Saturday, October 13, 2018

Updated Painted Cabinet

I finished painting  an old pine kitchen cabinet I found in an antique shop going out of business .
I had wanted a large cabinet to display different sets of dishes. First I'm starting showing my purple transferware dishes on the cabinet.

I will put my brown and white transferware next  since it's fall and I use them for Thanksgiving .

Now believe me it's not completed yet. I have more purple and white dishes to add to this and I want to put my Pink Luster set somehow also. I will remove my silver tray on the bottom
I was just trying to get a feel how I and what I wanted on it

Had to get my Hot Skwash pumpkins in the picture some how ,the gold velvet one is my new one I got just this week . Notice my larger one in the full picture. Kent's a local florist sells these. he has some every large ones can you believe $800-$1000 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! they are covered with swarovski crystals

This is what I had setting in this space before. So glad my son in law and grandson came over and moved it downstairs to the studio for me , the drawers are full of linens, cups and saucers and more silver spoons.

Here is a for real picture setting in my garage before I got busy painting ,wanted you to see the pine color . See my Elvis clock? his legs goes from one side to another , sort of like the kids are doing these days LOL

It will be so fun filling it up from time to time with all my different sets of dishes and silver pieces and for Christmas maybe a little tree and lots tartan plaid throws

Gosh it is fall weather here also, I even turned my furnace on and 2 weeks ago it was 100 degrees here . There was doors for this cabinet and the lady couldn't find them however I like  the bottom open, don't you ?

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Saturday, October 6, 2018

Fall Decor

Well here about as fall decorating as I will get. I am busy today putting primer on a vintage dish cabinet to put in my kitchen and just had to rest a bit and I knew I needed to do a new post also. I have a before picture and will post the after soon as I can get it painted, I do have the primer on it . However we had a wonderful rain this morning the sun is out now so maybe it will dry quicker . I have an old painted blue dresser and large mirror in the spot where my new cabinet will go


I really like this beaded pumpkin and I think I got it at a Tuesday Morning years ago ,then I like my pewter pumpkin also

It's dark in my north living room

This is what I am replacing, mess around it and all. On my little french stool is stack of vintage linens I want to wash and iron they have been laying there a week to remind me LOL The new cabinet will cover most of this wall and is a lot taller also

I'm going out to open the garage doors so my primer will dry quicker so I can paint before dark today hopefully

It's good to be home and working on a couple projects. I cut my last hydrangea and made me a bouquet for the kitchen counter this morning

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Sunday, September 9, 2018

Porch Fun

Ok I said UNCLE meaning I give in.It does seem like fall this weekend with all the rain and nice cool wind.
I am not a person who likes to see summer end because of the time change and it getting dark by 5 pm .
Anyway I moved my dried hydrangea wreath Bernideen made me last summer, moved it to my front steps for a fall looking decoration outside. I have had it hanging on my kitchen wall above an old painted dresser since last summer.

First I want to show you a little tag,  I made using fall colors etc , I used a paper sack from Trader Joe's and left the handle attached for hanging then added a few buttons, lace and an old stamp for embroidery, a metal heart. I love the graphics on Trader Joe sacks. I got this about 4 years ago, last time I was in that store in St Louis, actually I asked for about 5 sacks to bring home for art.

I needed a bow for my outside wreath and I know I need to straighten up my bow on this but you get the  jest of how it will look. I'm not a perfectionist LOL and it will do for me. I did hang the tag on the bow

I found some purple cabbage, kale at the local hardware store so had to plant these right in front of my front steps

I bought this little 4 piece fencing at a yard sale earlier this summer and put it along my little front flower bed to jazz it up a little. What do you think? does the fence need to come down? I didn't have all matching pole attachments and just made do.

I am really enjoying this cool weather, it will be back in the 80's this week and that is much better than the horrible hot hot weather we made it through. That little squirrel I got out of a dumpster once, I won't say where I just knew he didn't need to go in the city dump. LOL

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Sunday, August 26, 2018

New Treasures

Yesterday I drove into St Louis and went shopping at the Galleria ,bought a couple outfits then had lunch at Cheesecake Factory. I didn't have a piece of cheesecake either I was intending on going back after  shopping  some more and have dessert. However never got around to that.

I arrived soon as mall opened and by 2 PM  I had been to all the stores I was interested in so thought I would drive over to Wardson Woods Antique Mall on Manchester Road.

