Saturday, December 15, 2018

Bottle Brush Trees

These are from last year or year before however i'm learning a new computer system.I bought myself.
My son in law has helped show me how to use certain things like picture folders etc.

This little shoe is one of my favorites .

Well I need more practice because I can't get pictures posted I want posted.
 I need to take a break and go have me a bowl of blackberry cobbler with huge scoop of vanilla  ice cream. Then try again later or tomorrow LOL 


  1. Love these pictures! I love the little bottle brush trees, I started buying them a few years back and now have quite a few. When they first were out, I only saw green and a few flocked. I wanted wild colors! ha ha I spray painted a bunch, lime green, pink, purple, etc. They turned out great and I still love them!

  2. I love bottle brush trees as you can see from my posts.

    Love your collection. Take your time learning new computer stuff takes a few


  3. Oh what darling trees. Such creativity. Have a wonderfully blessed holiday season.

  4. Nice collection. Those trees are all beautiful, in every colour. I have a collection of them also.

  5. Your trees are festive. I have a collection of them too. Janice

  6. It looks like you are mastering you new program. Your pics are very pretty. Love all those little colored trees. It sure is wonderful to have a smart SIL to help us navigate through computer stuff, isn't it?..Merry Christmas, my friend..Judy

  7. I can't stop with the bottle brush trees -- love all of yours!

  8. I love your collection and display of bottle brush trees. They are beautiful and a I love how you display! Wow, cobbler and ice cream sounds like a good way to relieve all that computer stress............

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