Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Metal Boy

Hi,  today I am trying to get the dust out of my home office, I get to be home this morning and actually      have the energy or inspiration to do it.The sun is out bright and that always helps to keep me motivated to do thngs.
 When you can't run the vacuum    cleaner due to back problems the dust on the hardwood floors looks awful, no excuse for desk top

Anyway you don't want to read about my dusty house. I am still going through things I don't want any longer and found my little metal boy picture

He is about the same  diameter  as a tea cup saucer. I think his slick backed hair makes him very charming  young lad . Also the sailor anchor on his shirt . Back side looks like a pie plate

I wonder what era this was popular? And why a metal picture?

I am trying to clean out smalls, I have a dresser with lots of small perfume bottles etc on and just ready for a change  .
I always thought this little blue glass perfume bottle was really unusual. Another estate sale find. I always went straight to the bedrooms to look for pretties , like dresser items  . also blue anything always caught my eye


Better get back to dusting


Thanks for the remarks about my Metal Boy being a tintype , I never thought about it being in that era

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  1. I wonder if the metal photo went in a headstone?

  2. I think the metal photos were done around the same time as tintypes...late 1800's. I have one, as well - they were just decorative pieces. Enjoy your cleaning - change is always a good thing! Happy Tuesday - Tanya

  3. What a beautiful piece! Happy Cleaning Day!


  4. That would be interesting to find out why a metal plate/ love it though ~ quite a dapper chap! LOVE that blue bottle....darling!

  5. I am feeling the urge to clean and organize as well. The blue glass perfume bottle is really unusual!

  6. Your perfume bottle is so pretty and unusual, almost looks like a blue pickle. I was thinking the same thing about the precious metal photo being part of a headstone. It looks like it's in perfect condition. Thanks for sharing your treasures.

  7. You always tease me about my treasures, but you are quite the magpie yourself! Love all your pretty dresser items. The blue is so sweet, thanks for sharing it with us.

  8. He is a handsome fellow! I wish my dressing table was that neat and dusted off - heck I wish my KITCHEN table was too!

  9. Hi Janice! Thanks for stopping by. I like your little metal boy. I wonder if it were some sort of lid thingy for a dresser jar? Your plateau mirror got my attention-pretty! Have a great day! Gina

  10. Cool, I love seeing vintage things I've never seen before! Thanks for sharing the metal picture. I'm your newest follower here,

  11. Oh he's a sweetie! I can see why you were drawn to him! And that blue perfume bottle is so sweet! A veggie perfume! That blue is a real find...lovely shade. I'm delighted to have you visit me this week for the party! So nice to get to see your lovelies!

  12. This is such a great metal photo...I don't think I have seen a round one this size. I would do some research....tin types are usually square or rectangle. I wondered if it was framed? It is a great find! And your little pickle perfume bottle is sweet (pun intended). Thanks for sharing and for always stopping by my blog. I loved your make-over in the earlier post as well. :-)

    Lots of hugs

    1. Janice and Elizabeth - in addition to owning one of these metal portraits, I ran across one in my local antique store yesterday - this one had an original stand attached to the back for display purposes. I truly think these were just an extension of cabinet cards - for those with a little more cash to lay out for photos! SOOOOOOOOOOO excited that I ran across that darling pattern in your shop yesterday - can't wait to get my hands on it! Happy weekend...Tanya

  13. I love both those special pieces. That's what is so great about vintage. The questions...when did the object come about and whose was it....I have never seen a perfume bottle like that!!

  14. Thank you so much for your visit. I agree, it's lovely to meet new friends! Good luck with your cleaning. I let the dust quietly protect my furniture while I am doing other things! LOL!
    Seriously, you have some wonderful collectables. I shall visit again to browse.
    June xx

  15. How unique. That blue bottle is so pretty!

  16. Olive wrote what I was thinking. Thank you for sharing at the hop xo