They always have nice things there and it's always a delight to shop there. First thing I seen was this 1800's purple transferware sugar bowl, in almost perfect condition, no chips or cracks and has both little handles. I was thrilled to say the least . It goes with what I have already in the  Staffordshire Charlotte pattern 

Then for a couple years I have looked for a small chicken or rooster lamp for my kitchen bar.I have a red toile shade I bought in Portland Oregon I guess 20 years ago and have kept it for this chicken lamp LOL.

Then I ran across some large coffee table books about impressionist painter which I like, Remember  recently I posted a picture of a painting I bought at an estate sale buy an impressionist painter, trying to copy some of the famous French  painters 

It was a good day shopping and ready to go again. Funny these books had a Goodwill price $2 on them and the dealer' s price was $9 which I was more than willing to pay since they are big books, and love seeing all the original painting in them. You can't buy some magazines today for $9

I have a peach cobbler in the oven and my timer is going off so must go for now . Just a quick show and tell post about my newest treasures 

Saturday, August 18, 2018

Jazzed up Frames

This week while doing laundry off my studio room I jazzed up a couple small plastic frames I had picked up last weekend at a sale. I love to embellish them with rhinestones.
I have several now just couldn't get them all in this picture with using my cell phone. These little plastic frames say made in Hong Kong

Another shelf in the studio I like to look at. I love paper items like these

 I am staying home after going to get my hair trimmed early this morning. I did stop on way home  and buy some fresh peaches and made a small pie. I already ate it all LOL I said small

Hope we all have a good weekend . I'm trying to put some things away off my counters so it doesn't look so jammed up

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Saturday, August 11, 2018

Moulin Rougela Goulue

I once ran across a movie while surfing channels about a famous Paris artist named Henri-de Toulouse Lautre and became very interested in his painting style. His style was in the bars and cafes of Paris nightlife. He painted people dining in these places also the dancers and help. Just ordinary people I would say in those times.

One of his famous painting is La Goulue at The Moulin Rouge. Anyway I was at an estate sale last weekend and this painting was in an upstairs office area and I immediately  thought of Henri-de Toulouse painting, very similar.


This is a large painting however not by the famous artist Henri-de Toulouse, I'm sure this artist was maybe coping  his painting. At first I though maybe it was an original because this couple had several items from France including dishes, clothing,  handbags which I had to get one .

My cell phone camera doesn't do this painting justice the gold frame is gorgeous and I love it . There is always something I wish I had gotten, oh well.

I am watering my almost dead flowers still and trying to rearrange things  in my studio and so far all I have is a big mess. I posted on instagram where a shelf fell and lots boxes of Vintage shiny brite bulbs broke. I use to crush them up to make glass glitter however I have plenty so in the trash they went

When you come over you can see my newest painting LOL  As we say in the south Ya'All Come
meaning you ladies and gentlemen please stop by for a cup of tea and treats

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Saturday, July 28, 2018

Sweet Finds

As usual I was scanning the thrift shops after work this week and found a couple goodies for me. First I was at Tuesday Morning looking for a new bathroom rug and found these fabulous paper placemats anyway I love them. I think they will look cute with some of my violet and purple transferware dishes

If Tuesday Morning would have had another package I would have bought 2 packs

Another thing I found when not looking was this single serving teapot in the pattern Charlotte, It looks great with my other blue and white dishes piled on top of a dish cabinet. The large pitcher I found in a thrift store in Fulton last weekend when I was over for lunch with some friends. I have the large bowl to match and it's in the living room with my round china decorating balls in it.

Yesterday after work I stopped at a store I had never been to just to see what they have, a resale store, anyway found this cup violet cup and saucer. I use to always buy violet dishes for a friend who has collected violet items for years. Now I admire them and want them

My new placemat and lavender Charlotte transferware soup bowl. I know younger gals wonder why some of us our " age " collect dishes, I use to wonder the same thing about my great Aunt Ollie who had lots gorgeous dishes and now wish I had all of them. I have some of her Brown and white transferware dishes and a glass banana bowl .

Only place I went shopping today was Joann fabrics, linen is 40% off and I am going to TRY and make me a long white linen dress sort of a kaftan style.

