Friday, May 1, 2020

Yard Art

I have been enjoying being home really and have got things done I usually wouldn't. My flower beds are just little empty now until we get some good hot sun on it.I do have bulbs planted. Also I did have tulips bloom earlier which was beautiful.

This dolphin/ sea fish fountain I got last fall at an outdoor flea market for $5. and I hung it on my wood fence close to my patio however don't have an electrical outlet to use for the motor  part. I just like it hanging there.

Things are opening up here in central Missouri however I'm staying in a little longer since I'm a senior with health risks etc. I know the young people are already out like fleas out and about.

I drove to post office to drop a letter off and passing home a resale shop was already open and 4 cars sitting outside! Some people aren't concerned about getting Covid-19 virus. 

I have been going for walks in my neighborhood, yesterday I walked over a mile. Hope you are all doing great.

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