Thursday, March 26, 2020

Staying In Where I Create Room

As I stay in to avoid the Coronvirus besides eat and sleep I am trying to straighten up my studio which is a full fun room I think. My family thinks it's a total hoarders nest. They don't understand us crafty people LOL who hoards beautiful old ephemera rhinestones shells vintage holiday items I could go on and on.
I am going to show you this area which is not straighten up yet however I'm working on it.

I leave out year around a lot of my different holiday items,since I enjoy them so much.
This stuffed rabbit is made out of my Mom's chenille housecoat made for me by my sister Liz 
The box with the rabbit I made last year at Valentine's and it fits in for Easter also  

I leave my Santa standing year around and cards I'v made and some cards friends mail me 

It's very cloudy and rainy here so my pictures are dark 

I Love my cardboard boxes books and magazines 

 one of my mannequins 

Now don't agree with my family and say this is a total mess, I'm working on it LOL

Ok this is a mess however there is some great little things on this cabinet? do you agree or do you think it's a hoarders nest LOL 

A wall I just hang memento's  on 

It's just a fun large room to me. Today I'm going to make a birthday card for a grandson and get it in the mail since I won't get to spend the day with him on his birthday. We are in a stay at home order here in Missouri.

There is more pictures however I'll stop

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Thankful Thursday 

Pink Saturday How Sweet The Sound 

Saturday, March 7, 2020


I just love flowers and promised myself I am going to have a pretty flowers beds this year. I have three small areas that get partial sun so can't plant to many flowers that require all day sun.

Here are a few cards plates and pictures I have around my house of flowers.

This is a package of paper napkins, love the black 

This is a cute plate I bought once because of the staffordshire dogs on it 
with flowers 

Oh and this adorable little 3 1/2
inch painting I found out thrifting 

Now soon I'll get these seeds in the ground.
My tulip and daffodils are up 

The sun is out and beautiful so I can work up a storm today here at home.

Keep in touch 

here is a post card I got of a famous painting while at St Louis Art museum yesterday.
Also day light saving time tonight, Spring forward your clocks 

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