Saturday, January 19, 2019

Cold Winters Day

Hi everybody

Just a quick update on what I have been up to with my local blog girlfriends.

Yesterday we went around to local shops here and there.Like local Kent's florist and a couple resale shops here in town. We had planned to go into St Louis however was to get freezing rain so I didn't want to be out on the interstate driving home in  with freezing rain so we stayed in town.

I am putting things out for Valentines already since I have been fininding things in drawers and boxes . I don't have all my things in one place which I am working on getting organized once more. I get it all organized then mess it all up again.

I think this little tree is a Nicole Sayre and i know the birds are Wendy Addison which I have loved her things for years. I am working on making a large glitter star like she put up a video once how to make them

  These little clip on feather and glitter birds I got yesterday at a shop in town where Christmas was 65% off, both birds were like $4.55
I got an adorable felt tree at another store for $3.90

Above my purple beaded heart

A little Valentine vignette

This is a wonderful jug/pitcher i found at a resale shop $3.00 !!!!! i couldn't grab it up fast  enough
I think it's a gallon size marked made in Portugal

I'm going to head out to Dollar Tree to get a couple valentine things for friends