Need to get some house work done now

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Saturday, July 14, 2018

Purple Transferware

I have been wanting to complete a set of purple transferware for a few years now.
This is a pattern I really liked and purchased a few pieces of it

I love the flowers inside the cups its pattern is Spode Mayflower

Then I seen this pattern Charlotte and decided I liked it also, it's a pretty lavender color. I took these outside today in the 100 degrees heat LOL to get a better picture of them. I have all my windows covered with vintage white  tablecloths to keep the sun out of my south windows where I don't have curtains up. My air conditioner is not running to keep my house cool in this extreme heat we are having

This plate is what got me interested in purple transferware. It belonged to my Great Aunt Ollie who lived in Sikeston Missouri. The picture on the plate is of her Methodist church she attended her entire life from age 16. She loved dishes also and had antique dishes as far back as I can remember as a child when we would visit her home. Her and her husband never had children however she always had dogs and lots antiques

here is a small purple vase with some dried hydrangeas in it that sure look lavender to me they were originally a dark blue

Hope you are all staying cool. I am still getting out and checking my thrift stores for purple transferware dishes which is not to be found by me so far

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Sunday, July 8, 2018

Christmas In July Sales

Yes seems like several  decorating and florist stores I have gone to are having Christmas in July sales. I looked however what I was looking for wasn't out.

I needed a good looking  Christmas wreath for my front door and wanted a plain simple beautiful wreath and got this one for free from Silk Plants Direct 

I got an email asking me if I would mention their business on my blog and in return I could pick out  any item for a certain price range. It was a hard decision since their was so many items I wanted. I got this back last February and it was to late to be showing off a Christmas wreath, so just waited till this July knowing there is always Christmas in July

It's a very large wreath measures approximately 25 inches across, I can just see me making a huge silver silk bow for it and maybe placing one of my sheep sitting in the middle. This is something I can change up from year to year also. I quickly made this red bow and added a little tule. I have it hanging on my back door since it's such a nice sunny HOT day LOL I can also make a huge black and white check bow and hang this in kitchen close to my Courtney check MacKenzie Childs items

I love the glitter on the leaves and why I choose this one . I had several to choose from at this on line store ,who offered me a free item for posting about their product

Gorgeous don't you think? This company has great items and you need to visit the site  Check them out you may just find something you can't live without

Then my favorite Nicole Sayer doll and my santos doll I made and dressed with a old calendar. I leave them out all year sitting so pretty in my studio. You can even see my feather wreath in the back of this picture

Here is my bouquet I picked from my from my yard this morning

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Saturday, June 30, 2018

Hydrangeas For Pink Saturday

I am going to show my 4 gorgeous blooms off a couple bushes for Pink Saturday since I actually have some pink to show . I cut these and put in a bucket of water really quick since we are in this horrible heat wave .
My car thermometer said 110 after work one day sitting out on a hot parking lot

I just love hydrangeas , now these are inside on my kitchen table. See my blue arrangement in the back ground. I took my platters down and added lots blue and white

I was playing with my instagram pictures and got these all together .

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Saturday, June 23, 2018

Happy Days / Update

Well I guess I have enjoyed my home vacation just for the fact of getting some rooms really cleaned and closets cleaned out of lots of clothing I haven't worn for a few years.

I have been wanting to put a lot of my blue and white items on top of my old chippy cabinet in my kitchen, in the picture with my chandelier you can see I have had  large platters on this cabinet previously
I added more small items and I think it looks much better, I I always like more

I got my kitchen chandelier cleaned, my friend Bernideen surprised me by stopping by and helped me clean it , now just one to go.

Bernideen and Gina and I all went to breakfast early one morning this week and then we went downtown to a few stores,one store was Kent's Florist who has the most gorgeous home interior items and fabulous quality artificial flowers.
Anyway I fell for this large bottle rack reproduction. I wanted it for my mugs and cups. I added my cow creamer and some smaller cream pictures that go with my staffordshire blue calico dishes

Then I added more creamers and small demi cups to my rack

I first added my red transferware mugs and like the blue and white best of all.I still have lots small red and white transferware tea cups I can change up also.

My vacation days are almost over and back to work Monday so I'm going someplace fun today just haven't made up my mind where I'm going

I am so glad we had a little rain to cool the temperatures down also, however next weekend back up to higher 90's with heat index over 100 and high humidity. I still don't have my air conditioner fixed to run at full capacity, part will be here next week sometime

Hope you all are having a fun summer also

It's Monday June 25th now and i'm on my way to work, vacation is over

I joined in Pink Saturday