Monday, April 22, 2013

Vintage lamps & Pugs

A friend of mine Lorene,  from church who is 98 years old is selling out and moving to Florida next month has some vintage items for sell and I bought this lamp from her.
I thought the painted shade and the white milk glass bottom is so pretty.It doesn't go with anything in my bedroom but wanted it anyway since it belonged to Lorene.
I wanted her vintage french provincial chest and night stands that matched and she bought in Texas years ago maybe back in the 1960's, they  has glass tops, love them


I know its hand painted because of the stroke marks of the paint. I also know they aren't what the young shabby chic vintage gals wants today but they are back bedroom lamps LOL
When I had all antique and Victorian bedrooms they would have been perfect


I hope she isn't sad after she sells all her items, she is moving in with her granddaughter


Here is a lamp I bought in 1971 when I lived in the Paducah Kentucky area, my friend from there is coming 
 up this weekend to visit her sister , so we will all get together 

This is not the original prisms on it I change them around once in a while since I have about 4 large containers full of old glass prisms. I always liked it's base

 Then here is my pug pillows in the same bedroom, I use to have 2 pugs and miss them so much ,these pillows looks just like Ollie & Sissy did 


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  1. The pug pillows are darling.

  2. Beautiful lamps. Have a wonderful visit with your friend!

  3. oh that hand painted lamp is so pretty! and I imagine the lovely lady is a bit sad to see her pretty things go, but I bet if she knows how much they will be loved by you and others it will make her feel better.

  4. Those lamps are quite the treasure! Love them!
    Sorry to hear of your friend Richard...oh my! I can't even begin to imagine going through that! Thanks for linking his blog...I was enjoying the visit through his estate...I believe he'd appreciate cards ~ very sweet of you :)

  5. Very inventive and clever! I read you blog all the time, and have learned so much from you.

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