Sunday, September 9, 2018

Porch Fun

Ok I said UNCLE meaning I give in.It does seem like fall this weekend with all the rain and nice cool wind.
I am not a person who likes to see summer end because of the time change and it getting dark by 5 pm .
Anyway I moved my dried hydrangea wreath Bernideen made me last summer, moved it to my front steps for a fall looking decoration outside. I have had it hanging on my kitchen wall above an old painted dresser since last summer.

First I want to show you a little tag,  I made using fall colors etc , I used a paper sack from Trader Joe's and left the handle attached for hanging then added a few buttons, lace and an old stamp for embroidery, a metal heart. I love the graphics on Trader Joe sacks. I got this about 4 years ago, last time I was in that store in St Louis, actually I asked for about 5 sacks to bring home for art.

I needed a bow for my outside wreath and I know I need to straighten up my bow on this but you get the  jest of how it will look. I'm not a perfectionist LOL and it will do for me. I did hang the tag on the bow

I found some purple cabbage, kale at the local hardware store so had to plant these right in front of my front steps

I bought this little 4 piece fencing at a yard sale earlier this summer and put it along my little front flower bed to jazz it up a little. What do you think? does the fence need to come down? I didn't have all matching pole attachments and just made do.

I am really enjoying this cool weather, it will be back in the 80's this week and that is much better than the horrible hot hot weather we made it through. That little squirrel I got out of a dumpster once, I won't say where I just knew he didn't need to go in the city dump. LOL

Pink Saturday 

Katherines Corner 


  1. Love all the little statues. Your fall cuteness is wonderful. I like that wreath. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  2. I rather like the fence! Maybe different in person but in the photo is certainly works for me!

  3. I do love the fencing and statues. I confess that I love the arrival of fall. We have cooler temps this afternoon and I wish they would stay around.

  4. Love the fence. WOuld look great with some orange burlap ribbon for Halloween. Janice

  5. I think the fence looks great and I love, love the ornamental kale! The wreath looks great outside and your tag is really cute! Let's see, is there anything else? All looks nice!

  6. Beautiful. And I love your rescued squirrel. Those are the best kind. ;)

  7. Yes the fence looks great, although I think it is two gates instead of fence sections but I really like how you placed them! Keep them there!
    Wreath looks great and cute tag!! I bought two ornamental kale at Lowe's the other day. I had never planted any and decided this was the time! Have a great week!

  8. Wonderful figurines and pretty wreath!Hugs!

  9. Looks klike someone is getting her autumn on - it's fun to begin it slowly and as the days get shorter (and hopefully cooler, it's unbearable out there today and I am dragging my heels for not wanting to decorate for fall yet!)

    The dried hydrangea wreath Bernideen made you is so beautiful - like she is - a good good lady and blogger friend.

    Have a fabulous weekend. Thanks for stopping by and for your sweet comments. I hope you eventually get a grand daughter so you two may have girlie pink tea parties. ♥

  10. Its all about great and statues are so cute! Really love them.
    I love curtains in my tree very much

  11. I love your fence and your squirrel! I have one just like him in cement. Your handmade tag is just perfect. It looks great on the ribbon, which I also have! I was not sure I wanted to see summer go but this last blast of hot humid weather has convinced me that I am ready for Fall!

  12. I hear you about time changing and getting dark so early. Our dog goes to bed at 9 p.m. She comes to one of us and taps our leg to let us know it's time. The last 2 nights she has come to us at 7:30. She's confused because it's dark and we are sitting in the living room reading or watching a movie. In the summer that wouldn't happen until 8:30 or 9:00.

  13. I love the way you fixed up the bag from Trader Joe's. That could be an idea for me to do on other cute bags I get! Thanks! I have the time change also. Nancy

  14. I love the wreath and your bow. So sweet. The cute fence and all your sweet statues and now the added purple cabbage looks really great. We are finally have fall like temps here in Illinois. It was in the 90's last week way high for us this time of year. So happy it has been cooling down. Have a great weekend.

  15. I love what you did with the Trader Joe's bag. I get them often, so if you're needing replacements, let me know.

  16. It must be wonderful to have your crafting skills! I, too, am going to enjoy the cooler temperatures after a much too hot summer!

  17. I wanted to take the time to stop over. Your wreath is beautiful and I love the bow. I believe I have the same ribbon.

    I am going to start following you and I hope you come back to see what I am up to.

    I am using kale this year with pumpkins. Hope to have good luck tomorrow.

    Enjoy your weekend


  18. Everything is looking great...and, I love your little fence...cute as can be...

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