Sunday, July 8, 2018

Christmas In July Sales

Yes seems like several  decorating and florist stores I have gone to are having Christmas in July sales. I looked however what I was looking for wasn't out.

I needed a good looking  Christmas wreath for my front door and wanted a plain simple beautiful wreath and got this one for free from Silk Plants Direct 

I got an email asking me if I would mention their business on my blog and in return I could pick out  any item for a certain price range. It was a hard decision since their was so many items I wanted. I got this back last February and it was to late to be showing off a Christmas wreath, so just waited till this July knowing there is always Christmas in July

It's a very large wreath measures approximately 25 inches across, I can just see me making a huge silver silk bow for it and maybe placing one of my sheep sitting in the middle. This is something I can change up from year to year also. I quickly made this red bow and added a little tule. I have it hanging on my back door since it's such a nice sunny HOT day LOL I can also make a huge black and white check bow and hang this in kitchen close to my Courtney check MacKenzie Childs items

I love the glitter on the leaves and why I choose this one . I had several to choose from at this on line store ,who offered me a free item for posting about their product

Gorgeous don't you think? This company has great items and you need to visit the site  Check them out you may just find something you can't live without

Then my favorite Nicole Sayer doll and my santos doll I made and dressed with a old calendar. I leave them out all year sitting so pretty in my studio. You can even see my feather wreath in the back of this picture

Here is my bouquet I picked from my from my yard this morning

Pink Saturday blog party 


  1. Beautiful wreath and stunning flowers bouquet!Hugs!

  2. I like your wreath! Your dolls are so sweet too. I am trying to get on board with this Christmas in July stuff! I am starting a sale tomorrow in my Etsy shop of all my Christmas stuff. It is weird listing Christmas stuff now!

  3. What a pretty wreath. Perfect for both Christmas and Christmas in July! Janice

  4. That wreath is beautiful, I'm allergic to fir so that would be great for me too. I also have one of those Nicole Sayers Christmas Dolls, love it. Your yard looks pristine and the flowers are so lovely.

  5. I am torn about all the Christmas in July posts on blogs and Instagram - it's just feeling like summer here. But on the other hand, it's getting me thinking and I actually ordered a fun stencil the other day to make a Christmas pillow.

  6. Such a sweet bouquet and love that wreath!!!

  7. I very much like your pattern it's beautiful,thank for sharing good i dea !