Thursday, October 25, 2018

White Linens

I got a set of eight of these beautiful soft monogrammed napkins years ago at an estate sale before I realized how beautiful they are.
I never cared that linen's had someone else initials on them. I thought that made them just a little more special

This is a gorgeous ladies hankie with the prettiest J on it, I almost cut it off once to use on making a tag and so glad I didn't however I just might use it someday on a card LOL

I bought these four linen towels at a vintage market in Chesterfield for a dollar each, the lady had homemade cookies laying on them and I ask if I could buy them she said sure one dollar each. I said sold. I bought them for the blue monogram on them

This ecru towel below I bought for another project and just haven't cut it up yet. Probably won't now.I had seen on another blog where a gal was cutting off embroidery flowers and using them on card tag. I thought about doing this with monogram initials. I really think this is a T

Then this gorgeous red J, I ordered from an etsy shop in France. Someone on Instagram ask me what I am going to do with it

I have been trying to decide what to put it on. Maybe a napkin or tea towel . I just ordered some beautiful vintage toile de jouy fabric from same shop, I'll show it to you when it arrives. I don't know what I'll do with it. It was just so gorgeous I had to have it. If it is enough I may make two panels to hang in my kitchen beside a window

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I just wanted to show you a few pretty things I have  in drawers LOL
Now they are all laying on a chest in the studio to be put away

I know you all love linens also especially soft white linens .

I read on a couple blogs this morning  about fall baskets, so I had to try and put together a  laundry basket full of dried hydrangeas for myself .

I hope to go to a Christmas open house at a local florist this Saturday then possibly a shop I have wanted to visit for quite sometime

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Saturday, October 13, 2018

Updated Painted Cabinet

I finished painting  an old pine kitchen cabinet I found in an antique shop going out of business .
I had wanted a large cabinet to display different sets of dishes. First I'm starting showing my purple transferware dishes on the cabinet.

I will put my brown and white transferware next  since it's fall and I use them for Thanksgiving .

Now believe me it's not completed yet. I have more purple and white dishes to add to this and I want to put my Pink Luster set somehow also. I will remove my silver tray on the bottom
I was just trying to get a feel how I and what I wanted on it

Had to get my Hot Skwash pumpkins in the picture some how ,the gold velvet one is my new one I got just this week . Notice my larger one in the full picture. Kent's a local florist sells these. he has some every large ones can you believe $800-$1000 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! they are covered with swarovski crystals

This is what I had setting in this space before. So glad my son in law and grandson came over and moved it downstairs to the studio for me , the drawers are full of linens, cups and saucers and more silver spoons.

Here is a for real picture setting in my garage before I got busy painting ,wanted you to see the pine color . See my Elvis clock? his legs goes from one side to another , sort of like the kids are doing these days LOL

It will be so fun filling it up from time to time with all my different sets of dishes and silver pieces and for Christmas maybe a little tree and lots tartan plaid throws

Gosh it is fall weather here also, I even turned my furnace on and 2 weeks ago it was 100 degrees here . There was doors for this cabinet and the lady couldn't find them however I like  the bottom open, don't you ?

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Saturday, October 6, 2018

Fall Decor

Well here about as fall decorating as I will get. I am busy today putting primer on a vintage dish cabinet to put in my kitchen and just had to rest a bit and I knew I needed to do a new post also. I have a before picture and will post the after soon as I can get it painted, I do have the primer on it . However we had a wonderful rain this morning the sun is out now so maybe it will dry quicker . I have an old painted blue dresser and large mirror in the spot where my new cabinet will go


I really like this beaded pumpkin and I think I got it at a Tuesday Morning years ago ,then I like my pewter pumpkin also

It's dark in my north living room

This is what I am replacing, mess around it and all. On my little french stool is stack of vintage linens I want to wash and iron they have been laying there a week to remind me LOL The new cabinet will cover most of this wall and is a lot taller also

I'm going out to open the garage doors so my primer will dry quicker so I can paint before dark today hopefully

It's good to be home and working on a couple projects. I cut my last hydrangea and made me a bouquet for the kitchen counter this morning

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