myself .

I hope to go to a Christmas open house at a local florist this Saturday then possibly a shop I have wanted to visit for quite sometime

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